How To Order Prescription Medication Safely Online:2024 Guide

The past few years have seen a sudden spurt of online pharmacies. These pharmacies have made people’s lives easy. They usually have a wide variety of stock. They are also pretty convenient as people do not have to travel all the way up to the pharmacy to procure the needed drugs.

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However, you need to be careful before you make a purchase from an online pharmacy. So this article discusses a few things to keep in mind when you buy from an online store.

Tips For Buying Medicines From An Online Store

Check If They Ask For A Copy Of The Prescription

Most licensed pharmacies are mandated to keep a copy of the prescription before selling any drugs. In most countries, the national drug regulator places drugs into several categories depending on their potency and side effects.

So all pharmacies ask for a prescription to make sure that you are not ordering any drug without medical advice. This is especially crucial if your prescription contains medicines like sleeping pills. Moreover, whenever an online pharmacy asks for a prescription, that is a sign that they are a bonafide company.


Any company which is willing to sell drugs without a prescription is suspicious. They might be willing to sell harmful drugs or higher potencies which may be harmful.

Most people who are into substance abuse are on the lookout for online companies that sell without a valid prescription. So every time you purchase from a new online pharmacy, check if they ask for a prescription or not.

Check If They Have Their Own Pharmacist


A pharmacist is a person who is qualified to judge the suitability of a medicine for a disease based on its composition. Most online pharmacies will get your prescription checked by their in-house pharmacist. Moreover, the pharmacist will also contact you over a call to check whether you genuinely need a drug or not.

Talking to a pharmacist can be of great help. If you do not get the exact match for the drug you want, a pharmacist can help. He can tell you which drug can be substituted for another. Apart from this, a pharmacist can also guide you about the right way to take medicine.

For instance, if you are using nebulizers for the first time, you may have trouble while intaking the drug. A pharmacist who talks to you over a call can guide you through the process of using a nebulizer.


Check If The Online Pharmacy Has A Comprehensive Policy To Protect Your Privacy

Knowing your medical history and accessing your prescription gives sensitive details about you. After all, if someone has access to your prescription, he knows about all the diseases( chronic or acute) that you are suffering from.

Also, if you suffer from any mental health condition, you may be unwilling to disclose your data to a third party. So check whether the online pharmacy has a comprehensive policy to protect your privacy and sensitive data related to you.

Usually, such policies are cumbersome, and most people do not bother to read the fine print. But such policies are vital, and if any company does not have them, it is better to avoid them.

Even if you do not understand the minute details of the policy, you can get an idea of your data being shared. For instance, if you get unsolicited calls and messages from third parties for products that you looked for in an e-pharmacy, it is a bad sign.

Check If They Have A Comprehensive Policy To Protect Your Financial Data


When you make a transaction with an online entity, you are most likely to pay the money digitally. However, if you are ever asked to share details of your PIN number or the other details of your credit and debit card, then it may be problematic.

So apart from a privacy policy, online privacy should have a financial data protection policy. So if you do not come across any such policy before you make your first transaction, you should think again.

Check If They Offer Heavy Discounts

Most online shops offer discounts to make their offers more attractive. However, if the percentage of discount offered is very high, then that might be a warning.

Heavy discounts are a trap to lure you, and there may be hidden costs associated with it. So if heavy and unreasonable discounts are being offered, try to avoid them.

Keep A Close Eye On The Product That They Deliver

If you notice that a company is adding new drugs you have not asked for, you need to be careful. Also, once the drugs arrive at your place, you must check for the expiry date, match the composition etc.

You have full right to return the product if there is any discrepancy. Also, check if the packaging is in perfect condition or not. If you notice broken seals or open vials, you must return them immediately.


Check If They Have A Valid License

All pharmacies have a valid license that federal regulatory agencies issue. If an online store does not have a valid license, you should not go ahead with your purchase.

Apart from a valid license, all online medical stores should have valid contact details. So if they do not have a valid phone or fax number, then it is better to avoid such an online pharmacy.


E-pharmacies have made people’s lives convenient, especially for old people who have trouble physically visiting a medical store. However, online shops have several disadvantages as well.

If you do not want to consume a heavier drug dose or a drug with a spurious component, you should check for signs of authenticity. If the pharmacy asks for a prescription and has proper policies to protect privacy, you will most probably deal with a genuine store.

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