What is the Most Expensive Air Soft Gun?

A couple of years ago, when a vast majority of people were introduced to the concept of airsoft, we can see that the weapons used for this activity weren’t as good as they are now. Just think about it, the manufacturers have found a lot of different ways to implement new technologies and approaches to make something truly magnificent. Some even say that this new, updated gear is the reason why so many new players have decided to participate in this activity.

Just compare the gear we have now and what you used to play with and you will see a clear difference. At the same time, some older players have a hard time getting familiar with this new gear. In any case, we can say that significant progress was made in this aspect. If you want to check out some of these weapons, you should pay a visit to softair.blog. And if you want a cheaper and safer alternative to airsoft guns then visit this website to learn more about gel blasters.

Since there are a lot of these to choose from, it can be quite hard to make the ultimate decision on which one of these you will use. Many aspects will help you make this decision. If you are the type of person who strives to have the most expensive pieces, you are in the right place. Now, we would like to provide you with some of the most expensive weapons you will come across. It is important to say that we will not rank them by their cost.

1. Evike Custom M4 AEG

As you can presume, we would like to start with the most expensive one. We don’t believe you will find a more expensive piece than Evike Custom M4 AEG. It is quite obvious that we are talking about the basic M4 that was updated with a wide array of different features that enhance its performance. That means you will have a solution, no matter how hard the situation you are in is.

For instance, you will see that it has an in-built grenade launcher. But it has much more than that. The number of scopes the buyer will get is nothing short of exceptional. Just think about it, you will get to choose between seven different ones. We don’t believe that any other rifle comes with this number of different possibilities. When it comes to the price, you can get it for roughly $8,000.

2. Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Mk.16

Next, we would like to talk about a piece that is more common than any other expensive piece out there. We are talking about Tokyo Marui Scar-L Mk.16. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that its simplistic design doesn’t make it as practical and powerful when needed. For example, you can spray a high number of bullets in just a couple of seconds, until the magazine is not empty, that is.

Plus, you will be happy to see that changing the magazine is much simpler than with some other pieces. Just think about it, changing these fast will provide you with a chance to surprise your opponent when he or she believes you are out of bullets. While the price is significantly lower when you compare it to previous rifles, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make the most out of it when it counts the most.

3. Echo1 M134 Gatling Minigun

It is not uncommon to see some participants who want to go big even when they have just started this activity. In case you fit into this description, you should not look further than a minigun. To be precise, we are talking about Echo1 M134 Gatling Minigun. It is safe to say that you can spray countless bullets in just a couple of seconds. You can be sure that your opponents will have a hard time hiding from these.

Still, you will have to be in pretty good shape to hold this one. It has slightly over 30 pounds. But when you appear on the field, your role in the team can provide a serious advantage over the opponents. If you are not sure whether you want to use it, but you are still intrigued, be sure to take a look at a couple of tutorials you can find online. Having this insight will be crucial for your effectiveness.

4. Systema PTW M4A1

The next entry on this list of ours is another M4 alteration. While it is not as expensive as the previous one, we’ve mentioned, it is as effective when it comes to performance on the playground. Many make the mistake that not having all the additional features will not help them to be as best as they can be. While these are important, your skills are much more important.

If you are a newbie, and you still want something that ensures quality, you should take a look at Systema PTW M4A1. One of the things that can show you just how effective and powerful this piece is its nickname. It is widely known as a “Mad Max”. Not only that the shots you make will be powerful, but they will also be as accurate as you need them to be. You can be sure of that.

5. HTS-14 GBB

Finally, we would like to talk about Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB. When you think about it, no one is not aware of this rifle. It is frequently shown in numerous video games. Not only that, it is quite popular. Using it for airsoft is something you should try out. Plus, the rifle itself is not as big as some other pieces. So, you will not get tired from carrying it on the playground.

We can say that this piece is probably the commonest one out of all those we’ve mentioned. But don’t let that keep you away from using it. In fact, be sure to check out its specifications online and you will see that we are right on this one. You can find it for roughly $600.


With airsoft becoming more popular over the years, the weapons have become much more powerful and effective. At the same time, a lot of new ones have become much heftier, especially new ones. Here, you can find some of the most expensive ones on the market.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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