How to Increase Instagram Live Views from Scratch

The power of Instagram over the past few years has become increasingly apparent. The app, once created to chat with friends and share square photos, has changed its direction. Today Insta is a powerful marketing tool with which you can significantly improve your online presence and gain an influential voice.

In pursuit of account growth, newcomers most often focus on followers and getting them, but they are not as influential in 2024 as they used to be. Today, the key factors for quality promotion are engagement and video content. Without them, your account won’t become popular, no matter how much time and effort you spend.

Live videos have recently gained particular popularity – with them, creators receive double attention and establish closer relationships with followers. That’s why adding video content and focusing on statistics is the best thing you can do for your account.

In today’s post, we’ll share three ways to get more live video views from scratch without a headache and a big budget. Read on!

Invest in Your Page


The first method that works absolutely always is the use of additional third-party support. This method can mean a lot of options, but if you’re looking for a cheap and effective one, then consider buying incentives. Paid live views are provided by decent companies such as Viplikes – they use the “people for people” mechanism in their work and provide customers with one hundred percent organic views.

The opportunity to invest and get as many interactions as you need is one of the best opportunities in the modern marketing market. Such incentives are inexpensive (usually from a few dollars), fast and maximally effective – you don’t have to wait several weeks or months, as when hiring a promotion specialist. The result is instant, and this is a good opportunity to save your time, effort and resources.

At the same time, the views won’t disappear after a while, they’ll remain in your account statistics. By the way, you can use it at any time – it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

Invite a Guest

Every year collaborations become more and more popular among influencers. Tactics involving third-party bloggers show the best results in comparison with “empty” and soulless advertising. Therefore, inviting a guest to your live event is a great way to get double the attention of the target audience and increase live views.

How to Find a Guest?


Analyze your niche and find influencers who might be interesting to your viewers. It’s great if you don’t find direct competitors, but colleagues. As an example, if you’re a beauty blogger, invite a dermatologist and ask him to express his opinion on the effect of decorative cosmetics on the skin. This topic may be interesting to your viewers and the viewers of the dermatologist. Therefore, you both remain in the black and get your benefits from the collaboration.

Keep in mind that your statistics should be no worse than the guest’s. Look for an influencer that has a high engagement rate to get the best result.

Be a Part of the IG Community

Finally, be active and become part of a large community. Participate in discussions, write comments, and invite users to your live videos. You can address personal messages to individual interested people or write comments under thematic publications.

This tactic is more long-term, but it is suitable if you’re just starting your journey. In addition to the opportunity to attract new viewers, it is also a chance to expand the fan base. We recommend always staying active – in this case, your statistics will improve. Good luck!

Kantar Anita
Kantar Anita

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