3 Highest-Yielding Indoor Cannabis Strains

Cannabis plants have been used for a long time to produce cannabis, a psychoactive substance. Cannabis plantations and selling are allowed in many countries of the world. Most plant breeders over the years have started using genetically bred stains that have useful characteristics like high yield, favorable sowing conditions, protection against pests, etc. So if you want to breed a high-yielding variety of cannabis, you can try the pink rozay strain.

Some Stains That Are Great Options For Breeders

The Pink Rozay Strain

Source: cannabistraininguniversity.com

This is a feminized strain meaning that it only produces female plants. Female cannabis strains are a favorite of breeders because they give a better yield than their male counterparts.

Moreover, the pink rozay is an indoor starin, and the growth conditions can be regulated quite well for indoor plants. A plant that grows outdoors has to endure the natural weather. But an indoor strain can be well protected against the elements.

Again a feminized species grows depending on the number of light hours it gets, so in an outdoor species, the breeder will have to carefully sow the variety in such a manner that it gets long hours of light. But since pink rozay is a variety that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, a breeder need not worry about the length of the day in each season. He can simply grow the species indoors and regulate the temperature and light conditions to get the maximum yield.

This stain grows to a height of about thirty-eight to seventy inches and gives out an odor like red wine, which is enjoyed by many cannabis lovers.

The Yellow Zushi

Source: wxxinews.org

This is another feminized variety that grows both indoors and outdoors. A female variety requires less effort on the part of the breeder as he does not have to prune and remove the low-yielding male species that result from natural breeding. Thus, a feminized strain gives a pure line of high-yielding species.

The name yellow zushi stems from the fact that this satin produces yellow color pods or buds that are densely packed on the plant. It takes about eight to nine weeks to flower after it has been sown, and the fully grown plant grows to a height of thirty to seventy inches when fully grown.

The Amnesia Haze

Source: leafly.com

This variety is a high-yielding variety of cannabis that can be grown indoors. It flowers in about ten to eleven weeks and produces a high percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which makes this variety quite a hit among breeders in the Netherlands.

It yields a good six hundred grams of cannabis per meter square area. This variety has a very relaxing effect on smokers, and the smoke usually has an aroma that smells of earthy herbs and citrus plants.


Feminized indoor plants are a great option for cannabis breeders as they require less effort to grow and have greater yield. Today, several varieties of feminized plants are available in the market, and breeders can choose any one depending on the customer’s preference, yield, etc.

Radulovic Jovica
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