HYIP: Beginners Guide to High Yield Investment Programs

What is HYIP?

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a program that allows you to accumulate capital thanks to the contributions of classic Internet users. For user investors, HYIPs receive deposit interest based on the investment plans. The hallmark of HYIP is that interest is accrued daily (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). The percentage of interest can vary from 0.5% to 10% per day! But the best and safest option is 1-3% per day. It is 30-90% per month (more than the annual interest in the bank). The minimum HYIP contribution is generally between $ 1 and $ 20.

How do High Yield Investment Program make so much money?

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Trading in Forex is common, but it can also include developments in new technologies (know-how), antiques, petroleum, diamonds, alternative energies, gambling, and other high yield activities. But, like any high-income source, High Yield Investment Program is a very risky type of investment.

Is this the fastest, easiest way to make money? Where’s the catch?

There is a problem. HYIP, in the traditional sense, is almost gone. Most of the current HYIP (around 99%) is a financial pyramid scheme that doesn’t make money but claims to work. They don’t pay interest on the profits they receive. They pay on new deposits. Very difficult to distinguish between the financial pyramid and the real HYIP. Although new fields are flooded, HYIP-pyramid will regularly pay all investors. However, you can earn in HYIPs.

How to earn in HYIPs?

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When the scammer launches he spends his money on the website (hosting, script, design, advertising, etc.). The amount of the costs depends on the period during which will recover the costs. The administrator expects to receive more money than he spends, and until he achieves this goal, he will pay for all investors. In this time frame, you can gain HYIP.

Some programs run for less than a week and others for a year or two before they stop paying and become a scam. It is real to earn points, but you need to know how to choose the programs and what strategies to use for investing. Using the referral program and RCB will speed up the process of profit realization.

How big is the risk of losing money?

Just as great is the risk of losing money invested in the pyramid or the actual HYIP. In the first case, it all depends on the popularity of the project and the influx of new deposits. In the second case, commercial or other success. Even actual trading in Forex or poker can suffer losses, leading to the closure of the investment project. Despite the risks, the HYIP sector is becoming more and more popular each year.

What is High Yield Investment Program monitoring? Why is it needed?

Monitoring provides technical information on High Yield Investment Programs that helps investors determine whether to invest in HYIP. In addition, the monitoring indicates the current status of investment project payments and the regularity of payments. HYIP watchdog has an active deposit and receives payments like ordinary investors.

On this basis, the monitoring indicates the status of the payments. Monitoring accepts complaints from investors regarding High Yield Investment Program-related issues and provides recommendations to investors facing problematic situations. There is a voting function in the watch, where each investor can place an HYIP rating and leave a comment, which will see other watch users. Do click here for the best monitor.

Should I trust HYIP monitoring?

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Some monitors indicate that the payment status is not accurate. This is due to the fast dynamics on the Internet, and the frequency of payments received from High Yield Investment Program. Very often, the surveillance administrator is a single person who receives payment once a day. After receiving payment, any HYIP can stop paying before spending twenty-four hours for the next payment. Or the administrator of HYIP has stopped paying regular investors but only pays to monitor what happens often. If you don’t want to deposit after one HYIP closing time, you need to check the payment status on a few screens, read comments and payment proofs on the HYIP forums.

Is it true that the Observers do not invest their money?

Yes. Usually, funds for deposit provide administration. But maybe and exceptions, when the surveillance administrator is certain of profitability, he invests his own money. HYIP pays for monitoring services. Apart from evaluation, monitoring of support offer on forums, this means post-payment trials on HYIP forums and other advertising services. The administration of HYIP expects the costs of surveillance in the form of an influx of investors to be reimbursed.

How to deposit money in HYIP?

There are many electronic payment systems on the Internet. Some of them are anonymous, and others require full or partial identification. It is also possible to make contributions via a bank or a plastic card if the administration of HYIP provides for it. The most popular payment system for investing in HYIP is Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payoneer, Skrill, SolidTrust Pay, Payza, PayPal, and others.

How to become an investor in HYIP?

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You need to register for HYIP online and make a deposit through the electronic payment system. Remember to withdraw your profits every day. In addition, you must have an account in the payment system through which HYIP accepts deposits. How to save or add money to an account in any payment system that you will find on the Internet is a lot of information. Almost all HYIPs have an FAQ page, be sure to read it. There are answers to most questions about investing and withdrawing.

How to order RCB or send a SCAM report?

Relevant links can be found near each HYIP on the main tracking page. To receive RCB, you must comply with specific conditions on the order page. To submit a complaint, you must be an investor and actively contribute to the program. Be prepared. You have to provide account username and password for verification of pending withdrawals.

What advice would you give to an HYIP newbie?

  • Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Do not take credit or credit to invest in HYIP.
  • Don’t pursue high interest. The safest is 1-3% per day.
  • Don’t spend all your money on one HYIP. Divide the amount between 5 and 10. It will help you reduce the risk of loss.
  • Do not use your own referral link for multiple account registration. You will be blocked with no money refund.

Try to invest without the contribution. Just keep in mind or write the date and amount of the deposit in the text file. After closing HYIP, you can calculate the potential result and analyze it, correcting the HYIP selection criteria. Always read the forums. There are many discussions on HYIPs, various evaluation strategies, and criteria.

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