How To Improve Vision: 6 Tips And Exercises

During long and focused work with gadgets, discomfort, dryness, and redness of the eyes may appear. These are the first signs of visual impairment. Our eyes, like our body, need regular exercise. They strengthen the eye muscles, improve focus, and relieve tension and fatigue.

However, there are some other tricks as well to take care of your eye health. Check for different types of lenses.

Tips To Improve Your Vision

  • Correct Lighting: Visual stress in the dark is harmful. In the twilight, the pupil expands, and intraocular pressure increases. In the dark, our eyes feel stressed than usual. The light should be spread evenly throughout the room, and the workplace should have additional lights.
  • Moisturizing: Room temperature comfortable for the eye surface is 18–20 ° С and humidity 45–60%. Under any load, we blink less often. The surface of the eye does not receive proper moisture, especially in the winter season. With dry eye syndrome, it is imperative to use moisturizing drops.
  • Rest And Walks In The Fresh Air: According to recent studies, neuroscientists proved that the active production of dopamine in the structures of the retina (neurons, cones, and rods) occurs in daylight. The key to good vision is a daily walk during the day for at least 90 minutes. Pamper and take care of yourself daily.
  • Balanced Diet: This is one of the factors that contribute to good vision. Consuming B vitamins and regular consumption of healthy fats help to maintain visual acuity in old age.
  • Reducing Alcohol Usage: Dryness of eyes can be due to your bad habit of drinking alcohol in excessive quantity. Therefore, you should abandon drinking alcohol for better vision. If you can’t do it yourself, getting help from an alcohol rehab center is probably the best option for you. Click here for more.
  • Sufficient Water Consumption: Keeping your eyes hydrated is essential for maintaining eye health.
  • Sun Protection: Ultraviolet rays are damaging to eyes health. The glasses help reduce eye strain in bright daylight and protect them from wind and dust.

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Top Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Remove glasses or contact lenses before performing exercises to avoid injuring the cornea. It is important not to overexert your eyes and gradually increase the load. If you have eye problems, talk to your ophthalmologist before doing visual gymnastics.

1. Press Gently On The Eyelids

This exercise quickly relieves eyelid tension, normalizes the outflow of intraocular fluid, and helps prepare for visual gymnastics. First of all, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly.

Rub your palms and make them warm. Now gently press down your upper eyelids with your fingers and massage them in light circular motions for two minutes.

In this case, the fingers of the right hand should move in a counterclockwise direction and the left hand’s fingers in a clockwise direction. This gentle pressure on the eyelids activates blood circulation around the eyes.

2. Look Outside At Distance

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You will need small stickers for this exercise. You can also make circles 3–5 cm in diameter out of paper. They need to be glued to the window glass. When everything is ready, step back from the window half a step and select any object located on the street. It can be a pole, a flower bed, or a car.

Then start to “switch” the focus of sight from the sticker to the selected object and back. Try to consider each of them as best you can. If there is no way to get up to the window, try a light version of this task. For 15–20 seconds, carefully look at any object in the distance. Now move your gaze to your wristwatch or index finger, placed directly in front of your nose.

3. Draw The Letters In Air

Drawing in the air allows you to relax not only the eye muscles but also the neck. Close your eyes and imagine that a felt-tip pen or art brush is attached to the tip of your nose. First, try putting several letters in the air, alternating their size each time.

In this case, it is not at all necessary to draw only letters with an imaginary pen. You can try to portray vertical and horizontal eights, geometric shapes, and various simple illustrations.

4. Rolling Around The Pupil

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Get into any comfortable position, preferably sitting. Restore even and slow breathing. While inhaling, smoothly move your eyes to the right all the way. Try to focus on what you saw. As you exhale, return your gaze to the starting position. Now look as far to the left as possible. The neck and head remain motionless during the exercise – only the pupils should work.

In this case, it is important to shift your gaze from side to side with the maximum possible amplitude, but you should not overextend your eyes. By the same principle, try looking up and down, then diagonally. Repeat the cycle four times.

5. Concentrate On The Tip Of The Nose

By keeping your breathing low, look at the tip of your nose. Concentrate on it, mentally count to three and smoothly return to your usual position. Then look up and look between the eyebrows – in the area of ​​the third eye.

Hold there for 3-4 seconds, close your eyes and do the exercise again. After two weeks of systematic exercises, it is beneficial to gradually increase the delay time at the upper and lower points to several minutes.

6. Close Your Eyes Tightly

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Sit on a chair, straighten your back, and stretch your neck slightly upward. Now blink at a fast pace for a couple of minutes. The movement of the eyelids should be very light. Try to imagine that these are the wings of a butterfly. If you try to blink purposefully more often in everyday life, your eyes will become less dry and tired.

After vigorously blinking, close your eyes tightly and mentally count to five. Then raise your eyebrows and open your eyes as wide as possible. This exercise allows you to quickly relieve eye tension, normalize the eye muscles’ tone, and activate blood circulation.


Not only through diet, but several eye exercises can help to improve the vision. These exercises are easy to do at home. Remember to practice these exercises for 10-15 minutes a day to feel the benefits.