How Long Can You Stay In The UK On A Fiancé Visa?

Are you intending to immigrate to the United Kingdom to start a new life with your partner based in the UK, or are you willing to enter into a civil partnership with your partner who is settled or is a resident of the UK? If yes, then you must require a Fiancé Visa.

Getting a Fiancé Visa will assist you by offering you an opportunity to reside and settle with your partner living in the United Kingdom. However, a Fiancé Visa allows you to stay for six months, i.e., you would be entitled to six months, during which you need to marry or get into a civil partnership with your partner.

Getting a visa is a challenging task. However, several reliable companies can assist you by providing relocation and citizenship solutions and aid in obtaining it.

Read the guide below to learn how long you can stay in the UK on a Fiancé Visa and the requirements for getting it. But before you find out, you need to know what a Fiancé Visa is.

Understanding Fiancé Visa


The UK Fiancé Visa is often termed as an Engagement Visa or a Proposed Civil Partner Visa. It assists the residents of other nations to marry their partner who is a resident or is settled in the UK and settle in the UK along with them. In addition, you can also receive this visa if you are planning to enter into a civil partnership with your partner.

The Fiancé Visa is counted under the Family visa scheme and grants you a tenure of six months, within which you must marry your partner. However, getting a Fiancé Visa is demanding and requires certain eligibility to be fulfilled. Listed below are certain requirements that must be complied with to obtain a Fiancé Visa in the United Kingdom.

Requirements For Getting A Fiancé Visa

There is a certain criterion that must be fulfilled to be eligible for getting a UK Fiancé Visa. The eligibility criterion is listed below.

  • The minimum age for you and your partner must be 18.
  • You and your partner have a genuine relationship and are willing to marry or enter into a civil partnership.
  • Your partner must either be a British resident or be settled in the UK.

Besides the criteria mentioned above, certain other conditions must also be met. These include financial, language, accommodation, and genuine relationship requirements. They have been described below in detail.

Financial Requirements


The financial requirements that must be complied to include the following.

  • The total gross income of you and your partner must be $18,600 annually.
  • In case a couple has one or more kids, this minimum income increases by $3800 and $2400, respectively.
  • The sources of income can include savings, maternity allowances, pension or income from employment, or income as self-employed.

Genuine Relationship Requirements

You and your partner must also ensure that you are in a genuine relationship. You can prove that you have a genuine relationship with a few pieces of evidence. You may include

  • The documents of your previous accommodation where you and your partner resided earlier.
  • Your joint account details
  • References from family or friends
  • In case you have kids together, you can present the birth certificates.

Accommodation Requirements


You must also fulfill the minimum maintenance and accommodation requirements listed below.

  • You, your partner, or any of our family members must have accommodation in the United Kingdom with sufficient space.
  • The accommodation must satisfy the minimal sanitation and health requirements.

English Language Requirement


You must also adhere to the English Language requirements demanded by the authorities to get the Fiancé Visa. These have been listed below.

  • You must pass the CEFR Test.
  • Must have certain educational qualifications.

However, in certain instances, a person is exempt from the English language requirements. These cases include when the person is above 65 years of age or has a certain physical or mental impairment. This also applies in cases when you are a resident of the nation as listed by the government.

Cost Of Applying For A Fiancé Visa

The cost of applying for a Fiancé Visa depends on whether you apply from within or outside the UK. If you are applying from within the UK, the fee is $1033. In the latter case, the application fee is $1523. If you have kids, the cost of the application is more.

How Long Can You Stay On A Fiancé Visa?

A Fiancé Visa allows you to stay in the UK for six months, within which you must marry your partner living in the United Kingdom. After you are married, you are eligible to get a Spouse Visa, using which you can live for 30 months in the UK. This duration can be extended to 30 more months. It is important to note that you must apply for the Spouse Visa before the Fiancé visa expires.

Further, the Spouse Visa makes you eligible for ILR, i.e., Indefinite Leave To Remain. Although you must adhere to the absence rule, i.e., you must not stay more than 180 days outside the United Kingdom during the qualifying period of your visa.

How To Claim A Partner Visa Extension?


In case you fail to marry your partner within six months of getting your Fiancé Visa, you can look for a Partner Visa Extension. However, there are certain conditions that you and your partner must meet. These have been mentioned below.

  • Your partner must have British citizenship or must be settled there in a valid way.
  • You must be residing in the United Kingdom on an already approved Fiancé Visa.
  • You must still comply with the accommodation, financial, genuine relationship, and language requirements.


Obtaining a Fiancé Visa is a difficult procedure. It involves several requirements and obligations that you must meet. If you are planning to shift to the United Kingdom to live with your partner, you must thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements. Also, it is important to know that it qualifies you to stay in the UK for six months until you marry each other or enter into a civil partnership.

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