Key to Hiring Success: Important Questions To Ask a Locksmith

It can feel a bit intimidating if you’re looking for a locksmith and aren’t quite sure how to navigate the process. The key to making a good decision is asking the right questions. The answers you get will help you understand if the locksmith can meet your specific needs and how trustworthy and skilled they are.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together some important questions you should ask any locksmith before you decide to hire them. These questions aim to give you a better insight into their experience, qualifications, and the overall quality of service they’re likely to provide.

How Quickly Can You Reach My Location?

Important Questions To Ask a Locksmith


Certain lock issues are considered an emergency and can’t afford any delays. Take, for example, a car lockout on an extremely hot summer or a bitterly cold winter day with toddlers or vulnerable individuals trapped inside. On the other hand, tasks like making a spare key for a new roommate or fixing an old lock on a vintage vault you bought at a yard sale can be scheduled more conveniently.

When faced with such situations, checking the expected response time for lockouts and other lock or key emergencies on the locksmith services websites before deciding to hire them is important. It’s also a good idea to call them directly to confirm they have the necessary logistics and availability to reach you quickly.

Services like Locksmiths Pros, for example, offer emergency lockout services in under 30 minutes. They are also available 24/7 and nationwide, with a network of skilled local locksmiths.

Do You Provide Emergency Locksmith Services?

Another critical question to ask any locksmith before hiring them is whether they can provide you with emergency repair services. While most of today’s locksmiths specialize in many services catering to various needs, not all are trained and equipped with mobile and local teams that can reach you in times of great need.

Are You Licensed and Insured/Bonded?

Are You Licensed and Insured-Bonded


While only 15 US states currently require locksmiths to obtain a locksmith to be legally authorized to provide their services, a lock technician with a license is an excellent indicator of professionalism and high commitment to a job well done every time.

Insured locksmiths are also technicians who have purchased liability insurance that protects the locksmith and his clients against accidental damage to the locks and property. Bonded locksmiths pay a fee to bonding companies and must pass background checks. They are guaranteed that the bonding company will reimburse a certain amount in case of a rising accident.

Do You Track Your Employees?

If possible, make sure the locksmith company you are about to hire runs checks on its employees’ backgrounds to guarantee secure experiences. If the company you are considering hiring does not run such checks, you might want to opt for a different one.

Do You Offer Security Assessments?


Reputable locksmith companies will let you hire a qualified technician who can assess the security of your home, commercial space, or vehicle, make expert recommendations, design master lock and key plans, and offer hands-on particle assistance with implementation.

If you are looking for a locksmith who can perform comprehensive audits after a complex lock-fixing job to ensure foolproof security, be sure the technicians you are about to hire can provide you with that. If they seem hesitant, look up different companies.

Do You Charge Additional (Hidden) Fees?

Many locksmiths typically charge additional fees covering their travel costs and other expenses not transparently listed in the official price list. What may seem at first like competitive locksmith prices may contain hidden fees.

These hidden fees can considerably affect your bill and cause additional distress or discontent. Ask the locksmiths about any hidden costs and additional fees they might have so you can save yourself from uncalled-for surprises once they reach your premises.

Do You Provide a Service Warranty?


Hiring a reputable locksmith company will guarantee you will benefit from a warranty for all their services. However, to be safe, ask the locksmith that you are considering hiring whether they offer these service warranties before hiring them. Search for locksmiths offering service warranties for repairing or installing new locks.

What Locksmith Services Do You Provide?

Most locksmiths will normally list their services on their website, which might make this question unnecessary. However, it’s a trick question that can help determine whether you will deal with a highly trained technician, a rookie, or a non-professional locksmith.

While an expert will have no problem detailing his line of work, getting into technicalities, and answering additional questions concerning certain services to judge their expertise, an inexperienced locksmith usually offers basic responses.

What Locksmith Services Do You Specialize In?


While a locksmith company might advertise they cover the entire range of residential, commercial, and automotive services, they might only specialize in a limited number of services.

Since not all locks are identical and work the same, they require the necessary skills for the job in hand, especially when dealing with vaults, safes, motorbikes, complex smart lock systems used for commercial buildings or high-tech companies, and so on.

Depending on the type of problem you need a quick fix for, whether it is transponder reprogramming on a standard key fob or a more expensive model for a vehicle with a unique security system in place, installing a very difficult and complex lock model, or rekeying digital locks, you need to find just the right company for the job.

Final Thoughts

In your quest for the perfect locksmith, whether it’s for a swift lock rekey at home or installing a sophisticated master lock system in your office, it’s crucial to arm yourself with these pertinent questions. By doing so, you position yourself to avoid unnecessary hassles, unexpected expenses, and potential complications.

Diligently asking these questions and carefully considering the responses is an important step toward finding a locksmith you can trust and rely on. This approach is key to ensuring the security of your property or vehicle, giving you solutions and peace of mind.

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