Honda Insight Or Honda Accord: Which One Should You Buy

The Honda cars are the most popular and preferred vehicles for various customer needs. With amazing features and a strong build, people have different reasons to invest in these cars. These cars are home to superior i-VTEC engines and are known for their excellent running in the long run. Also, you will be happy with the functioning as there won’t be any major niggles on the road. Also, the power-to-efficiency ratio is amazing.

All these factors, along with Honda’s immense spirit of ensuring promising entrants like the New Honda Insight in the market, make the customers stay on the lookout as they have many things to look upto.

But, customers often find themselves stuck in the debate to choose the better than the best Honda cars. One such confusion is related to buying a Honda Insight or a Honda Accord.

Well, both models are unique and have similarities and sets of differences. Also, they face tough competition. But it comes down to one point.

What if you like both and have to choose between them?

Let’s gather some crucial things about cars that can help you draw a good and beneficial decision.

Basic Detailing


Before bringing the competitive factors in, let’s know what makes these models common. So, the first indispensable fact is that they belong to the same family. Apart from that, both the Hondas feature an in-line 4-cylinder engine. The engine ensures a great function on various terrains. Apart from the engine, you can spot an AC synchronous permanent-magnet electric motor. It might be complex to know, but basic functioning is helpful. It ensures delivering a high level of hybrid performance, making these models one of the top considerations.

The Insight comes packed with a 1.5L engine; however, the Accord Hybrid has a 2.0L motor. Further, you can see many similarities as both cards try to achieve impressive gas mileage and horsepower. They help in ensuring peppy acceleration and stop-free cruising.

There can be different priorities of different customers. So, to cater to the same, these models have their hybrid versions available. They can better fit anyone looking for various requirements and priorities while making a long-term investment, like a car. For example, if you want to invest in a car offering the maximum range, you can opt for the Honda Insight. On the other hand, if acceleration is your thing, the second option offers a better consideration.

The cars have different drive modes, so you must choose between them. They are as follows:

  • The ECON mode helps in maximizing the range and efficiency.
  • The sports mode focuses on speeding up the acceleration and throttle response. In short, you can expect a spirited ride with this one.
  • The EV mode uses the electric motor and propels the driver in the forward direction on short trips.

When you want to decide, the variation angle comes into the picture. So, here are some comparative terms between the Honda cars.

1. Interiors And Technological Advancements


Both the vehicles have integrations that help the users access their favorite applications, music, and other applications, followed by a touchscreen display which improves the degree of convenience.

But, when the performance question comes into the picture, there are some subtle differences that you should note. The Accord has 4 trim levels, but the other one comes in the EX and Touring trims. But, if you want to have a better hand at the performance, you need to get a test drive for the same. It will help you get a better hand on it.

2. Dimensions And Spacing

The next notable difference between the Honda models is that the length of the Honda Accord is bigger. Also, it has a longer wheelbase than the second one. Also, the former will offer you better shoulder and hip room.

Now, what does this mean?

It means you can expect more inches in any direction in the sitting and upper areas. Also, the Accord car offers better space for passenger volume when compared to the Insight model.

3. Features


The Honda Accord comes with a sunglass holder and a lockable glove compartment. Also, amongst all the Accord variants, you will find a push button to start the vehicle and a telescopic steering column. The model has many things to offer in terms of exteriors and interiors.

The same stands true for Honda Insight. The Insight model offers ergonomic excellence along with powerful processing hardware. Also, the driver interface of this model comes with vivid graphics that are easy to read. There should not be a problem with the same. Also, some Insight models are equipped with a built-in navigation system.

4. Safety Equipment

Safety is important when deciding about vehicle investment. The Honda cars offer unquestionable safety and are embedded with technology that promises to sense safety and driver assistance. The best part about both options is that they are equipped with advanced technology in the airbag system. Hence, you can feel protected in the overall journey.

If you have children and are planning to take them along with you on the journey, you will be happy to note that both cars offer child safety features, too.

5. Price Comparison


The Honda Accord is available at a higher price in the market. However, the substantial price jump is a worthwhile investment in the long run. The pricing scenario goes well with the top trims, followed by the bells and whistles. The difference is less for the base models, but the price variation still exists. The Insight model is in the less expensive range.

But, all these factors come down to the customer’s interest and liking. Also, the budget can be a factor, so the variations come into the picture. However, other factors, like safety, interiors, and exteriors, should be considered before making the final call.


The Honda Accord and Insight are great options with different things to serve the customer. They are unique and the best in their way. Also, they are top rankers in the market, so you need not worry about the overall report. So, it is your call, but you should have some considerations in place before making the final payment.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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