How Does Architecture Impact Society – Majed Veysel

Ever since humanity existed, we found ways to protect ourselves from nature, other living creatures, and to even show our social status. In the past, the style and the look of architecture and buildings were shaped by the weather and overall climate, and building materials were not available everywhere.

Nowadays, everything is available for everyone, and we realize that the buildings are much more than just the walls put together. In this article, we are going to tell you more about how architecture impacts society and we are going to give you more information about Majed Veysel and his personal touch in modern art and design.

Distinguishing between time periods

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Every decade has its own type of architecture. We don’t notice the main touches and designs when we are part of the movement, but later on, when we look at pictures of old buildings and designs, we can easily name the time period.

In the 50s, people were focused on the minimalist type of decoration. The buildings had lower walls and the main colors were yellow and red. Most people nowadays, when they see a picture of that type of design, can easily name the decade.

On the other hand, in the late 70s and early 80s, people were using higher ceilings and they were focusing on big furniture. It was a way to show their status and their influence on society. Minimalism was seen as poverty and everyone wanted to show their power by purchasing a home with thick walls, with colorful wallpapers and wall-to-wall furniture.

Nowadays, the minimalism is back, but we choose slimmer lines and lean towards black and white. The pop of color is present, but it is not the main focus.

Your surroundings will affect your mood

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Architecture is not just buildings and walls. It can represent how we see ourselves, other members of society, and how we see the world. Unimaginative buildings that look sterile and they are made of concrete can make people feel more stressed.

In the past, most of the hospitals were designed this way, and people felt negative, anxious, and even sad when they saw a building that reminded them of a hospital. Nowadays, most clinics are focusing on bringing life into their design and style. Sterile walls are not in, and even they try to put a personal touch, like a pot with flowers or painting, to affect the mood of the patients in a positive way.

On the other hand, when the architect combines and connects the buildings with nature, when they add their personal touch and when they bring something new and unique, they can make people feel happy, relaxed, and safe.

Majed Veysel – Memories, dreams, and desires

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In the past, every new design was supposed to be modern, different, and not seen before. Nowadays, most architects are trying to combine the vintage touches in a new and modern design.

The reason for this is nostalgia. Every person wants to stay in touch with their homes, no matter how long ago they left their home. When we combine some shapes and design types from the past and interpret them in today’s architecture, it is easier to bring people together.

Architect Majed Veysel says that he uses his art to express his memories, dreams, and desires and to even relive his memories from the past. As an expert, Veysel combines his skills and knowledge to ease people into new designs, to help them remember their most precious memories, and to feel like a greater part of society.

Majed is a designer and an architect who comes from Syria, and as he says, ever since he was young, he knew that he was interested in space and design. Now, he is slowly becoming one of the most influential people and his work was published in Rome. He has gotten different awards for his impact on modern architecture and says that most of his inspiration comes from modern society and everyday people.

Feeling trapped or free

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Have you ever walked into a building and felt that you are confined and trapped? On the other hand, have you ever entered someone else’s place and felt like you are free, and like you could almost fly?

The reason why we can feel one way or the other is the design. Some places can make people feel like they are in prison and almost like they are suffocating. It is said that these types of places and buildings are bad for companies, consumers, and homeowners.

The architecture has a huge impact on the mood of the people, and if someone wants to leave a place as soon as possible, that building is just bad for business.

The design can also make us feel light and happy. It can improve our overall view and it can help with anxiety. Studies have shown that people who are experiencing panic attacks are less likely to exhibit symptoms in the minimalist type of buildings, with big walls that are in one color.

The thickness of the material can influence the overall feelings as well. When the building blocks are thicker, they give a feeling of coldness and, in some cases, confinement. However, thick walls have been used to promote safety, and to make people feel more secure. The baseline is that depending on the overall look of the building or the room, the architect can help people and improve their lifestyle.

Personal impact

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This is not something that has been a popular subject, but the biggest impact architecture has the personal one. When we talk about buildings, we usually refer to only how they look on the outside.

However, the biggest impact that it has is on the people who live there. Depending on the quality of materials that are used, design, and planning, architects can impact the overall health of people.

If the right materials are not used, the building can collapse from even the smallest earthquake. On the same note, if the materials are bad and toxic, the residents can get serious illnesses and their lifespan will be shorter.

The same goes for office spaces – when there is a large, well-lit space and when the occupants are happy with how everything looks, they are more productive. Studies have shown that when the employee feels comfortable in their office, they are less likely to use sick days, and they tend to cut their vacations short. Most employees see their office as their safe space, and the architecture is the biggest reason why that is.

These are some of the ways the buildings and the overall look of our city impact us. The next time you visit a new place, try to notice what you are feeling when you see a small cottage with short walls, and which emotions you get when you see a huge building with high ceilings that look like they could almost touch the sky.