How to Find and Hire a Perfect Dev Team from Eastern Europe in 2024

Eastern Europe is emerging as the next top destination to hire talented developers. It provides recruiters with a cost-efficient way to access leading software engineers. They offer the same level of expertise and are even better compared to programmers in the US.

Best of all, entrepreneurs can choose from different countries that are home to over a million developers. No wonder the region attracted over $120 billion in IT funding in 2024, which is 3-times of 2024.

However, businesses might find it a bit challenging to source talent from Eastern Europe. There is not much information online, so the task can be difficult.

Worry not, as we are here to guide you through the process. Here is how you can find and recruit the best development team from the region in 2024.

Establish What You Need

Software or app development is a vast industry. You have developers with varying skills and exposure to different tech stacks.

In addition, some are front-end developers while others attend to the back-end. On top of that, developers have varying experiences that can impact the success of your project.

Therefore, recruiters should know what they want. It is necessary to determine:

  • The type of talent and experience required for your project
  • The technology stack you will be using
  • The nature of infrastructure demanded by the project
  • The number of developers you need
  • The timeline and deliverables

You can start looking for the right developers once you have established the above. For example, you can look for a programmer with skills in Angular if you’re to use it for your project.

Where to Find the Best Developers for Your Team

The next step is to search for the right talents to work on your product. Businesses can use a number of ways to achieve the task, like:

Freelance Platforms


Freelancers are ideal for short-term projects. They generally charge by the hour or project. Additionally, you don’t need to pay them benefits like bonuses or retirement plans.
Therefore, freelancers can be an affordable way to build your development team. You can hire freelancers from platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

However, freelancers can be erratic and leave your project midway. They can also stop communicating and cause delays in your project.

Job Boards

Job boards can be a good option if you want to hire quickly. Candidates can approach you directly and express their interest to work on your project.

Recruiters can rely on a number of job boards to find and hire a development team. Some of the popular ones include, RemoteOK, Working Nomads, and We Work Remotely.
Hiring Eastern European developers using job boards needs time and resources. You will have to conduct screening and interviews for each candidate.

As a result, you can end up wasting money and effort.

Social Media


Social media is a great place to find leading programmers. However, you cannot depend on Facebook to recruit your remote development team.
You need to look in places like LinkedIn or

In addition, coders love to hang around platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow. Therefore, they are also a great place to look for adept programmers.

However, you will have to invest resources and time to find the right talents. Additionally, it is necessary to verify what the candidates claim as you can’t trust everything on social media.

Recruitment Agencies

Businesses can work with professional recruitment agencies to hire a development team. It is the best option to recruit developers for long-term positions.

Best of all, you can access pre-vetted developers who have proved their worth. As a result, you can directly conduct interviews and hire the right talent quickly.

In addition, the developers are more reliable and don’t leave you in the lurch. Even if that happens, your agency can quickly bring in another developer to complete your project.
Businesses can work with leading Eastern Europe recruitment agencies like Reintech. It allows recruiters to hire the cream layer of programmers at affordable costs.

You can find out more about Reintech’s developers by clicking here.

How to Recruit Eastern European Developers for Your Team

Finding the right talent is only a part of the recruitment process. The other part is conducting assessments to evaluate your developers to find the right fit.
You can follow the steps below to hire your team like a pro:

Screen Your Candidates


Recruiters need to assess candidates for tech skills before they can sit for the interview. The process requires you to examine the resumes of the developers for their background and experience.
It is crucial to screen every developer that you hope to recruit. Therefore, plan ahead and arrange the resources you need.

The only way recruiters can avoid screening candidates is by hiring pre-vetted developers from a recruitment agency.

Conduct Interviews

Interviews are essential, no matter how you recruit your development team. Additionally, you should evaluate your candidates for soft skills along with hard skills.

Therefore, prepare a list of interview questions to ask your candidates. Keep the questions related to your project and the exposure of the developer.
For example, it is of no use to ask front-end development questions to a back-end developer.

Moreover, recruiters can benefit from having someone with technical knowledge on the interview board. A current developer from your organization can also fit the bill and find out if the candidate is answering properly.

Coding Tests


Recruiters will need to conduct an extra step to hire developers with complete peace of mind. It is necessary to assess candidates with challenges like coding tests to see how they perform. Businesses can also go for pair programming to find out the worth of a developer.

However, it is not necessary to meet the candidates physically. Several online tools now allow you to conduct coding tests remotely.

The final step of the process is to negotiate pay with your chosen developers. You can also discuss any terms or conditions for working on your team.

Final Thoughts

Eastern Europe is a great choice to hire your development team. The region hosts countless expert programmers who charge far less than developers in the USA or UK. In addition, most developers speak English and share a similar time zone.

Recruiters can search freelance platforms or job boards to find the right talent. They can also partner with a recruitment agency to save time and money. It will also give them access to a ready pool of pre-vetted engineers for the best outcomes.

Be sure to assess your candidates through various methods like interviews and coding tests. Additionally, ensure the developer has soft skills like time management and good communication for project success.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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