7 Annual Maintenance Tips to Keep your Car in Top Condition – 2024 Guide

In the past, there weren’t as many cars as there are today. Fewer people owned them and they were much less complex than they are today. That is why today, no matter how much more perfect the cars are than before, repairs can be much more expensive and complex. It used to be a common occurrence for people to repair their own cars. Today this is impossible because you do not have the proper tools or knowledge. But still, there are things you can do yourself to prevent breakdowns. We will give you annual maintenance tips today to keep your car in top condition.

Why is regular maintenance so important?

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We will start immediately from the most important thing. Road safety is something we all need to think about all the time. With regular maintenance, we will make sure that all parts of our car work properly and that we will not have any problems. Many traffic accidents are known to be caused by brakes failure, bursting of tires, drive belts in poor condition and many other examples. According to dolmanlaw.com in addition to these problems accidents are also caused by distracted driving, texting while driving, and road rage. With the basic maintenance steps, we will tell you later in the text, you can save the lives of both yourself and others.

Do not allow the performance of your car to decline due to poor maintenance

No matter how good is a car you drive, if you don’t maintain it regularly, it will lose on its features. This is true for every model, and especially for supercars like Ferrari. The faster and more advanced the car, the more vulnerable it is to wear and tear. But when you do all the necessary things, you preserve maximum performance and enjoy the ride like the first day you bought it. You do not want your car to fail due to your negligence and laziness and you lose the money you invested in that way, and the driving experience will be significantly impaired.

One of the good ways how you can improve safety, especially if you are a Jeep driver, is with steering stabilizers. According to Jeepequipment, these stabilizers provide you much more balance to the steering wheel and overall balance of the car. This is very important especially for the off-road drives and driving across mountains with a lot of curves on the road.

Save by avoiding expensive repairs

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With a small investment in regular maintenance, it is certain that you will save money because you will not have major breakdowns that can be extremely expensive. By comparison, most things you need to perform annually, usually cost from a few tens to a few hundred dollars. Very small amounts of money in which you guarantee the safety and performance of the car. Otherwise, breakdowns await you that can be extremely expensive. For example, if you have a major engine failure or something similar, it can cost a third of the total value of the car. It is very likely that you will decide not to repair such a major breakdown and then imagine how much money you lost because the car is no longer functional or the thousands of dollars you would have to pay for the repair.

You will be able to sell it at a higher price

And when you decide to sell it, you get a far higher price, because well-maintained cars are often sold for almost twice the amount compared to vehicles in which nothing is invested. Anyone who is interested in your vehicle will easily be able to determine that you have maintained it well and that it is in excellent condition, which will dictate the price. That way you will be able to insist on the price you are looking for and you will always find the right buyer. If you prefer maintenance to be done by professionals who specialize in periodic car service, such as MotoFyx, make sure you save all reports after service, as this will convince the buyer that you maintained the car regularly.

Annual maintenance tips

1. Check oil

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We all know the importance of oil. As most parts create friction, it is necessary to check the oil regularly to save the engine and reduce fuel consumption. That’s why checking the oil is one of the first things you need to do. It is a very simple and fast process. Just park the car on a flat surface, find a container with oil and check if there is enough of it.

2. Check tire pressures

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Tire pressure affects fuel consumption as well as the adhesion of your vehicle to the asphalt, which is very important. Therefore, it is best to check your tire pressure regularly, unless you already have a tire pressure monitoring system installed from the factory, then skip this step.

3. Check tire tread depth

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Once a year, you should check the tread depth. You are not driving races to change tires every time weather changes, so two sets of tires are usually enough for the whole year, and maybe even one if it’s all weather. However, don’t forget to check the tread depth. If they are worn, it is a sign that you need to change them, because driving on worn tires will have a negative impact on your driving experience.

4. Replace air filter

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The air filter is very important because your car will work best if no debris gets into the engine. If you see that your car is consuming much more fuel than usual, that it is slower and that you hear some strange sounds, it is probably time to replace the air filter.

5. Maintain brakes

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If breaks do not work properly, there is a high probability that we will experience a traffic accident. Check them regularly, and occasionally it is good to replace the braking system because only then will you have maximum brake performance and you will drive carefree.

6. Check spark plugs

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If you notice that it is difficult to start your car, there is probably a problem with spark plugs. But that is not the only symptom of a problem with spark plugs. Also, low acceleration or high fuel consumption may suggest the same. Depending on the quality of the spark plugs you have, they should be changed every 50 to 100 thousand kilometers.

7. Replace windscreen wipers

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You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of heavy rain without your windscreen wiper working properly. Visibility must always be at the highest level. It is best to change them once a year.


Follow all these steps and it is most likely that you won’t experience any problems with your car.