6 Marketing Tips For Your E-Commerce Business

Many e-commerce businesses rely solely on online advertising to find new business opportunities. Online advertising, however, often fails to convert website visitors to clients. there is also a lot of click fraud and even the largest online advertising systems like Google Ads often waste their advertisers’ money by delivering fraudulent clicks or charging for low-quality website traffic.

When considering how to grow an e-commerce business, adding a marketing plan to your current lineup may increase your company’s customer pipeline and revenues.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, e-commerce businesses will benefit from a solid, well-prepared, and consistently executed marketing plan. Here are some tips on marketing for your e-commerce business that will help you attract and retain more customers.

1. Fast Up-to-date Website

Fast Up-to-date Website

Source: inc.com

Do not delay the listing of the new products, unless you have a very good reason to do so. In a very saturated market, you always need to be one step in front of your competitors. Consider using Live Chat. Create a good and specific “About” section where you present the owners and the business, talk about your history, and founding members, and explain your core business principles and values.

Create a “News” section and keep customers updated with the latest products and the company’s development there.

Your web pages must load very fast. Make sure that your website uses Edge Hosting service. “Edge” means that your website is hosted locally, in your service market, which guarantees low network latency and instant content delivery. Avoid the major clouds like AWS or Azure, as they charge you for each 1 gigabyte of data transfer and technical support. Make sure you use a provider like HostColor, that does not charge for technical support, offers many edge hosting service locations, and hosts your website close to your customers.

2. Demonstrate Knowledge and expertise

One of the best ways to build confidence is by posting useful content that helps your clients solve any issues they might have with your products or services. If you expect any delivery delays, explain to your customers what they’d do to avoid them.

3. Publish reviews from your current customers

Reviews from your current customers

Source: jumpfly.com

Happy customers are the best marketing tool. So ask your customers to post reviews about their experience with your company on social platforms and review sites. Many of the review websites rank high on certain keywords related to your business. So, if your company’s reviews are displayed in their rankings featured in the search engine results pages, the internet users will see them first when they search for your company’s name.

4. Become a member of associations and attend industry conferences

Membership in any business associations related to your industry increases the positive image of your organization to prospective and current customers. It demonstrates that you are spending time to socialize and learn, something that sets a business apart in an industry where companies come and go. Attending industry events brings knowledge and establishes your business as a reputable, long-term participant in the industry.

5. Don’t forget the social media and publications

Social media is a bit overrated, but still are a great way to stay connected with your current and prospective customers. You can use them to have conversations and share your blog posts.

Publishing news and press releases is also very important as it brings you to the news.

6. Support Local Communities

Supporting local causes or activities gives your company a lot of credibility. It shows that you care about the local communities. if you banged with the local community you will be visible and can hand out company flyers or brochures. Your company’s name can be printed and displayed. People from your local community will become your most important customers and their recommendations will bring you many other new customers.

Following these six tips should help you gain a competitive advantage in the local market and establish a good reputation.

Miljan Radovanovic
Miljan Radovanovic

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