How to Check If Your Computer is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrencies? – 2024 Guide

Sometimes, your computer runs slowly because your system’s CPU cycles are working on another task of crypto mining. It is hard to detect all these things happening in your network. But suddenly, when your system gets slow and does not provide enough output, you must understand that something is wrong.

Many fraudulent people are stealing other people’s resources to attain a profit. Visit to know how Bitcoins are profitable for users and why they do crypto mining. The business of mining digital currencies is quite big, and not everyone can understand it.

But it is essential to know that someone is stealing your resources to profit from it. In the following write-up, we will discuss how to check if your computer system is secretly mining cryptocurrencies. There are some important terms that one must understand to know this concept better.

About Cryptojacking

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It is a process through which anyone can hijack someone’s computer system’s power and operate it to mine virtual currencies. It can be done by scripts that operate in the background of various websites. If you are using that website, then there is a possibility that someone can steal the power to mine crypto assets.

It is easy to hijack the servers, as well as machines to effectively operate various mining applications installed on malware. You need to pay significant attention to your FTP servers because various ransomware can attack them.

The possibility of cryptojacking exists when you have a powerful GPU installed that can provide high power. The hackers steal electricity and computing power to get free money with the help of another system. The process is quite harmful to the person from where the power is getting used.

Is it Threatful?

Well, yes, it is quite threatful, and you need to stay protected from it. Undoubtedly, crypto mining is quite profitable, and therefore, many people are involved in it. The concept of cryptojacking has become popular in previous years.

It can affect the resources of the victims and ultimately damage the equipment. It can physically harm the device in which the mining process operates. That’s why these hackers do not use their resources to do such a task.

How to Protect Your System from Secret Crypto Mining?

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It is vital to safeguard yourself from harmful attack vectors. It is necessary to keep your systems well-patched or up-to-date. If you find any vulnerability, then you need to pay more attention to it.

When you keep your system updated, then trojans will stay away from your system. If you have outdated applications in your system, then it means that these apps are quite more prone to attacks.

It is easy for you to close and uninstall them from your system because you never know whether a hacker can attack it or not. When you patch your system and eliminate all the attacking vectors, there is less possibility that crypto miners will access your resources.

How to Block Attacking Vectors?

It is vital to keep the hackers away from your system. Even if you have a completely patched system, then also your system is vulnerable and unsafe. Anyone can attack it, and you need to protect it. Whenever you visit any wrong website or application, hackers will be able to access all your resources.

The simple solution is to block JavaScript that is operating in your network browsers. The major drawback is that you will have a terrible internet experience and an increase in complaints.

There is one better approach, in which you have to blacklist the domains with the help of plugins and software. Many anti-virus companies already blocked mining sites and protect your system from hackers by preventing access to your IP address and domain. With this software’s help, you can also create a list of blacklisted applications and update your system well.

How to Check the CPU Usage and Abnormal GPU?

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Undoubtedly, if you follow all the methods mentioned earlier, you will be able to protect your system. But there is no effective method to keep the miners away from your system. You need to keep checking the CPU usage to ensure all things are working well. It is possible to detect any mishappening in your system.

In non-working hours, your device needs to be less active, but if the case is the opposite, then something is wrong. There is a possibility that miners are using your computer resources, which makes your CPU usage high. Many tools are available online, by which you can track all the CPU strikes with ease.

You can set alerts whenever you find the usage increased to 90%. It is possible to try out these applications by using the free trial. If your computer system is in non-working hours, you need to make sure that the user should not increase, and you can set an alert to keep checking it.

In this way, you can easily check whether your computer is secretly mining cryptocurrencies or not. With technological advancement, many new innovative things are coming into existence in the future. It is quite crucial to take care of your system with new methods. You cannot stop hackers, but you can avoid them in different ways.

The Bottom Line

Secret cryptocurrency mining by hackers is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats. Many people have become victims of this problem worldwide. You can protect yourself by avoiding contact with hackers. It is possible only when you update your system and keep checking your CPU usage.

If somehow, the usage increases in your off-business hours, then it will be a significant problem for your system. It is better to prevent hackers from reaching your machines than stopping or eliminating them.

Many new methods will develop in the future that can easily save your system from these bad guys. You need to check if your computer system is secretly mining cryptocurrencies or not. When you know the problem, then only you can look for solutions.