Helpful Slot Strategy Tips For Canadian Players

Players all over the world find online slots with their animated symbols, engaging themes, and juicy jackpots irresistible. However, only a few players know how to boost their winning odds when spinning the reels on one-armed bandits.

On this page, we share the ultimate list of slot tricks and tips that can make a difference to your bankroll. Read them now, and you’ll rule the best online slots real money games!

Let’s dive right in!

1. Pick online slots with the most payout punch


When it comes to profitable slots, these run on high return-to-player (RTP) percentages. Ideally, you should play slot machines with RTP percentages as close to 100% as possible.

However, keep in mind that RTPs are calculated over hundreds or even millions of spins. This means that slot payouts will reflect the RTP value if a game is played for an extended period of time.

What online slots run on high RTPs, you ask? Check out Fire Lightning (97.61%), 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.5%), Lucky Lady’s Clover (97.31%), Marching Legions (98.12%), and Book of Dead (96.2%). These and many other free online casinos are gracing the digital shelves at the best casinos in Canada.

2. Understand your slot game

Many Canadian online slot players are misled into believing that they can outsmart the machine. However, as soon as you understand how slots operate behind the scenes, you gain an advantage when compared to many other spinners who are into various false theories such as ‘due to pay’ slots or ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ games.

The truth is, whenever you set the reels in motion, the game will generate random numbers that decide the outcome. Just like a roll of the dice in the natural world, Random Number Generators are 100% unpredictable. Not a single slot has a memory of the results of previous spins. So if the casino tries to make you believe that some of their vegas slots online are ‘due to pay’ or ‘hot’, never believe such nonsense.

3. Play a suitable online slot


You will frequently win in some slots, while others will make you wait for a long time until a winner lands. In the casino world, this is known as the volatility of a slot machine.

The lower the volatility, the more frequent your returns, but the smaller the typical win.

Then, the higher the volatility, the less frequently you’ll score payouts, but these rare payouts will typically be on the higher side of the spectrum.

With that in mind, if you have an average budget, go for less risky slots with frequent and smaller payouts. Otherwise, pick high volatility games and be patient while going through long strings of fruitless spins.

4. Don’t go over your limits

In any random game of chance, whether it’s a slot or roulette, there are fluctuations. To make sure you enjoy playing to the fullest at your favourite casino, you must control your play at all times. This is where various betting limits come into play.

Stop-loss and stop-win limits are an inseparable part of betting strategies used by professional online slots players. It’s highly recommended that before you play, you decide how much money you’re prepared to lose. Whenever you reach this limit, stop playing.

As for stop-win limits, these come in handy when the player finds it hard to walk away after winning a nice amount of cash. You don’t want to end up losing everything you’ve won. So set a suitable win-stop limit and you’ll always know when it’s the right time to quit.

5. Play free online casino slots


It’s not uncommon for online casinos in Canada to offer free slots online, which is a great opportunity for the player to test the waters of a chosen slot machine without spending a penny.

Demo spins are wonderful for many reasons. First, you can familiarize yourself with a style of a slot, its features, volatility, etc. before you decide whether the machine is worth your money and time. Free slots also come in handy when you work on your betting strategies, or perhaps, test the latest betting system you’ve found online.

6. Claim casino bonuses

Why don’t you top off your bankroll by tapping into generous bonus deals at online casinos? The majority of casinos in Canada have wonderful bonuses for newly depositing spinners. 100% match bonuses are often given away to new players as part of welcome casino packages, and these packages often include free spins as well.

We suggest registering an account with a licensed and reputable casino provider and looking out for their weekly promos, comp points, tournaments, and loyalty rewards, which are all powerful tools that can help you play online slots longer and minimize your losses.

7. Play new games


The reason why you should play new online slots is that these come not only with better HD graphics but they also feature improved features, such as free spins, multi-layer bonus rounds, progressive multipliers, etc. By capitalizing on these lucrative game extras, you give yourself the best chance of winning. Top tip, always test the features of a new slot in demo mode before committing to real money bets.

8. Play at a licensed casino

Playing at a legit and fair online casino can make a difference to the slot gaming outcomes the player is hoping for. The reason for this is that slots and other available games at regulated and licensed online casinos are regularly tested for fairness. Payments on such sites are also 100% secure plus legal operators always make sure the player’s cashouts arrive promptly.

9. Play slots with lucrative on-reel extras


Whether your favourite games are adventure-themed titles or you like to play vegas slots online, the theme of the game, however exciting, is not an indicator of a profitable game. More often than not, on-reel bonus features are your ticket to a mega win in a slot machine. With that in mind, we suggest picking games with lucrative bonuses, such as free spins, progressive multipliers, megaways, expanding wilds, jackpot rounds, gamble games, and bonus buy extras. The latter will provide instant access to bonus spins with profitable modifiers. The best bonus buy online slots to play are Money Train 2, Cherry Pop, Irish Thunder, Book of Cats, Aloha King Elvis, and Dig Dig Digger.

10. Avoid progressive jackpots

As tempting as they are, progressive jackpots are notoriously hard to score. To explain, if someone hits a life-changer, then the overall payouts to non-jackpot winners logically have to be modest to balance this. On top of that, progressive slots run on low RTPs, which is another reason why they should be avoided.

Still, there is always someone lucky who scores those juicy seven- or even eight-digit jackpot sums, you say? Well, if, despite the staggeringly small odds of winning, these life-changing online slots still tempt you, we suggest trying out the Mega Moolah slot at


Now that you know these useful slot tips, what’s stopping you from taking your game to the next level?

Head over to a licensed casino, pick your best online slots real money titles and start ruling them!

Radulovic Jovica
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