5 Major Tech Breakthroughs in 2024

We are in the midst of a fourth tech revolution that features many tech innovations which have redefined our modern society, the way we handle certain problems, and address challenges on a large scale.

Therefore, there are many new solutions and technological innovations that are being integrated into our society right now. Below, we will take a look at the main technological breakthroughs that marked 2024 and are also important for 2024.

1. GPT–3

AI technology continues to evolve, and the latest innovation in this regard, GPT-3, will enable large natural language computer models to better understand human speech and to learn how to write and even speak.

This is a huge up step forward for artificial intelligence technology that is developed to interact with the world and to use the incoming data for better responses. GPT-3 can actually mimic human-written text, and it can deliver very realistic high-quality content. This is another outcome of advanced machine learning. In addition, AI intelligence is already widely used in many smart homes and regular households.

Smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other AI-powered assistants that are able to recognize human speech, deliver accurate responses, and complete tasks for the users like online shopping, making phone calls, surfing the web, setting up meetings, et cetera.

2. Chatbots

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Chatbots, which are powered by artificial intelligence technology, are widely used on many websites. The chatbots are recognized for their uncanny ability to mimic human speech and to deliver better responses to basic questions.

They can become a very important lesson in the further development of the business because, in the long run, they will minimize the workload of the customer support agents and the costs related to customer support on the site.

As we know, most users expect any business to provide multiple options of customer support as they want to be able to make better decisions or find solutions for their issues. Therefore, chatbots can become an insensible aspect of communication on the website, especially if the software application uses advanced machine learning technology, and in the long run, it can learn from the responses of the users and deliver better answers. Some applications can also predict responses in the future based on the accumulated data.

3. Machine- Learning Powered Recommendation Systems

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Machine-Learning powered recommendation systems became more important on e-commerce sites as well as social media networks. For example, Tik Tok recommendation algorithms are one reason why the social media network has blown up in the social media space and become one of the fastest-growing networks worldwide.

The algorithms are able to deliver recommended content based on your searches, interactions, and contacts. But, on social media sites like Facebook, you might see content that is generated for mass appeal; in contrast, on Tik Tok, the algorithms can provide personalized content based on niche communities as well as less-known content that is appealing to that particular user.

But, overall, we can see that the recommendation algorithms based on machine learning technology are adept at noticing patterns and delivering recommendations that are suitable for the preferences of the users. Another example would be recommendation algorithms on e-commerce sites. In case you’re looking to purchase a smartphone-based on your previous searches, you can get recommendations of different models that will ultimately match your taste.

That said, nowadays, on most reputable platforms, there is some kind of recommendation algorithms to enhance the customer experience on the site. For example, on online casinos, users can save their favorite casino games, or they can get personalized notifications based on their taste in games and bonuses. There are also reliable sites that provide an in-depth overview of new casinos, including their main options. For more details, check spinsify.com/uk.

4. Lithium Metal Batteries

The importance of green energy became more apparent in 2024 and 2024 as it is one of the main goals of the UNEP to curb the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. However, even though there are many innovations, including electric vehicles, which are beneficial for the environment, there are still some drawbacks to them.

For example, electric vehicles need to be recharged rapidly and you won’t be able to travel long-distance without recharging your vehicle multiple times. This is why lithium metal batteries are one of the greatest innovations in this sector, as they will help the electric vehicle to drive long distances without the need to be recharged on a continual basis.

However, this is still a prototype that needs to be further developed and tested in real life. But, it’s safe to say its successful implementation will have a positive impact on this sector and help reach the eco-friendly goals in 2024.

5. Blockchain Network

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The advantages of the blockchain network became well-known with the rise of cryptocurrencies on the market. As a result, blockchain-based solutions can be used for numerous industries within the public and the business sector.

It is one of the greatest decentralized innovations that offers high-end security, anonymity, low transaction costs. For example, in the public sector, blockchain-based innovations can be used to prevent electoral fraud and improve operations in the voting system. One example of a voting app based on a blockchain system is Trackmyvote which is designed to prevent errors in the voting process and to help voters track their votes in the system.

In addition, it can be used to enhance security in the public sector, especially when personal and sensitive data needs to be transferred from one sector to another.

When it comes to the business sector, there is another use of blockchain technology. IBM notably develops different blockchain-based solutions for prominent corporations. For instance, Carrefour collaborated with IBM in order to implement a blockchain system that will provide transparent information about the food’s journey, from the initial production stage to the last stage of the groceries on Carrefour’s shelves.

Namely, blockchain technology is perfect for complex supply chains because the technology provides total transparency, which will help the consumers understand the position of the products in the supply chain. It will also reduce redundant paperwork, decrease costs, and lastly it can improve communication between the stakeholders in the supply chain.

Radulovic Jovica
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