9 Quality of Life Accessories to Make Your Studying Sessions Easier – 2024 Guide

Studying and working from home have countless advantages. The most obvious and significant one is comfort. But what does a comfortable workplace mean? Well, it’s personal. Some people may be minimalists who don’t like any distractions around them, while others love cozy spaces filled with different stuff.

One this is for sure, though. Feeling comfortable while attending online classes, writing assignments, or simply working from home can really improve your performance. And if even the positive atmosphere in your room doesn’t help to keep it together, you should check out essay-reviews.com to find the best service to get professional help from. Because overworking doesn’t equal productivity, it just causes unnecessary stress.

For those who don’t know how to improve their home workplaces, we made a list of some must-have accessories.

1. Indoor Plants

img source: architecturaldigest.com

It’s a fact that having plants inside a room makes it brighter and more “alive”, in a way. Needless to say, they also consume CO2 and produce oxygen, refreshing the air and removing the toxins from it. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to feel a big difference. But trust us, your body will be grateful.

They can also help you organize your daily routine a bit, by adding an important point – watering the plants. It will help to reduce stress during these short breaks and free your mind from troubles, even if it’s for a few minutes.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

img source: cbsistatic.com

Music can make any process entertaining, be it commuting to college or writing an assignment. And what is the best way to listen to music while studying? Speakers, of course. Because headphones blasting tunes directly into your ears can take some of your attention, reducing concentration.

A Bluetooth speaker is a perfect choice in this case. Put it anywhere, connect from any device and play whatever soundtrack you want. Just remember to keep the volume down. You don’t want to get distracted by the music while studying, do you?

3. Extension Cable

img source: spytech.rs

Have you found a perfect spot to do all the homework and attend classes from? That’s great, but one of the most common problems in these cases is the lack of electrical sockets. The solution to this is simple – an extension cord. It will provide you with a few sockets for all your devices at any place you chose.

There are countless variations of electrical sockets, so everyone can find the best for them. Just remember that choosing the cheapest one available isn’t always the best option. Electricity isn’t to be toyed with, and poor-quality extension cables can be dangerous.

4. Smart Notebook

img source: thegadgetflow.com

Even during modern times, many people still prefer to write by hand. But the struggle of having to buy a new notebook every month or two is real. That’s why smart notebooks exist. Smart notebooks look like their paper predecessors, with one big difference. The “sheet of paper” and the pen are both electronic.

They store all your notes, texts, and drawings in cloud storage with access to paperwriter.com, ensuring easy access from any device. And of course, the main point of an electronic notebook is that it lasts forever, saving both your money and the trees.

5. Stationary Organizer

img source: alicdn.com

The best way to organize your workspace is to use, well, an organizer. The name of this thing speaks for itself. Organizers are used to store anything you may need while working or studying:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Paper pins, clips
  • Erasers
  • Whatever else you can fit in it!

Because spending precious time trying to find the tools you need isn’t really productive, right? And with the use of these stationary storages, everything can be sorted and stored in the most comfortable way.

6. Table Lamp

img source: c.76.my

Having enough light while sitting at the table is crucial. The lack of lighting can damage your eyesight dramatically. It’s one of the most popular reasons for bad eyesight, especially among home workers and students. And considering that table lamps are pretty affordable, having one at your desk is a must.

Analyze how bright you want it to be, and choose the lamp accordingly. Just remember that it shouldn’t be too bright either, as it leads to eyesight damage, too.

7. Magnetic Weekly Planner

img source: themagnetshop.co.uk

Nobody can be productive without a plan. Of course, you could make plans inside of your head and store them there, too. However, weekly planners exist to remove that need from you. Use them to write down all points of your weekly schedule, assignment deadlines and pin some important documents with magnets if needed.

That way, you’ll never miss a deadline and will always know what’s your plan for the day. Because having a plan is always good for your performance and mental health.

8. Laptop Stand

img source: equalpeaks.com

Most students prefer laptops to stationary PCs. And it’s reasonable, as laptops are much more convenient, especially with all the travel opportunities distance education gives us. But one of the biggest problems of laptops is their cooling systems, which are always placed on the bottom side, meaning that they can never suck enough air in order to cool the system down.

Due to that, some machines often overheat, damaging the internal hardware, or perform poorly, as the heat overloads the processor. Laptop stands completely remove this issue, as they provide enough space for the laptop to “breathe.” Many also have built-in fans, increasing the cooling power even more.

9. Computer Glasses

img source: webmd.com

Another reason why many people lose their eyesight while spending countless hours in front of the screens is the blue light waves. All displays emit blue light waves, which are responsible for influencing the eyes of the user the most.

Specialized computer glasses filter the light waves emitted by the device, and remove the blue ones. That means you’ll be able to work much longer without tiring the eyes, especially at night. Don’t forget about having some rest, though.

Final Words

The positive effects of having your work or study space organized and decorated are countless. From basic comfort to the increase in performance and productivity. Just remember that having too many distractions is bad, too. Good luck with creating the most comfortable workplace!