10 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe At Home Alone Worry Less – 2024 Guide

Leaving a pet behind and going out is one of the toughest and uncomfortable things a pet parent can face. Unfortunately, everyone can not take their pets everywhere even if they wanted to do so.

The uneasiness we feel as pet parents when we think of leaving our pets alone at home is because of their safety. Our concern for their safety makes everything difficult for us to think through. Thus in this article, we will discuss how to leave our pets at home safely.

1. Keep Things Away From Your Pets Way

Having your pet stay alone at home means leaving them free to do whatever they want to do or go wherever they want to go without your supervision. Which can lead to unwanted events, even to the length of going to the emergency departments of hospitals.

Now to think why is that? Well, some dogs tend to be hyperactive,  they love to move around. Some love to play with stuff that comes to their reach and even bite it.

Here the issue, biting anything is unfavorable for them. On top, if it is something like from the garbage or an electrical wire from some corner of the house it will be very dangerous for them.

To avoid these kinds of things you should make sure there isn’t lying around before you leave the house. Lock up any hazardous things inside cupboards if possible add child locks to the cabinets.

If possible restrict the areas that they can go to includes the laundry room, bathrooms, and any other room. Cover any electrical wires and hide them so they can’t bite also include electrical appliances to keep those out of reach. For more information feel free to visit petdogplanet.com.

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2. Dog Sitters

Hiring a dog sitter might be a better option, especially if your dog is still in the house or very little or too old, or even has some health issues.

In these situations, if you can leave them with someone who has the experience and you can trust your beloved pet with.

You can do your work worry-free, especially if you’re out for a long period. Dr. Kawane Stewart, DVM, a chief veterinary officer of American Humane, stated that maintaining your pet’s daily routine is the best way to sustain your pet’s health and keep them happy. Despite the changes in your schedule.

If you wish you can change their routine to yours gradually.

3. Use Technology

Technology has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Thus the technology can give you a big helping hand, to monitor your pet, while you’re away.

We have a variety of gadgets to use, your options are endless in this matter. You can choose according to your situation and which will be good for them.

These can include monitor cameras, tracking chips, sensors with GPS alarm systems, etc so that you can know if they are safe at home or not. Veterinarians and animal experts also advise doing so.

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4. Crate

Crates are one of the safest places your pets can feel when you are outside. Your pets, especially those who are very energetic, love to move around. And some pets have a destructive nature.

For them restricting their movement until you’re back by putting them in crates is the best option which also reassures you.

5. Keep One Dog Separated From Another

If you have multiple dogs you might already know that sometimes they can’t get along which leads to arguments even fights with each other.

So to avoid such incidents you need to no matter what keep them separated.

You can keep them in separate rooms or keep them in separate crates. This will stop any future clashes when you are not around.

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6. Entertain Them When You’re Out

Keeping your dog occupied is a must to ensure before you go out, so they don’t become bored or destructive during the time you are out.

As Dr. Stewart stated that when you are not around your pet’s mind will wander so keeping them preoccupied is the best option to avoid accidents.

For this, you can get them healthy chewing toys, which will keep them engaged and stimulate them mentally and active without being destructive.

7. Lock Your Windows And Backyard Door

Though you never keep the doors or windows open when you go out even if there is not a pet, with a pet around, be extra cautious, check everything twice, or thrice.

In your absence, your pets might try to sneak out, thus close everything. Some people keep them open for ventilation. So if you have to, make sure that they are out of your pet’s sight. And keep them open slightly and fix them tightly so they can’t sneak out.

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8. Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside

All animal experts and veterinarians including Dr.Fox advise us not to take this risk, as anything can happen when you or anyone supervising them are not around.

Not just the fact that they might fo out of the house area, but issues like sunburn, dehydration due to too much sun exposure. An open place means that they will run around too much and get exhausted and even might get hurt.

9. Ask Neighbors For Help

If you can’t trust unknown people with your pet, or even after you have taken all the measurements but still is unsure.

Then asking your neighbor whom you trust might be a very good option. As it will make you reassured more and they are no strangers to your pets.

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10. Decals On The Windows And Doors

Put decals on the windows and doors to inform others around that there are pets inside the house. In case of emergencies, they can rescue your pets even if you are absent.

And to add with it give your pets’ GPS information to the nearest pet rescue organizations if your pet gets in accidents or health emergencies. So they can come to their aid while you are out and far.

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