How Hard is it to Mine Bitcoin as a Beginner – 2024 Guide

Mining Bitcoins, in general, is hard, challenging, and time and energy-consuming activity even for experienced miners. This action seems like the easiest one when it comes to putting money down for it. For example, when trading, the trader should put an equal amount of money as the daily’s worth, so they can get the equivalent sum in wanted cryptocurrency. By mining, the person is “digging” through the blockchain, solving crypto tasks, and getting Bitcoins as an award of the successfully completed task. It seems simple, since some people are highly talented in cryptography, and it won’t be a huge problem to mine their own coins that they can then withdraw on their wallets, and use them when the right time comes for that.

When a “block” is completed, the miner receives the coins through verified transactions. But, when things are seen from the other side, it’s not that easy and simple. You still have some investments to make, as the equipment, and power supplies, so the mining machines can run. This was the first way of earning these coins, supported by the founder too.

After you have your mining rig, you have to get a digital wallet too, because it’s not recommended to keep the crypto balance on your profile. After all, no matter how it seems, the blockchain has some vulnerabilities and weak points. That means, the miner should always transfer the Bitcoins in the wallet, so they can protect the earnings from possible attacks and stealing them. Next thing is to join some pool or to decide to do the things all by yourself. When part of a pool, you work with a team, and you split the earnings.

Can a beginner invest in mining equipment?

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If they have enough money to support all that power and machines, trading through platforms like is the simplest solution, because the prices rise and fall, and surely everyone gets an equal chance to buy crypto coins when they are at a low price, and then save and exchange them when the rates hit big. Why we are telling this?

One Bitcoin takes around 10 minutes to be mined. For those 10 minutes, it spends an average amount of 72 Terawatts of power, and the prices can be really big, and inexperienced beginners usually can’t afford that. Also, this means that the computing machine needs an advanced cooling system too. So, the costs may vary depending on the power pricing in your country. The most expensive part of this action is the energy consumption, and it didn’t change over time.

How you can explain these things to beginners?

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In order to start this risky business, you have to be properly prepared, so basic knowledge is not that useful as you may think. Nothing can be easily explained in a few words, and investments in mining equipment require awareness about all those risks that are related to cryptography tasks and earning the coins.

The hardware is named ASICs, which is short for application-specific integrated circuits, and that’s the unit that is using most of the power. But, that’s not the whole expense – it’s just a small part of it, and that’s why the miners must be aware that they have a lot more job than simply sitting in front of the machine, and solving those puzzles. According to some sources, one machine spends equal energy as 500,000 PS consoles. So, we can conclude that it’s not profitable to mine Bitcoins at home.

This is one of the main reasons why the beginners are joining the mining pool when the miners join their powers together but also split the earnings. There are pool platforms they can join, and access the blockchain. It’s a small step and even smaller earning, but it’s good at the beginning until the initial experience is gained.

As for January 25, one Bitcoin is equal to $32,424 – and the price is constantly high from the beginning of 2024. But, it was not that long ago when the price dropped almost one year ago. Those who already had some crypto earnings, now have a great chance to earn really big, especially if they mined or bought the Bitcoins when their prices were low.

According to some predictions, it has a great chance that the prices will rise until the end of this year, and some experts suggest that they may go above $50,000 per one coin.

Another important thing is that probably, one type of cryptocurrency has a limited lifetime. For this one particular, some predictions are that until the end of 2140, there won’t be any Bitcoin left in the blockchain. But, that can be changed if new regulations are adopted, giving the cryptocurrency a more stable status in the finance system. Also, there are chances that someday, it may reach a very low price, almost equal to zero, and it will be very difficult to rise again.

Android vs. iOS mining

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Today, we can do everything with a help of our smartphones. But, there is one catch. Android is more opened to these things, and if you own an iPhone, you can’t mine cryptocurrency. Apple included these limitations because of the restrictions when it comes to spending the device’s resources, excessive heating, and battery drain. So, Android owners can really mine Bitcoins with their phones, and iPhone users can’t do that.

As you can see, these activities are not simple and inexpensive – just the opposite, they require a lot of knowledge, time, and money for electric installations that can support the mining machines.

For beginners, exchanging and trading are much better, in investment aspects. Also, you can make a deal to get paid in cryptocurrencies for some of your services, or if you sell goods. Many people earn them that way. You only need to calculate the equal value, and if it’s possible, get paid with them. There are plenty of options that don’t require buying advanced computers for cryptography tasks, and you can try them first before anything else.