How Often Should You Trim Your Backyard Trees – 2024 Guide

Owning a house and a yard is a big and significant thing nowadays. Even if your yard is big enough to have trees on it, then you are the happy owner of what others can only dream of. Trees near your house, the opportunity to observe the natural cycles and seasons that change and change the canopy in the most picturesque way possible, make your life more beautiful and affect peace of mind and tranquility. The presence of trees automatically means the presence of various species of birds. Their organization of life, building nests, interpersonal relationships, advertising at different times of the day, all this brings you closer to nature, which is invaluable to every human being.

Trees that grow and live near you also require care and engagement, no matter what species and how old they are. Its maintenance is not only an aesthetic category, but also a necessity and an obligation. That is why you must dedicate yourself to it and treat it regularly with attention and knowledge.

Why is pruning important?


Trees grow without your intervention, if they have the conditions they need. Depending on the soil, moisture, light, weather conditions, tree species and condition of each individual, it grows and develops. Some specimens are better, prettier, healthier, and some lag behind. You would think that nature will do everything itself, but not everything is that simple.

Trees need regular pruning, removal of dry or diseased branches, thinning of the canopy for better airing and exposure to light. This reduces the possibility of various diseases, and both air and light prevent the development of pests and insects that could harm the tree and lead it to dry out. Also, rotten and diseased branches, especially if they are large, can break off on their own, especially due to the action of wind or during a storm. It is clear that a large branch, falling from a great height, could seriously injure someone, fall on the roof of your or a neighbor’s house, or damage the trail if it is nearby. It is also dangerous if the branches become entangled in electric wires. There may be a short circuit and a fire, and no one would want that.

How often should I trim backyard trees?


This question depends on several factors. First of the type of tree you have, then of its age and of the ambience you want to create in your environment.

These species are usually planted:


-oak trees

-fruit trees

Each species has its own pruning rules. It will be best to consult an expert and learn all about this issue. If you do not have the time or interest to do it yourself, then it is best to hire a professional team.

  1. Evergreen – this type of tree is not pruned often. It should not even be touched, unless a branch dries or grows so that it bothers you and is in an awkward place. There are species that can be nicely shaped, such as alien. Types of fir and pine trees should be left to form their specific shape. Eventually the lower branches can be cut off to form an umbrella shape with a bare tree below.
  2. Oak trees – these deciduous and large trees are pruned every 3-5 years and this should be done regularly. This way they will thrive better, form a better canopy and last longer. Some experts believe that fallen leaves should not be collected in autumn, but leave to decompose and create humus and thus enrich the soil under the trees.
  3. Fruit trees – they require the most care, because they need to produce quality fruit, and are often the target of various pests. They are thoroughly pruned every early spring, before the warm weather begins and the phase of vegetation. While the juices in them have not yet flowed , in late February or early March, are pruned and sprayed with fungicides and insecticides.

Some types of trees grow faster, especially as they get older, so they need to be pruned more often. Regarding specific species or some exotic species, it is best to seek expert advice.

How to prune trees properly?

No tree species is pruned randomly and spontaneously. First of all, it is determined whether there are dry, rotten and diseased branches. Small and weak twigs are cut, which only distract water and nutrients, and do not contribute to general health and appearance, but on the contrary, deplete the tree. Large, strong and healthy branches are left, which will properly form the crown.

It is always pruned at an angle of 45 degrees, close to the tree. There is no need to cut the main, vertical branch, at the top. This is called the topping method and has been outdated for a long time. This method destroys the tree and eliminates its vital part. It hurts him, and it looks bad. After that, weak, inconspicuous and unhealthy shoots grow. Some people also prune fruit in this way, which is completely wrong.



Pruning trees is neither an easy nor a 100% safe job. That is why equipment is necessary. If you don’t have equipment, tools and knowledge, you should go with tree cutting service and you can find professionals near you at

The basic things you should have if you decide you will do it yourself are:

-protective glasses


-adequate clothing (neither too tight to restrict your movements, nor too wide to hang on branches)

-helmet (if you are at a high altitude, this is a mandatory piece of equipment)



Without quality, well-sharpened tools, you will not be able to prune wood properly. Therefore it is necessary to have:

-scissors – they must be clean, because they can transmit diseases from wood to wood. There are scissors with telescopic handles, ie their handles can be pulled to a greater length and so you can reach the pruning branch, without climbing the ladder.

-saw – motor or manual

– ladders – they must be safe and stable, and it is best for someone to hold them while you are on them


Regular pruning of trees will make you have healthy and impressive specimens in the yard, which you will enjoy. Include regular pruning in your schedule and plans and you will see how your yard will become an oasis where you will enjoy with your family. Each season will be even more striking, each time of day will gain in beauty, as you observe the tops of your trees and breathe in the fresh air and scents of nature.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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