What Kind Of Hair Wigs Looks The Most Natural – 2024 Guide

For many wig wearers, how to make it look the most natural when wearing their colored wigs has remained one of the most frequent questions being asked. Our customers would spend days or even weeks in order the find wigs of the most natural looks. However, whether a colored wig looks natural enough cannot be judged that simply, several factors would have to be considered jointly to make a colored wig look natural. In this blog, we will dig deeper and discuss those factors that determine whether wigs look natural, and what kind of colored wig looks the most natural.

Factors That Determine Whether Wigs Look Natural

1. Fiber & Naturalness

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What type of fiber that a wig is made out of is one of, is not the most important factor which affects the level of naturalness of all wigs. Be aware that hair wigs can be made of different materials, including natural human hair, animal hair, and hair mostly made from man-made fibers. (commonly known as synthetic hair) Among these three, human hair and synthetic hair are most commonly known and purchased. Both types of hair have their advantages and disadvantages, and colored wigs made of human hair are sometimes more expensive, but it is also way more natural than its synthetic counterpart. Some human hair wigs are made even more natural by adopting 100% virgin hair and with baby hair to cover the potential unnatural hairline. Also, thanks to the fact that human hair wigs use 100% real human hair, it can be styled and restyled just like your own hair, and the color will only appear exactly the way it does as if you dyed your hair, and never looks fake, unlike synthetic colored wigs.

2. Cap Design & Naturalness

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There are many available cap designs for colored wigs, including lace part wigs, lace front wigs, lace wigs monofilament wigs, and full lace wigs. Among all the types, the monofilament wigs and lace front wigs are more commonly regarded as two of the most natural cap design of wigs. And among the two, lace front design is probably the most natural-looking wig cap constructions available. It is regarded as the most natural-looking wig construction for several reasons, one of which could be that the lace of wigs with this cap construction is largely hidden, which will make the lace itself extremely hard to be noticed.

Furthermore, the cap design enables its wears to style his/her wig freely without the need to worry that the wig edge will give away itself. Similarly, monofilament wigs can also provide a high level of naturalness. Wigs of this cap design will normally apply some edge-cutting material technologies, such as introducing materials like polyester or nylon micro mesh to obtain the ultimate natural looks of wigs. Beside the fibers of monofilament wigs are mostly hand-tied. This will not only gives an extremely natural look but enables its wearer to brush it in any direction they wish. Last but not the least, thanks to the material technologies applied, wig caps of this specific construction are a lot softer than those of other cap construction, and these caps are good for wears with sensitive hair or scalp.

3. Color & Naturalness

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People always wonder what colors of wigs will appear the most natural, and the answer depends on individual preferences. For those who look for natural black or blonde colors, the answer is relatively simple, just stick with those natural colors and meanwhile, consider other affecting factors then mentioned above and below. However, for those who are not fans of natural human colors, the colors burgundy and Ginger should almost definitely be considered. Ginger-colored wigs are gain increasing popularity through the high level of versatility that comes naturally with this color, this makes wigs of ginger color a great choice for people with different skin tones. The thought of going directly from your original hair color to ginger may be considered a daring choice and may raise concerns among some people.

However, with a proper plan to pair up colors that go well with ginger, you will certainly be looking great in your new ginger-colored wigs. Here is a brief guide to have you looking beautiful and feeling the most confident and natural you have ever felt with your ginger human hair wig on. In general, ginger wigs are a better choice for customers with fairer skin tones. The combination of a bright-colored outfit and a ginger-colored wig will make one look extremely natural. On the other hand, if you are one of those who do not possess a fairer skin tone, don’t worry, the burgundy-colored wigs will be a great choice to help those darker-toned skin owners with their hope to stay the most natural with wigs on.

4. Washing & Naturalness

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Even the best and most expensive wigs are quite vulnerable to dust and dirt, and once a wig becomes dirty, it will in no way looking natural. Therefore, washing techniques and procedures are of great importance in terms of helping wig wearers to stay in a natural look. Here are some of the most efficient washing techniques and a step by step procedure to help your wigs stay clean and tidy.

Firstly, you would need a sink of warm water, enough to soak your wig. Add some shampoo into the sink before putting your wig into it.

Secondly, pick your wig up from the inner side and by the middle, apply more shampoo if needed. Then gently and continuously squeeze and release the wig, turn the wig inside out and do the same(You may soak it back into the sink if the wig is squeezed out of water).

Now flush the wig for any leftover shampoo.

Depending on how dirty it is, your wig may need a second wash, in which case you need to repeat the previous steps.

Now wrap your wig with a towel to get rid of excessive water. Gently comb it with some conditioner and put it onto a dummy head, or a shelf, even better your head for it to dry naturally.

To sum up, Now the answer to questions like what kind of colored wigs look the most natural is hopefully much clearer. Whether a colored wig is natural or not can be affected by many factors, and it is largely dependent on personal preference. It is a time-consuming process when choosing the most natural wig, and it requires even more afterward works to maintain the level of naturalness.