Game of Chance or Game of Skill – Understanding Poker 2024

The majority of the population thinks that poker is a game of chance or Luck. If there was to be voting on it, 80% of the population would vote it as a game of luck. It is a rookie’s fault considering this game under gambling as most of the online money games are chance-based.

So, first and foremost let us understand the meaning of Gambling and Game of skill to have a clearer vision on this.


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When some amount is wagered for any unpredictable outcome to win more than the wagered amount, it comes under betting which is also known as Gambling. However, When your outcome is dependent on a chance and the money is wagered on an event/game with an uncertain outcome, then it is a Game of Chance. Examples of which are Lottery games, Dice and Roulette, etc. Hence, Gambling is purely based on chance as the outcome is reliable on unpredictable chance only.

Game of Skill

If you play poker regularly, you would be familiar with the term Game of Skill or Skill-based game. Any game that involves some sort of skill or strategy to win is categorized under the Game of Skill. Since Poker demands to utilize your arithmetical and psychological skills to compete with the opponents in the game, we can call it a skill-based game. So what are you waiting for, start playing today on Adda52, India’s No.1 Poker Site!

Game of chance Vs Game of Skill.

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When you get into the game and learn to play poker, It becomes very important to understand the difference between a chance and a skill-based game. Opponents and results play a major role in defining both, a game of chance or a game of skill.

There are two key elements to define this:

1. The Opponent(Robot or Human)

It is crucial to know to differentiate between the game of skill and game of chance that, who the player is playing against. If the player is playing against the house, it is a chance-based game. On the other hand, if playing against other active players, it is a skill-based game.

2. What it takes to win

If your outcome to win is dicey and based on the luck factor, it is a chance-based game. In contrast to this, If your winning is purely based on your strategies, and skills, it is a skill-based game.

For a longer run, professional poker players have understood poker as a game of skill and not a chance-based game. However, luck is an added factor when you are playing card games for the short term only.

Playing Poker is Legally Approved.

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Convincing your peers is easy, but that is not the case with a legal panel. There were many hearings held to describe poker as a game of skill and get it legalized in India. As per the Supreme court of India, it is illegal to play games of chance within the boundaries of the country. They stated that offering games of mere skill is a fundamental right under the constitution of India and cannot be prohibited from playing.

However, Gambling is a subjective matter to a state and therefore different states have a different take on this. Few states such as Telangana, Assam, Gujarat, Orissa, and Sikkim are exempted to play poker due to their state legislations.

Is the game of skill allowed in every state?

The Answer is No. Regardless of whether individuals can bet on rounds varies for every state individually. It is a subject matter to the state. Moreover, the significance of the component of ability in deciding the lawfulness of a game depends on the state court and law. A few states necessitate that aptitude is the central factor in the result of the game. Different states just require just that there be some limited quantity of aptitude engaged with the game. All things considered, few states are still not convinced of the fact of skills involved in the game. Hence, the game is not played in the states such as Telangana, Assam, Gujarat, Orissa, and Sikkim.

Understanding the Games of Skill and Games of Chance in Depth.

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The games of skill are generally associated with the Rounds of ability whereas the games of chance are completely dependent on the rounds of chance. Both the terms do not have a noticeable difference but the outcome is fairly based on the skills and chance. Periodically, a game will have components of both possibility and expertise. Regardless of whether it is a round of possibility or a round of aptitude will regularly rely upon which component is the prevailing element in deciding the result of the game. Expertise or skill can incorporate any of the following accompanyings:

  • A scholarly or created capacity
  • Methodology, or strategy
  • Physical coordination or quality
  • Specialized skill
  • Information on the methods for achieving an undertaking

Some Common Games of Skill which are legally allowed in India includes Certain games, for example, gin rummy or mahjong, Pool, Darts, Dream sports classes, etc

Wagering the amount of money in the above-mentioned games is found to be legitimate as approved by the Honorable supreme court of India.

Poker is a game of Math and Odds

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So how do you actually take advantage of bad players and enhance your skill? Well, it is not puzzling at all.

It is quite simple to use basic arithmetics and calculate the odds at a poker table.

For amateurs to understand, here are a couple of thumb rules to keep in mind while at a poker table:

1. Scoop a huge amount from the pot where you have an advantageous hand and vice-versa.
2. Bluff when needed. Bluffing is another key psychological element to keep in mind while playing poker. Reading your opponent’s hands and game pattern plays a vital role in your winning.

While it is still debatable in some parts of the world about the legalization of poker, it is established by the legal agencies and courts as a skill-based game, earning of which are legal. So what are you waiting for, start playing today on Adda52, India’s No.1 Poker Site!