Unleashing the Power of Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand and Earn Money

Making your own personal brand can be quite a lot of work, but it’s even more work to start making decent money from it. There are many different things that you can do to improve this, but one of the best options in the modern age is utilizing social media to the best of your ability. There are many different ways to do this so we’ll be covering some of them today and all of the tips that we believe you should know before trying any of this. Let’s dive into things.

Identifying Your Personal Brand

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Something that a lot of people skip over during tasks like this is a bit of introspection. It’s very important that you take a close look at your brand and identify things such as unique selling points, main characters, potential flaws to resolve, and anything else which may be of help to you when trying to sell your brand online. Being aware of yourself is incredibly important.

Good examples of successful branding in the online world is Maria Follosco for example. With almost half a million followers on instagram, she created a whole online world around her. And all from basically nothing!  You will also need to identify your target audience as it will be far easier to appeal to them if you are aware of who they are and what they are like rather than simply jumping into things blindly.

Building a Strong Social Media Presence

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To be able to sell your brand well you will need to have a strong social media presence. This not only means being on as many different social media platforms as possible but also making sure that you are giving it your all on each of the platforms that you use and avoiding putting out subpar content or anything which could reduce the odds of people trying your brand out.

Planning a solid content strategy will be a great step forward toward success and utilizing algorithms through hashtags and keywords is something that you should research and figure out completely.

Leveraging Social Media to Monetize Your Brand

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Now that you have a solid presence on different social media platforms you can actually start thinking about leveraging this in order to better monetize your brand. There are many different routes that you can take and the ones that are available to you will depend on your popularity and the kind of product/service that you are selling.

You can consider sponsored posts, collaborations, and affiliate marketing as pretty safe options. Crowdfunding is another popular alternative, but it can be quite a bit riskier than the other options we’ve listed so carefully consider it before you give it a shot.

Growing Your Social Media Following

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Just because you’ve gained a solid amount of followers and have monetized your online presence doesn’t mean you’re done yet. You still have the task of focusing on continued growth for as long as your brand exists.

A decent number of people opt for paid advertisements in order to reach more people, but don’t forget to interact with your current fans in order to build an image of an interactive community as that will also go a long way towards achieving your goal. If you build a strong community with what you have then it will be far easier to grow it later on than if you rushed things immediately so take it slow and try to improve what you have before going further.

Managing Your Personal Brand Reputation

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Once you’ve gone through all of the previous steps you will also need to be careful in order to manage your reputation. You don’t want to mess things up and cause people to hate you or gain a negative reputation for some reason. If you’ve previously built a strong community, interacted with it, and made sure that your fans understand these things then you won’t need to worry about this too much.

This is why we believe that some of these steps can’t be rushed or you run the risk of your community turning on you and suddenly having the general opinion of you plummet. That would be a disaster and it would certainly hurt you financially, especially in the long run.


Building your brand up, earning money from it, and growing your social media presence are all difficult things, but considering that they come together in a neat package you should think of them as one thing and focus on all of them at once to the best of your ability.

It’s very hard to accomplish one of these without putting some effort into the others as well. It certainly isn’t easy but it will be well worth it once you succeed.

Stefan Djuric
Stefan Djuric

My name is Stefan Djuric and I come from the town of Indjija. I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day, and I am fulfilled by its dynamic nature. In addition to my SEO career, I studied history at the University of Novi Sad. I also play drums in the pop/rock/funk band Dzajv, as well as in the thrash metal band Alitor, with which I have released two studio albums.