How to Keep Your Cannabis Products Fresh? – 2024 Guide

While in many countries cannabis is still a taboo and illegal substance, there is a trend of legalization and many countries like the United States, Canada, UK, Netherland, and many others have made it legal for consumption on some levels. There are some differences between US states related to the use of more potent cannabis sorts. The main reason for the expansion of cannabis on the market is related to various health benefits that we can have from it, especially from CBD oil. We can find this ingredient in many products these days, such as skin care, lotions, pet food, edibles, and more.

On the other side, the most popular method of consumption is smoking, especially when it comes to more potent sorts with a higher amount of THC. Smoking marijuana can improve the mood and help people to be more relaxed. It is most popular among younger generations who use it while hanging out. Moreover, there are many health benefits from smoking it as well, especially for people who are dealing with chronic diseases, anxiety, and depression.

Nevertheless, we have to mention the expansion of cannabis businesses all over the world. While the high competition on the market is a great thing that will control the price and quality, you should pay attention to some factors like the process of growing and use of chemicals. The best option is organic weed. You should read more about high-quality weed and edibles to learn how to distinguish them from some poor-quality products. Also, you should learn more about various breeds and how to keep them fresh for a longer time. In most cases, if you leave your weed to dry out, that can affect its taste. Here are some of the best ways to keep your marijuana fresh.

Keep it in Glass Pot

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The most important advantage of keeping the weed in the glass pot is that it can save it from bacteria that might grow and cause it to last much shorter. Also, it will maintain the humidity which is very important for the aroma. The best type of glass pot is the one with the bottle stopper. Also, you don’t need to buy this product since you probably have it in your home already. However, be sure that it is clean and dry.

Drug Packages

Another excellent alternative that will help you to save the freshness and aroma of cannabis is the plastic bottle for medication. These plastic bottles are specially designed to keep the products fresh and dry for a long time. Besides weed, you can keep other products made of cannabis like pills or edibles.

You Can Freeze It

There is a great debate over this method, and in most cases, it won’t be so good for the aroma. The main cause of that is if you open the fridge too often and store the weed along with other products in it. On the other hand, if you have a separate space in the fridge where you can keep it, and there is no better alternative at the moment, you could store it for some time.

Vacuum Sealing

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The main reason why you should keep the cannabis in any form of a package is to save it from the contamination resulted from low humidity and germs. One of the most efficient methods is to use the vacuum sealer and store your marijuana in a plastic bag. On the other side, you have to be gentle with the process of sealing since it might cause damage to the flowers.

Use Darker Products

Like with most fruits and vegetables, keeping the weed on the light will cause it to decay. Therefore, even if you are using proper products like plastic bottles or glass jars, keeping them on the light will affect the loss of freshness. In that matter, you should choose some dark colors for those products. Moreover, you could add the tape over the jar to secure it from light exposure.

Keep it in Cold Place

Another factor that might decrease the quality of marijuana is if you keep it in a hot place, like next to your oven or heater. That will cause it to dry out much faster. The best temperature that will help it to stay in the best condition for a longer time is to hold the jar with the pot in place at a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.

What About Cannabis Products?

When it comes to the plant, it is essential to store it properly because it will provide you with the best test while you smoke it. However, you should pay attention to other products like gummies, capsules, and oil, since the environment could affect their quality as well. Therefore, you should keep those products away from light exposure and heat as you should do with the standard plant.

The Bottom Line

If you prefer buying a large amount of weed at once to secure your stocks and smoke more often, storing it in a safe place will provide you to feel the same effects when you are smoking the weed from the same package throughout the whole week. The main reason why you should pay attention that the package is dry is that high humidity could cause decay and mold. If you avoid this, you might be forced to throw away your weed only after a couple of days.

Nevertheless, even if you are using proper products, factors like heat and light could cause the plant to become less potent since it will lose the high concentration of THC. On the other side, even though many people claim how a vacuum is an excellent option, you should avoid plastic bags with BPA, since it can cause various health issues. In that matter, the best method is to visit some stores specialized in cannabis products and see if they are selling some packages where you can keep your weed fresh and aroma-full for a longer time.