Tips on How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your special occasion. It is an exciting time to prepare for your big day finally. Choosing a ring is an uphill task as it is an expensive ordeal; you want to choose the perfect ring for a happy occasion. There are so many options online and offline catering to all kinds of designs that you might feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we have some great tips to clear that clutter and narrow down the options, so you have a clear mind and guidelines for choosing the best rings.

Research your Rings

The most famous saying covers the fact that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Finding that perfect ring or diamond can be a hassle for the uninitiated. That’s why we recommend you research the 4Cs before going to a shop. The 4Cs are called the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. With these things narrowed down, you can buy a ring that is perfect for your finger.

Narrowing Down the Shape of the Ring

If you and your significant other have already cleared your mind on the shapes you want to choose from, then half of the work is already done. The main reason to choose a shape or cut is very important as changing can mean a significant price change. For example, round cuts are pretty expensive, while other shapes like pear are less expensive. You can juggle between choosing the right shape/cut and the price tag. You can also compromise on the shape if you are looking for a bigger size, and this way, you can get more carrots on the ring as long as ItsHot.

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Your ring should resonate with your personality, and for that, rings come in many different shapes; some of them we are mentioning to give you an idea:

  • Round – Most common buy as it is typically associated with a diamond and shows its true radiance.
  • Emerald – It is known for its clear facets and has perfect clarity.
  • Cushion – This style dates back to the 18th century as this shape is mainly square, whose corners are rounded off.
  • Pear – This shape looks terrific when worn in a soft hand.

Choosing the Color

The color in the case of diamonds can range from light, very light, and all the way up to colorless, where colorless are of the highest quality and most expensive. Depending on your price, you can easily find a color scale online or in the shop to help you choose.

Finding the Right Clarity

Though you usually can’t tell with a naked eye the increase or decrease in clarity, and it doesn’t reduce the beauty of the ring, but if you need to be sure, you can always use the chart and certified sellers to go for the right type of clarity. Flawless clarity is termed as VVS2, while the SI1&2 are slightly lesser than VVS2. Nonetheless, if the prices are significant from your seller, settle for the one that doesn’t show.

Balancing the Carat Weight

The size and weight of your ring are measured in what is known as carats, which determines the item’s cost. If you’re satisfied with at least 2Cs, then you can compromise on the last two or at least one of them.

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Don’t Be Trendy

Well, you do hear all the time to be trendy with fashion, what to watch and where to go. Not for the ring, as it should be a timeless purchase that should resist the test of time. Diamonds are meant to be forever, and so should your ring be. Even after 20 years of your marriage, your ring should show it is still as beautiful and strong as your significant other right there by your side.

Choosing the Band’s Metal

As with other things, choosing the metal seems easy as it’s only the color or the feel. But there is more to it. Typically Yellow gold, platinum, white gold, and silver are the most popular bands and in recent years, rose gold is also becoming a favorite for many. The first thing you need to discuss is the cost of the band. The second thing is which one lasts longer as some metals can be scratched easily and may lower the look of your ring. Keep these things in mind when buying rings.

What Women Want

I know it would be Godsend if we all knew what women actually think in their heads when we saw Mel Gibson doing it in his movie. Getting to know the GF’s choice and what style she prefers makes things a lot easier, well, of course, considering the cost first. When you do propose and that too without a proper ring, you both can choose together. You can always ask one of her friends for options, as they can get that out without letting your girl know what scheme you are pulling.

4Cs Isn’t The End

Mentioning 4Cs above is to help you do good research on types and prices, but you don’t need a certificate showing you numbers to tell you what you want to buy. This 4Cs juggling is not like making a gaming rig where numbers and prices do matter. If you know the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings, you are good to start looking for other things. You definitely don’t need to follow the Flawless clarity codes to choose the best ring; the one that’s more beautiful with SI1 can be much better than what a VVS2 might see.

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Often, many customers want to buy a perfect ring in terms of the 4Cs or what looks good on paper. People forget that when love doesn’t look for the most expensive person or the partner who has the most money with them, then why look for something similar in a ring? Choose the one that is the perfect one that you like, and your heart settles on, that should be as precious as your relationship.

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