8 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2024

A place where you keep your valuable digital assets, send them, and receive them is called a crypto wallet. Even though we are used to normal wallets, these have nothing in common. Crypto wallets are usually described as a unique public address, containing man letters and numbers. The way it looks like, it’s more similar to an IBAN account you open in a bank than anything else.
Another word people use for the wallet is a public key.

What’s the most important about these wallets is that everyone can have free access to opening one or more such public addresses. Moreover, they are not connected to your name or any other personal data. The transactions you perform from your wallet are by definition publicly available for everyone to see, being transparent about the amounts sent, dates, and times of sending.

You, as the owner, when opening the wallet get a private key, aside from the already mentioned public one, which looks the same (containing numbers and letters). This is only yours to see with which you can manage your transactions.

Many wallets are available to crypto owners, but they are generally divided on the web, smartphones, hardware, and desktop.

But which are proven to be the best, by users? We present you with a list of the best cryptocurrency wallets available.

1. XWallet

img source: medium.com

This wallet available on android devices, is, of course, a smartphone wallet. Downloadable quickly to your smartphone via play store, it enables you to carry your digital wallet, just like you carry your normal one – in your purse or the pocket.

Developed and upgraded recently by the company named PundiX, this wallet is promised to offer you some of the best, revolutionary digital asset experience currently available on the market.

Portal namecoinnews.com writes that it will be usable by the retail stores and other shops that use Verifone X990.

2. Exodus wallet

img source: exodus.io

Besides supporting most of the popular crypto coins, the advantage of this wallet is that it also supports a large number of lesser-known coins. It’s hard to officially say this is the number of coins it supports because it is constantly being updated.

Exodus enables you to manage all your assets in one place, making it a perfect wallet for those who are tired of switching from one app to another.

It’s easy to use. All the user needs to do is to input the amount of crypto they wish to convert, select the desirable profit, and the crypto trade starts. Depending on the currency being traded, receiving the asset can take up to a couple of minutes, after which they are automatically added to the portfolio. Simple as that.

3. Ledger Nano

img source: forex.academy

Supporting assets such as BTC and ETH, you can also use it for other alternative currencies based on Ethereum. It comes shaped like a small memory stick with a screen for checking twice the transactions.

The system is unlocked via a special pin and support for two-step authentications through FIDO UTF and internal hardware which is protected from unauthorized usage. A wallet offering more privacy and safety than this one can hardly be found. It’s available for purchase online, with a price of around 80 EUR.

4. Trezor

img source: trezor.io

The oldest one on the market. When you first start using it you may think it lacks some modern possibilities provided by the wallet such as Ledger, but the fact that it’s still the safest has earned him staying on the list of the best crypto wallets.

With one very simple entering interface and many security possibilities, it will surely make a good choice for keeping your assets. The price is around 100 EUR and is also available online.

5. Jaxx

img source: kxcdn.com

This wallet comes as a mobile app available on all platforms, but also as a desktop version for different operating systems. It can also live in your Chrome browser when you install the necessary extension, which is an alternative to installing it on a computer.

This popular and modern wallet can support over 80 different assets, while also offering the exchange service from one crypto to another. The interface is very neat, allowing you to read the newest headlines about the crypto market.

6. Bread Wallet

img source: bitcoin.com

One of the most popular crypto solutions on iOS, although this wallet also has support for mobile devices. A clear interface and a few seconds of installation make this one of the easiest wallets to quickly pick up and run, without the hassle. Paper key support means you can get your wallet information back even if you lose your phone.

7. Blockchain

img source: coinlist.me

One of the wallets that offer two types of using possibilities. The original version was made to work and be used online but was soon extended to be available as a mobile app. It supports all the most famous currencies, such as ETH, BTC, BCH, XLM. Besides offering the wallet services, you can also use to exchange currencies, from one crypto to another.

What is excellent about this wallet is that it supports the work with a hardware wallet Ledger Nano S, enabling it to become an interface for working with a hardware wallet. Security-wise, this is the best it can get, since hardware wallets are rate as the safest way to manage digital assets.

8. External Hard Drive

img source: askleomedia.com

If you are considering the safest option possible for storing your digital assets, consider using the external hard drive. It’s a much safer version than some offline software. Although it’s not completely secure from unauthorized usage than other wallets, this option gives you a possibility of using a wider set of software platforms, which you may like. When you decide you’ve had enough of digital currencies, or simply want to switch on something else, the hard drive will be available for other use.

Crypto wallets are being introduced to the market almost daily, just like the currencies. Since these currencies are anonymous, it’s very important to choose those that have the best reviews, and make sure your assets stay safe.