How to Buy A Human Hair Lace Wig? – 2024 Guide

Using wigs to look different or hide alopecia is quite common these days. It is possible to carry a new hairstyle daily if you apply artificial strands of different styles and textures. You can surprise your friends and family by showing them your new and stylish look on different occasions. Many women feel that they look a doll if they use a wig for hairstyles. But this fact is untrue because it will give you a natural and beautiful look.

You can read more if you want to buy a stunning human hair lace wig. In the following write-up, we will discuss how you can buy a good human hair lace wig by considering various factors. If you follow all the tips, then you will surely choose the right one that matches your personality. Finding the perfect wig, which makes you gorgeous, is quite difficult. Let us discuss some important aspects in detail.

1. Length

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Wigs are available in three main lengths, i.e., short, medium, and long. Every person has a different choice when it comes to length. If you want to try different haircuts, then it is better for the long ones. The small ones are easy to manage, maintain, and style. In humid areas, short hair looks perfect because you will not feel hot.

2. Texture

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Wigs are available in different textures like straight, bouncy, curly, slinky, wavy, etc. Generally, natural hair wigs are smooth and silky. There is less risk of getting knots and tangles. It remains the same all the time but requires maintenance. Let us discuss different types of textures:

  • Straight: It is a common texture that many people prefer. It gives a sleek and well-manageable look. You can easily maintain it and do various hairstyles on it. Nowadays, straight hair is in fashion, and you can get an amazing look for the whole day.
  • Yaki Straight: If you want to have naturally straight hair, then you can consider this one. Yaki straight comes with little waves, which gives you a nice texture. You can get the micro kink because it is lightly steamed.
  • Kinky Straight: Many people choose straight hair with slight plump to get a bouncy feel. It enhances the volume and makes your head full of heavy hair.
  • Body Wave: If you want to get a perfectly natural look, then you can consider this texture. It looks like a wave pattern, which can easily fade in some washes. Many people prefer using this wig to get a natural appearance.
  • Loose Wave: It is a perfect option if you want bouncy curls. It gives a good volume by tight curls. The shape remains the same for a longer period.
  • Water Waves: If you are very busy attending meetings, parties, etc., then you can pick this texture because it is perfect for every occasion. The shiny curls give enough volume and give you a natural look.
  • Deep Wave: It looks like spiral waves because of tight curls. It comes with less shine and therefore, you can wear it on special occasions.
  • Curly: It is a bold hairstyle that a few women carry for various occasions. But it is the best one to impress all the people around you.

3. Colored or Dyed Wig

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You can also invest in dyed wigs of any color of your choice. The hair color on human hair looks quite natural, and therefore, it gives you an amazing look. If you are tired of using a wig of the same color, then you can easily change it. Many women who cannot change their hair color can use artificial strands to look gorgeous. The quality of dye may vary from one texture to another. You can experiment and get the desired look.

4. Consider the Face Shape

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You need to be quite picky when you are picking a wig as per your face shape. Different hairstyles look perfect on different face shapes. Let us discuss this in detail.

  • Oval: Any person with a well-balanced face can try out different hairstyles. You can buy wigs that are off your face and avoid the ones, in which hair is coming out in the front. The heavy bangs will also not look on you.
  • Round: The crown area of your head must have voluminous hair, and you should opt for the styles that are available with off-center parts. You should consider short-length wigs that pass your chin. Make sure that your face should not look round and wide when you wear artificial strands.
  • Square: Women with square face shapes can prefer short to medium length. The crown area must have voluminous strands with great height. You can prefer curls or waves, instead of straight.
  • Rectangle: Short or medium hair length is fine for the rectangle-shaped face. You can make your long face look short if you prefer wispy-banged wigs. Make sure that the sides are filled with hair. It will be better if you avoid long hair.
  • Heart: You can prefer a wig of chin length. A bob style will give a fuller look to people with a heart-shaped face. If you want to highlight your cheekbones and chin, then you must avoid short wigs.
  • Diamond: You can consider the short wigs to get an enhanced appearance of chin and cheeks. Most of the weight should present in the nape area.
  • Pear: People with wide foreheads and temples have a pear-shaped face. You must consider the one, which reduces the jawline and highlights the above face. You can buy long wigs to get a perfect look.

5. Cap Size

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The human hair is attached to a cap, which a person can wear over the head. You must measure the circumference of your head to know the right cap size. Make sure that the size is accurate to fit the wig properly. In some wigs, you can adjust the size and manage according to your comfort.

The Bottom Line

Buying a human hair lace wig is an easy task if you know how to do it. After following all the tips mentioned earlier, you will be able to choose the right one for you. There are plenty of options, but you will pick one which suits you better.