Getting Started in Poultry Farming: 9 Tips for Beginners 2024

There is good scope for initiating the poultry farming venture due to the massive demand for meat and eggs globally. With minimal investment, anyone can start this business. But having a purpose is not enough if you do not have know much about this business.

To initiate any venture, it is necessary to know all the in-depth details to move correctly. Many farmers or unemployed people living in villages are interested in starting this business. You must initiate researching well and gathering all the poultry equipment supplies.

A beginner must follow certain tips to make strategies for raising healthy birds and making a profit. There are several possibilities of mistakes that you must avoid. With enough information, you can easily begin your new venture and gain experience to make it successful.

1.  Breed Selection


Different types of egg-producing breeds are available. You must choose the one that produces more eggs and survive your location’s climate. You can consider Cobb 400 or BV 300 for better production of eggs along with meat. These breeds can survive in any season and have a low death rate.

You can consider other breeds that suit you well. But it must be a wise choice because your venture profit depends on your selection. Therefore, you must research and look for the perfect bird breeds you can keep on your farms.

2.  Prepare a Shed

You require a small piece of land to keep all the birds to feed and breed eggs. Building a safe and covered space, i.e., a shed, is important. Before you begin the construction, you must research the structure and direction of the shed. If you make it wrong, all your money will go wasted.

If your chickens are not covered properly, they can die, which is a massive loss for your venture. During winter, the shed should stay warm; in summer, it should be cool. You need to maintain the temperature for the proper egg production process. Maintain the height of the shed to avoid rainwater coming inside.

3.  Feed Management


For good egg production, it is important to feed chickens properly. Lack of nutrients in birds can make them suffer from diseases, which lead to death. You need to fulfill their nutrient requirement to avoid deficiency. You must buy good-quality grains and feed your chicken.

Maintain the moisture level, as an excess of it can cause fungus and ruin the quality of the grains. The more you focus on poultry health, the more you can get eggs and make more profit.

4.  Light Arrangement

Generally, it is important to provide enough light to chickens for laying eggs. It is important to provide light for 16 hours to chickens and 12 to 24 hours to chicks. Natural light is not available 24 hours, so you need to arrange them separately.

It is better to install colored lights like red, yellow, etc. These warm color lights will also help maintain the temperature of the farm. You must take care of additional light expenses as it is essential for your birds’ health.

5.  Proper Vaccination


To manage poultry health, it is important to provide vaccination timely. Proper vaccination will help strengthen their immune system, which is important for their health. They can survive in any condition and lay healthy eggs.

Vaccination is also vital for preventing diseases, and it needs to be done timely. You should set a proper schedule to avoid missing the right time for vaccination. Your venture will grow only when you take care of your birds’ health and hygiene.

6.  Water

The water supply in your farm must be clean and fresh. Consumption of clean water can save them from several diseases and build their immune system. In the case of hard water, bacteria can produce, which can be dangerous for your birds’ health.

It is better to install a RO plant to get fresh water. If hens consume clean water, they will produce more eggs, and no water-borne diseases will develop. The installation cost of a RO plant is nearly five to six lakhs and must have the budget.

7.  Sanitation


Whenever you begin the egg-laying process for the new batch, you must maintain sanitation. Every piece of equipment should be properly cleaned and sanitized to avoid infection or any disease.

The entire shed must be cleaned thoroughly. You must use the disinfectant after you wash everything completely. In the case of the firm floor, you must use iron brushes and do the cleaning with a formalin solution. But if the floor contains soil, you must remove a 2-inch layer of it.

8.  Gather Capital

When you estimate the overall cost of initiating this business, you must start gathering capital for it. When you have enough money for the business, then only you can begin. Many banks give loans to needy people, and you can repay them once you start the venture.

You can pay monthly installments to the bank or lender. Initially, you must keep a smaller number of chickens to reduce the capital required for starting this venture.

9.  Labor

When you start this business, it is better to keep 200 to 400 birds. You do not need labor to manage the hens. You can do everything on your own. In this way, you can save the labor salary and engage yourself in every activity.

Initially, it can be a tedious job, but you will get used to it. As your poultry farming business grows, you can add more birds to your farm and hire some staff to manage everything.

Final Thoughts

A poultry farming business is easy to start if you research everything you need and prepare for it. You need to make opportunities by getting into this field as early as possible. There is no need to wait and let any opportunity come to you.

Every business is risky to start, but you must work hard and keep doing your best. Slowly, your efforts will pay off, and you will make enough profit through your business.

Stefan Djuric
Stefan Djuric

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