How CBD Oil Evolved Over the Last Years

The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing business fields in the world. However, was that always the case? CBD itself went through a long evolution process. Many years ago, it was illegal. Apart from that, the big majority of people considered CBD dangerous and compared it with narcotics.

The history of hemp is pretty amazing and it truly does deserve to be told to a bigger number of people. After reading this article, you will no longer consider CBD as typical natural medicine. Its tradition actually tells us it is much more than that. So, let’s start from the very beginning!

The Usage of Hemp Started Many Years Ago


First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that CBD and hemp are not the same. In human history, the hemp plant had a completely different purpose compared to the one it has today.

According to scientific research done by experts around the globe, hemp cultivation started at the end of the ice age. To be precise, the hemp plant was “born” around 12 thousand years ago. The excellent conditions for this plant were primarily established in Central Asia. From today’s perspective, this is the first plant ever that features a fibrous material.

The features of this plant actually made people use it for some other purpose. For a long period, people didn’t even know that CBD exists. Yet, after detailed research, the scientists realized that CBD was also used by people somewhere around 2737 BC. But, in that period, CBD didn’t come in a form of an oil. Instead of that, the well-known Chinese Emperor known as Sheng Nung used it in a form of tea.

Hemp Was Legal and Illegal

This is probably the most interesting part of hemp history. In 1533, King Henry VIII wanted to support the growth potential of the CBD industry. He realized that can help the country to improve. Unfortunately, not many people were interested to participate in that initiative. So, King decided to fine all the farmers for not growing industrial hemp. Today, that may seem impossible and silly at the same time. However, farmers had to change their plans because of the new law, and the hemp industry truly did experience progress because of that.

Yet, things start to change drastically in 1619. Settlers in Virginia decided on a completely different move. During that year, they had a meeting where they decided to make hemp illegal. That is the moment when this industry literally stops to exist. Okay, there were some people that were producing this plan illegally, but the fines were pretty high, and the number of those people wasn’t that big.

Over time, people haven’t even thought about making hemp legal once again. But, in recent years, the legalization of this plant has become a worldwide trend. More and more countries have decided to legalize it once again. Of course, this is not the case everywhere. There are countries where the distribution of hemp plans (and CBD of course) are still illegal. But, the number of those countries is becoming smaller year by year.

The First Formal Discovery of CBD


As we said, Chinese emperors were using CBD to make a tea that will boost their overall health. However, they didn’t know the main reason why they are feeling well. With advanced technology (but not advanced as today), the scientists realized that there must be something that makes hemp that powerful.

Approximately 100 years ago, organic chemistry and biology experts did in-depth research on this plant. They actually decide to break down the molecules of the cannabis plant and research its characteristics. That is the reason why worldwide scientists (to be precise, Roger Adams) managed to discover CBD for the first time. Even with the technology that was not advanced like the one we have today, he managed to isolate the CBD and CBN molecules.

That was a really important step and the beginning of a new era. Over time, scientists have managed to explore one benefit by another and properly determine why CBD is helping people with different types of health issues. We do not want to say that the job of the experts is done here. On the contrary, there are many things we still do not know. However, facts that are discovered until today gave governments around the world a pretty good reason to make this plant-based medicine legal.

So, What do We Have Today?

CBD is no longer a taboo subject among people. Even after certain benefits of this plant-based medicine were confirmed, there were many people that didn’t want to use it. They were simply skeptical. Some people even didn’t want to use it because a bunch of people was comparing CBD with marijuana. In other words, there were people (some of them still have that opinion) that CBD is a narcotic.

Thanks to a good promotion organized by scientists around the globe and mainstream media that supported this story, people are free to talk about their experience with CBD.

CBD Oil: The Prefered form of Medicine


CBD comes in different forms. The wide variety of CBD products allows you to have options of what CBD you want when you buy weed online. You can either smoke it, drink it as a typical medicine, or use it in a form of oil. CBD oil is the most preferred option among people. It doesn’t need to surprise us why we have that situation. Many online stores such as dd8shop offer their CBD oil variants online. Apart from that, these shops do not only tend to sell products and establish a profit. They also strive to educate people and make CBD even more understandable for them. You could read articles related to topics such as why CBD is good, which differences between Delta 8 and CBD exist, etc. We support this initiative as more and more people can understand when and how they can use CBD oil to solve some of their health issues or simply improve their immunity and overall health.


As you see, CBD in different forms has a pretty turbulent past. We are happy to see that more and more governments around the globe are legalizing this amazing plant-based medicine. We are sure that the same trend will continue in the future.


Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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