8 Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands in 2024

Even though they are called luxury watch brands, the products they put out are not all over-priced for the value they provide.

In fact, most of the brands focus on releasing medium-priced products so that more people could afford them. If you are a watch collector and want to be part of the elite club of watch owners, the following are some of the most popular luxury watch brands that you can consider and if you want to buy just visit Exquisite Timepices.

1. Rolex

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There is no denying that Rolex watches are one of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world. It is so popular that its watches are preferred by a number of famous and influential people. Some of them include George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Ray Romano, and Matt Damon.

However, it is important to note that the Rolex watch, which was first released as a pocket watch back in 1908, was not considered a luxury product in the market until it became a status symbol for businessmen, pilots, and sportsmen in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It was only after the Second World War that the Rolex watch became a luxury product. Nowadays, the Rolex brand is sold in over 70 countries throughout the world and it has been continuously innovating its products in all the different segments it has.

2. Audemars Piguet

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The brand was first established in 1875 by Edmond Audemars and at that time, they were mostly producing parts for other watch brands. The company started to become quite popular in the 1920s. It gained a lot of publicity when one of its watches was presented to the King of Spain by the then Spanish ambassador.

In fact, the watch is now considered a royal timepiece. They are the ones who made the “Royal Oak” and were the ones who were responsible for the development of the “Tourbillon” watch. They are also the ones who developed the “Jumbo” which is the first watch whose case can be made out of titanium. The brand can now be found in more than 50 countries.

3. Omega

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The company is based in Bienne, Switzerland, and was established back in 1848. A lot of people would not know that Omega is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

The brand also patented the “Coaxial Escapement” and was the first one to come up with a self-winding watch. It also has a watch that can be used underwater. The company is currently one of the elite brands in the watch industry and it has more than 100 years of experience in watchmaking.

4. Richard Mille

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The company is based in Nyon, Switzerland. It was established in 1999 and was the brainchild of Ricardo Guadalupe and Frederic Brocher who are both Swiss businessmen. The original name of the brand was Richard Mille, but they decided to use Richard Mille as their brand name because it sounds more appealing.

When the brand was first established, it was used as a watch brand for non-swiss people. Nowadays, their watches are prized possessions of plenty of famous personalities.

5. Patek Philippe

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At the helm of luxury watches in Switzerland, sits a number of brands. Patek Philippe is one of them. This brand is one of a kind, the last standing family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva. The Stern family has owned Patek Phillipe since it was established, allowing it to maintain a unique identity and serious creativity.

Its creativity and innovation is what has set this brand apart and made it one of the best luxury watch companies globally. The brand understands what horology is all about. For decades, Patek has manufactured each timepiece by hand and by dedicated masters.

Since 1839, more than 1 million watches have been created and sold by this brand. With 177 years in operation, this number makes Patek Phillipe’s watches very scarce and highly sought for.

6. NOMOS Glashutte

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Founded in Germany in 1990, NOMOS Glashutte is popular for its disruptive designs.

NOMOS produces its own escarpments (Swing system), arguably the most relevant part of any watch because it ensures the watch ticks accurately. NOMOS spent a whopping seven years to engineer this system. Dedication!

What sets this brand apart from the rest is the unique designs that have won them more than 150 awards. For instance, the NOMOS Metro has gathered several awards for its fusion and design.

Today, NOMOS Glashutte boasts of thirteen model families, eleven calibers, and beautiful, exact watches “for him, for her, for everyone.”

Its most popular model is the NOMOS Tangente.

7. Hublot

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Founded in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland, Hublot needed very little time to set its name among the leading luxury watch brands. What sets this brand apart is its classic fusion of metals, ceramics, rubber, fabrics, and leather to make original and unique designs that you will never find in any other watch.

The brand uses centuries-old crafts with modern engineering techniques to create their designs and timepieces.

It has one of the highly-priced timepieces in the world with its special and limited edition productions.

If you are a fan of jewelry, Hublot knows how to add this in the bracelets, bezels, and the casing of its timepieces.

It has also moved in the sports industry, associating with big leagues as the Official Timekeeper. It partnered with FIFA in the 2010 and 2014 World Cup and is the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1.

8. Blancpain

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Closing this list is the scarce and valuable brand Blancpain. Blancpain knows that scarcity brings value. It only produces 30 watches every day. This also allows them to concentrate on quality.
For this brand, you will not find any digital component in its timepieces. They believe that traditional mechanical watch is unbeatable.

Blancpain is proud of its heritage and tradition. But it is also known for its creativity in creating unique designs such as the Carrousel Volant Une Minute.

What sets this brand apart is its ability to include decorative ornamentation in their luxurious finishing touch. The most popular and famous watch model from Blancpain is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms!