Gambling Safely at Online Casinos – 2024 Guide

You might think that if you sign up to gamble online, your money and all your personal details will be secure. What responsible gaming site would want to lose you as a customer? After all, you are one of the many thousands of customers who help them make their money, so you would think it is in their best interests to make sure they protect you.

Of course, responsible gambling sites take as many precautions as they can to protect you, but in the modern technological world where hackers seem to find a way to bypass security measures, you should always be cautious about which online casinos you play at. Of course, in most cases, you won’t have your account compromised. Reputational damage is hard to overcome, and casinos work hard to ensure your safety.

So, how can you gamble safely at online casinos?

Do your research


It’s never a good idea just to sign up at gambling site without doing some exploration first. There are scam sites that seem to offer good deals and bonuses. Sometimes, it can be tricky to spot them, so here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

  • Time in business: The length of time a casino has been in business is not a guarantee that it’s trustworthy, but it’s a useful starting point. You can explore a site’s history and use that to start to make a judgement.
  • Reputation: Find out from reviews and forums what other players think of casinos you are considering signing up with. If you get generally positive feedback (there will always be people who have negative things to say for whatever reason), that’s another positive point in the casino’s favour.
    The fairness of the games: Gamblers know that the house usually wins in the end, but they don’t mind as long as the games are fair. It’s worth checking to see if they have been tested for fairness.
  • Payment procedures: When you’ve got money in your online account, especially after a big win, what are the arrangements for you being paid? Find out how quickly a casino will pay you, and through forums or reviews, see if players have experienced any payment problems.
  • Licensing: A casino that doesn’t have a licence could mean trouble, but if they do have one, research who gave it to them and if the issuer is a trusted source. Also, check on who oversees the operator and what jurisdiction they are in.

All you are doing here is effectively conducting a job interview, looking to find someone you can trust and that will offer you a great gambling experience. The forums and reviews are a good start for information, but you can also investigate the casino’s terms and conditions to determine how they handle bonuses and when they process payments. You can check blacklists of casinos as well, so you can eliminate them from your research. At Bitcasino, we clearly display all our information so it’s easy for you to find and easy to understand – transparency is, afterall, the best way to secure trust.

The best way to keep yourself as safe as possible is to research multiple sources. It may seem to be a bit of hard work to start with, but if it saves you from being scammed, it’s sensible to take that time.

Use your common sense


Gambling can be a hugely enjoyable leisure activity, and you really can bet on anything nowadays – football, horse racing, baseball, cricket – basically any sport played competitively. Over the past few years, gambling at online casinos has grown enormously, mainly because you can do it by just using a computer and an internet connection. It’s so easy, that’s why it is so popular. There is also a wide range of games available, including slots, poker, baccarat, roulette and craps. The gaming world is your oyster.

When you decide to sign up, there are a few things you can do to ensure you can gamble safely and, really, they’re just common-sense procedures.

  • Don’t use public computers. Would you use a public computer for your online banking? You probably would not, so it’s best to avoid them for gambling. If you don’t have any other option, ensure that no one can see any sensitive information, such as your login details, credit card numbers and the like. Always think of your online safety if you must use a public computer, and make sure you don’t leave a trail that someone could follow.
  • Use strong login information. Every IT expert hammers on about regularly changing your passwords for all sites where you need a login. So, do you? Once again, you may not. It’s a hassle, and nobody’s going to guess my password, you think. Well, here’s a heads up – hackers are particularly good at stealing passwords, especially if they are not very strong. Make your gaming passwords long and complex, using upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols, Write it down, and keep it in a safe place. Don’t save it to your computer or another electronic device, not even to a phone. If you lose your phone, you’ve lost your password. Also, never save anything on a public computer!
  • Have more than one bankroll. If something goes wrong with your online casino and all your money is on deposit with them, you’ll lose everything, so think about diversifying your bankroll or keeping a little less of your funds online. Things can go wrong, and governments may sometimes intervene to ban a specific site, so protect your money as best you can.

Explore using cryptocurrencies

At Bitcasino, we have taken the lead in security measures for our clients and only deal in cryptocurrencies. Because every transaction is secured with blockchain technology, you can enjoy an extra level of security, as the casino does not hold your details on its central server. That means that, should they be hacked, there is no record of your financial or contact details, and it would take much more than that for hackers to actually get hold of your funds. With cryptocurrencies, security always comes first.

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