Insta Follow Bot: Can It Harm Your Brand?

When it comes to Instagram, is it still viable to automate processes? To a certain extent, it depends on whom you ask. It’s true that everyone wants to expand their network quickly. Many companies and marketing agencies are turning to Instagram automation technologies. But there’s a significant gap between spammy bots and legitimate solutions that may help you expand your account. That’s why we compiled this guide on Insta follow bot best practices and considerations for your company.

When It Comes to Instagram, What Can Be Automated?


Likes are the safest kind of automated Insta follow bot interaction. Why? Instagram uses “likes” to show approval. “Enjoy” may be recklessly used on a personal account, even if the user doesn’t like the content (think: a business closing, a serious announcement, etc.). Brands appreciate customer feedback (both positive and negative). For more Instagram visibility, automate your likes. Likes are low-effort interactions and won’t draw much attention to your profile by themselves.


Story Views

Story views are a low-effort involvement that doesn’t affect other users’ experience. Unknown accounts viewing your Stories may feel stalker-ish. Second, tricking individuals into visiting your account won’t improve engagement.


Programming Insta follow bot comments isn’t recommended. Period. Full-stop. No probes. Automated comments are spam since they expose you to unwanted engagement with people who don’t know who you are (think: an emoji train on a heartbreaking article). Instagram offers measures against spam and other problematic conduct.

Follows (and unfollows)

Follow more to get more followers. Automated unfollows help maintain follower-to-followed ratios healthy. Due to the popularity of such applications, Instagram has limited the number of people who may follow a user’s account.


Find Followers

Automated Insta follow bots are used to find new followers. Some programmes search hashtags and user profiles to locate your target demographic’s social media channels. It may save time by avoiding exchanges and hashtag searches.

Direct Messages (DMs)

Automated direct messages are unpleasant. Unwanted DMs that end up in your “Message Requests” folder are likely from bots. Pre-written messages are impersonal and often ignored.

Scheduling and Publishing

Automating queuing and scheduling allows Instagram’s continual publication. Cross-posting to social media and publishing at ideal times are popular features.


Instagram may also be used to automatically generate reports and statistics. Social analytics solutions (like Sprout Social!) save you the trouble of manually compiling your data into a spreadsheet so you can compare it to that of other networks.

To What Extent May Instagram Be Automated, and What Are Some Good Examples?

Let’s conclude by discussing some valid applications for Insta follow bot automation and providing some concrete examples with the help of services like Sprout. The following methods can assist you in expanding your account without receiving any unwanted messages.


Planning Around Peak Hours of Human Activity

It helps to contact followers while they’re actively digesting Instagram postings. Sprout’s ViralPost allows you to crosspost and queue Instagram content and publishes it at peak moments. Automation and AI may boost social marketing teams’ productivity and efficacy. Our system handles “when” for you.

Utilizing Hashtag Analytics to Reach Out to New Users

Instagram hash-tagging on your own may be a tedious chore. On the other hand, a programme like Sprout can automatically evaluate your account and followers to find hashtags relevant to your company. Then, you may utilise such tags to promote your content or locate new consumers more quickly.

Acquiring UGC From the Public

User-generated content (UGC) like customer photos may boost a company’s marketing efforts. Individually contacting customers for permission to use such content might be time-consuming. Crowdriff automates UGC identification and rights acquisition. Insta follow bot allows firms to easily gather and curate user-generated content.

Recommended Comments and Direct Messages

We’ve covered how recommended replies and comments may replace spammy autoresponders. Sprout’s asset library lets you save and retrieve frequently used replies. What’s the most common question you get? Need reusable customer service messages? Using Sprout is easy. Completed handbook!

How Well Do You Think You’re Automating Your Instagram?

Instagram may be automated if given the controls. You’re thinking about using Insta follow bot automation to swiftly grow your following. Marketers should always seek innovative ways to engage their consumers. Sprout’s most current social media toolkit offers excellent information and tools for adopting a data-driven social presence.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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