Five Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

What do you understand by the term organic traffic? SEO has a very essential role in making your website gain lots and lots of traffic through optimizing the user-friendliness of your website. SEO works wonders for all categories of people right from an upcoming blogger to an experienced top-level digital marketing executive.

So it’s very essential to understand the meaning of organic and inorganic traffic and how it can be beneficial for your website.
OST or organic search traffic as the word implies is simply the traffic you get on a website through users who dig a query and visit the websites that are showcased in an indexed manner based on content and user experience.

One major benefit that makes organic SEO worthwhile is the fact that organic search traffic is not viewed through monetary benefits. Simply put, you don’t pay for the traffic that originates through organic SEO. The traffic value of a website comes down to two factors.

One the users or consumers have a genuine passion for the subject and two the websites displayed are the best possible ones present at that particular period.

Organic traffic takes the top spot in both these factors thus handing them much more credibility.

How is Organic Search Engine Optimization Achieved?

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Organic SEO is accomplished through a blend of quality content creation and having a technically sound and user-friendly website. If you have a website that posts fantastic content regularly and awesome user-friendliness that fits the intent of the user then organic search engine optimization is very much easy to achieve.

What do you understand by the aforementioned lines? In basic terms, it simply is the growth of organic traffic through the higher ranking that your website gets when it gains credibility through various links from the competitors in that particular niche. SerpClix can also help your website in gaining more organic traffic.

Inorganic SEO means optimizing and gathering website traffic through monetary strategies. Simply put, you pay to gain many users to view your website. There are a lot of means to achieve this but paid social media influencing and posting pay-per-view advertising links on your website are some of the most common techniques.

If you buy traffic for your website through pay-per-view, the brand which posts the advertisement link will pay the search engine when someone clicks on that link. Google Ad-sense is the perfect example of the pay-per-view technique.

For nailing an inorganic SEO strategy such as the pay-per-view technique, expert professionals target a keyword most likely to gain attraction and write or create the advertisements when users search for that particular keyword.

Pay-per-view advertisement links are fancy but certain benefits of organic traffic dominate the traffic gained through inorganic SEO.

Without further ado, let’s see some ways to generate more organic traffic.

The more you analyze the SEO strategies of your peers, the better will be your growth.

1. Analyze the Best Pages of Your Peers

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Analyzing the competitor’s sites will help you gain insight as to where the traffic is being generated and you can put more effort in that particular direction. The main factor to analyze is the content and successfully doing this will result in much better content creation from your side and the traffic on your website will also grow.

2. Building a Reputable Link Profile

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Understanding how links work can greatly influence the amount of website traffic. Links affect the rankings and make your site gain a boost in search engine result pages. For this, you need to secure good links from market-leading credible websites.

This is a daunting task as you will have to put in extra effort to search for verified promoters, but once you get the lead, it is worth all the effort.

Also regularly optimizing your sites to remove broken links will boost the website traffic even more.

3. Write for the Consumers Rather than the Search Engines

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The main concern should be to establish buyer personas so you know who you’re penning for. You could very well eventually improve your SEO by delivering exceptional content that is relevant to your viewers and prospective buyers. This entails delving into your personas’ main concerns and the search keywords they tend to use. Optimizing the content keeping the search engines in mind is not as helpful as search engines are regularly updated so policies and algorithms will change which increases the chances of losing traffic.

4. Optimizing For Visual Image Searches

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If you’re not optimizing your site for image search, then you’re most likely decreasing your traffic from a source that your peers aren’t considering. Let’s not forget about the importance of visual search. To optimize the photographs on your website, you should think about file names with alt tags, image resizing to the required proportions, file size reduction, and creating a sitemap for images. While optimizing older photos may require some additional effort from your side, developing an algorithm that guarantees that these boxes are checked from the start when you’re adding and uploading new photographs to your site might be very beneficial to gain attention.

5. Using Supporting Content

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All search engines optimize their AI bots to continuously scan and update the best possible result for any relevant search. So instead of just including keywords, you can optimize the content by including the topic of expertise which gets you a better chance of making it high on the SERP ranking.

Adding various pages that focus on very specific content or questions apart from the question at hand will guarantee you more website traffic as users will look for a person or a website with specific knowledge rather than a jack of all trades kind of website. This is known as support content as it plays a huge role in deciding the traffic gained by a website or business.

You can also publish websites and content that are not specific to a keyword as this will increase your number of pages and the ranking on SERP. Support content won’t gain you lots of traffic but will ensure a higher ranking on SERP that will gain you traffic on your main page.