6 Most Popular Cars in Mexico in 2024

It’s quite difficult to imagine a life without a car, which is why so many people are looking into all the possible ways of getting their hands on a vehicle. Some try to lease, others want to purchase in cash, but the result is always the same.

Since technology is advancing at a really fast pace, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest car models that come up on the market. Even if you are tracking all those, purchasing a brand new car that came out this year is quite an investment. Thankfully, the market for older and used vehicles is huge in every country, and Mexico is not an exclusion.

They say that your car should suit the lifestyle in the country in which you live, and we find that to be very true. If you live in a smaller city with a lot of empty streets, maybe purchasing a larger and more “roomy” vehicle is not such a bad idea. After all, comfort is what we’re after in these modern times, right?

However, if you live in a city where traffic jams are more than common, maneuvering with such a large and impractical vehicle might be an issue, especially if you are a beginner driver. Since Mexico is pretty huge with tourism in the last few years, the locals made sure to adapt their vehicle choices to the circumstances in their busy cities. Here are the most popular cars that can be seen in Mexico in 2024, enjoy the ride.

1. Nissan Versa

img source: edmunds-media.com

Nissan is a vehicle brand that is well-known for reliability, affordability, and style. They make both practical city cars, and sport models as well. Depending on what you want to drive, Nissan can be a top-tier brand for you. However, Mexican people seem to have chosen the Versa model as their favorite one. Currently, there are almost seventeen thousand Nissan Versa automobiles in Mexico as of the beginning of 2024. This makes it almost eight percent of all cars. The Versa model is a medium-sized automobile that can be maneuvered easily in large crowds, and we can see why the locals like it so much. The thing about cars like the Nissan Versa in countries such as Mexico is that parts are not as widely available compared to some other models. For example, finding parts for the Aveo or the Jetta is much easier.

2. Chevrolet Aveo

img source: rackcdn.com

This one goes in the “subcompact” car category and the past couple of years it managed to beat the Chevrolet Beat. Currently, the Aveo is on the third spot with about six percent of total units in Mexico as of early 2024. Chevrolet is a popular American car brand and they’re known for manufacturing ultra-sporty models as well as some very compact and city-friendly cars such as the Spark and the Aveo. The Aveo is not the most compact choice that a person could pick, but it’s definitely very reliable and that’s probably the reason why it’s so famous in this country. Aveo is just overall fun to drive cars, and in Mexico, you can find a lot of used ones for quite cheap.

3. Nissan NP300

img source: conceptcarz.com

Another car by Nissan, the NP300 model is slightly above the five-percent mark of all total cars driven in Mexico in 2024. This model is not something that you’d want to drive in a city full of cars and tourists, but when it comes to unapproachable terrains and harsher environments, nothing does it better than this unit. If you ever decide to drive through some risky routes from the USA to Mexico, don’t forget to get your insurance. If you don’t know-how, mexicaninsurancestore.com is a great place to start. The Nissan NP300 packs a lot of power even with the least powerful 2.4 liters petrol engine.

4. Volkswagen Jetta

img source: motoringresearch.com

Volkswagen Jetta is one of the top-selling cars from the Volkswagen brand, and it certainly is a much reliable and practical model. According to some of the statistics, Jetta is a car that’s currently in the seventh place on the list of cars driven in Mexico. This places the German top-selling model on the scale with almost three percent. It’s currently the closest to Nissan Sentra that happens to be the main competitor of the Volkswagen Jetta. The first Volkswagen Jetta was produced back in 1979, and ever since than it completely changed up the game in this category. Since there are a lot of aftermarket parts for it, as with most VW cars, it’s quite easy to convince yourself to make this one your daily driver. If something ends up breaking down, parts don’t most more than a hundred bucks.

5. Honda CR-V

img source: b92.net

Before Honda CR-V took the tenth position on this list, Mazda 3 was winning by quite a bit, but obviously, things changed in 2024. Now the Honda CR-V is the model that’s rising in popularity, and there’s a good reason why. It’s a larger car, but it’s very reliable and it’s not expensive to maintain, which is something that gives a lot of people the green light. Honda is known for its reliable models so their cars are popular not only in Mexico but in tons of other countries as well. The CR-V is a crossover vehicle and the production of the series started back in 1995 and is continued still.

6. Chevrolet Beat

img source: overdrive.in

Last but not least, another popular model of the American manufacturer Chevrolet, a smaller but very practical vehicle called “Beat”. It comes with a manual transmission and multiple engine options. The cheapest variant is the 1.0 diesel engine with three cylinders. This car has low fuel consumption and it’s very easy to maneuver in busy streets, but it doesn’t pack much power so don’t overload it with baggage if you’re planning to move on tricky terrain. Chevrolet beat is still very popular in Mexico, but the numbers seem to slightly decline as of the beginning of 2024.


Choosing the right type of car for your living area can be the difference between hating traffic and enjoying life. Today we talked about some of the most popular cars which are driven in Mexico in 2024, so feel free to take a look at our list if you happen to be interested. Remember that having updated car insurance is a very important thing, so make sure to keep that up to date as well or sign up for a contract if you haven’t already. Stay safe on the road and have fun driving.