What To Do If You Get Stuck In The Sand – 2024 Guide

Are you planning a vacation in 2024? Then, you must try the best beach location in 2024. They fill you with love, nature, and fresh air and give you a feeling of serenity. Taking an off-road trip to the beach is an adventure on its own. Though, it can get tricky when your 4WD vehicle gets stuck in the sand. No one likes this feeling, and driving through dry sand is still fine. But when the sand is muddy and wet, it is a tiresome process. And if you get stuck, it can take a lot of hard work from your side to get your vehicle out of the sand.

When this happens, you have two options. Either ask for road-side assistance or do it yourself. And you can get your stuck vehicle out of the mud if you carry the principal essential tools for 4WD recovery with you on your road trip. Here are the ways to get your car unstuck from sand.

This article focuses on getting your vehicle out of mud/sand. It doesn’t talk about getting your wheels when stuck in the desert sand.

Ways to get your car out of sand/mud

1. Let the air and gas out

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The first thing you should do to unstuck your car out of sand is to let the air out from the tires. Drop the pressure as low as you can, so you can use it on the pavement. Doing this will increase the footprint of your tire. It will ensure that it stays afloat over sand and not dig up a trench.

Also, remove your foot from gas because if you keep pushing the pedal, it may spin the tires, which will dig your vehicle deeper in the mud. Remember not to thrust on the gas pedal to power through the sand before assessing the situation. Only when you are aware of the whole situation, you will be able to take the correct steps.

2. Use the traction mats

If you are carrying (you must!) a traction or floor mat, put them behind the car’s back tires. Try to back up gradually to get unstuck. If that doesn’t work, it is time to get other bad boys like a shovel and maxtrax out to get you out of this situation

3. Use a shovel to get the car out

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If the sandpits are deep, you will need extra elbow grease to unstruck the car. For that, use a shovel and dig up the front of the tires. Create a path in front of each tire that spreads over a few feet. Also, clear the sand from underneath the vehicle and then try to drive the car out. When the sand is less, the resistance for the same will be less as well.

4. Lay the mats again

Now, try laying the mats again and then drive away slowly. Do not hit the brakes and gas at this time.

5. Try maxtrax

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Carrying this essential recovery gear for a 4WD vehicle is imperative because this modern tool can double as a shovel and aid you in extracting your car out of the mud. Since a 4WD automobile is heavy and lifting them to get them out of sand is high-risk, maxtrax is the perfect solution. Check auswide4wd.com.au for more information.

They use nylon which is UV stabilized and can withstand high pressure without sinking.

Packing them for your trip is not a problem as it is light-weight and compact. Here is how you can unstruck your car using Maxtrax:

  • First, use the shovel or underside of the traction board to clear off any debris.
  • Now, put the maxtrax firmly under the boards by ensuring that the correct teeth side face upwards. Ensure that you insert it at an angle that gives you the best chance to unstuck your car. It will ensure that as your car moves along the board, it rises out of the ground.
  • Gradually move the vehicle along the board by shifting to low-range gear. Now, tires will slowly start to grip the maxtrax, which will pull them under the vehicle, giving them a chance to unstuck.
  • Make sure to keep a steady and slow pace while mounting on the boards. If you move fast, it will spin the tires, leading to friction which will result in heat that can melt the boards. It will only dig you further in the sand.
  • Once you are sure that the tires are holding on the board tightly, you can continue moving to get out of the ground.
  • If you spun the tires after getting stuck in the car, try a different way to strap the maxtrax underneath the tires. In this case, you will have to lift the automobile a bit to have a clearer view of putting the maxtrax underneath the tire. It is best to use an exhaust jack as it is the safest way to lift a 4WD car.
  • After you get the car out of the hole, stabilize it and after that, pull the maxtrax out. To do that, tug the leather straps on the maxtrax, and they will come out of the ground. Clean them and load them in the truck.

With the help of this modern tool, you do not require any other gears, like winches or straps, or other vehicles to pull you out of the ground. It is a simple but effective tool. Make sure to invest in a maxtrax, an innovative tool from Australian off-road fanatics. It is pricey, but as we mentioned above, you do not need other recovery gears if you have this, and it is durable as well.

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6. Call for assistance

If you cannot use maxtrax or any other tool to unstuck your car from mud, the last thing to do is call roadside assistance. That is the best thing to do if you are unsure how to use these tools safely.
These are the few ways to get out of beach sand or mud. Still, it would not hurt to read on to tips to drive safely on sand so that you are not in a situation where your car gets stuck in the sand. Keep these tools and other tire-recovery kits and gears handy when going for an off-road trip and enjoy a fun vacation.