Is It Better to Stop Slot Machines or Let Them Spin – 2024 Guide

The universally beloved, easiest to play, one of the most fun gambling games out there is, once again, the topic we bring your attention to. Yes, we are talking about slots and yes, we are doing it again.

The reason why we are doing it for the millionth time is that there are, almost the same, old questions that keep popping up and we are enticed to explain and educate you on the topic. The question that we see the most when it comes to slots is regarding the spins. To be perfectly precise the questions are let it spin or stop it when it starts and whether those tactics lead to better results.

We all know that there are plenty of different slot machines and all of them have some features that are specific to them. The old ones had a handle you pull down to start the reels and that was it, you wait for the reels to stop and see your luck. There was nothing more you could do. With the progress of technology, the internet and everything else we now have numerous iterations to this game from fully digital ones that can be found online to physical/digital combo you can find in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Are there any differences and are any of these better when you let them play their thing out or can you beat them if you stop the reels before are the questions we will try to answer below so stick with us? If you want to test our writing or if you want more info you can read more here and see what we are talking about.


When playing slots people always ask themselves what happens if you cut the spin cycle before it ends. Now you need to understand one thing there are a lot of different machines with features that are not always accessible to you on all of them. Depending on the casino, the game and the machine manufacturer you may be offered a feature that is called spin, auto spin and stop the spin. It may come on a touch screen on a machine, it may be a physical button or it may be a clickable button on your PC, or tablet phone if you are an online gambler.

Now that we have sorted that out, we will focus on the machines that offer these features for the sake of the article and address only them. If you are playing on a machine that has spin, auto spin and spin stop buttons you may be enticed to try these out. Why shouldn’t you, it is your money and your fun. The thing we suggest is to try a bit of everything. Play for a while on regular spins and if you are winning stick with that and change nothing. If you play for a while and your luck is nowhere to be seen try to switch to auto spin for a while and see what you get. If that strategy doesn’t pan out the last thing you can do is try to use the stop spin button and interrupt the spin whenever you get the chance.


Now, these strategies may bring you some luck, you may be starting to win more and you might think that this is a smart thing to do. The game manufacturers on the other hand will argue differently. The people behind these machines and games will tell you that there is no difference in what you are doing with the machine as soon as you start the reels up. The way that these things are made and programmed is beyond our reach and being able to explain it simply. All we are going to say that will make any sense is that everything is randomized and the result you will be given is a result of that randomisation. Whether you stop it, auto-play it or let it play normally you will not affect the result on the screen. These games are digital and they have nice colours, signs, sounds and everything else that will make them more appealing to you. what is happening behind all those sounds and colours is so fast that the result is given right after you pressed the spin button. All the show after the press of that button is just that – for show and whether you stop it or let it spin entirely will not affect the outcome that you will randomly get.

Those a bit suspicious of you out there will surely ask “If that is true than why give you the added options?!”

That is a good question and, believe it or not, it has a very simple and logical explanation. Games like slots are made to have fun and to maybe win something in the process. The way that I play slots is to have fun and at least break even, everything else is a bonus.


The way that other people play is to win and win fast. Now how fast is it possible to win on a machine that can give out a result in 1 second but takes 5 -10 seconds to stop all reels and show you the result that was already available 8 seconds ago? This function is given to the people that are playing fast, that want to cut the animations on a game that they have been playing for a while and are sick and bored of the same old things over and over again.

This is your straight-to-the-point button where you get your result instantly without much pomp. Is this recommended to do? It all depends on you. if you like your gaming session to be quick you can go for it, if you want to spend some time having fun you don’t need to use it. will it affect your game? Probably not. As we already stated these games are programmed and are running on mathematical formulas and coding so nothing you do will change the outcome of the spin.

Some have constantly reported having more luck by interrupting the machine but those usually don’t last too long. It was either the time for that machine to start giving, which it would do no matter what type of spin you went for, or it was your random fluke and luck perhaps that made you win money by doing it.

All in all, we suggest you try everything and see what works for you, but don’t think that this is something that can heavily impact your winning percentage.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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