Gadgets, Apps & More: 8 Tech Developments Made to Ease Your Student Life – 2024 Guide

Heading off to college today is slightly different than before. Among the necessities you pack, now there is also a long list of electronic devices that are specifically designed for students. Whether you live in a dorm or are attending online courses, technology is an inevitable part of today’s campuses.

Apart from the laptop and phone, you are looking at some of the coolest tech developments that can assist you in learning as well as managing your student life. These gadgets allow you to easily buy an essay from to shine in your grades or turn up the volume to throw a dorm party quickly. If you are looking to upgrade your tech, here are our top picks.

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1. Anti-Theft Backpack

Your backpack is likely to have the items you most commonly use and rely upon the most. Students are often stripped of cash, and losing gadgets that cost them a fortune can be devastating. The solution to that is spending a bit more, but on a backpack. Consider it an investment.

The anti-theft backpacks come with splashproof construction and YKK zippers making it difficult for others to access your bag’s contents. There are also secret pockets and locking zippers as well. If you are traveling somewhere, you can also connect your backpack to other luggage with built-in steel cables. This will ensure that it would not be possible for anyone to take your bag and make a run for it.

2. Tile Stickers

Do you keep misplacing your keys, phone, and earbuds? Worry no more, an invention we have all been waiting for is finally here. Tile stickers is a genius invention that is perfect for people who can never keep track of their belongings. It’s especially relevant for those living in a dorm, where items get misplaced all of the time.

These handy stickers can be attached to any item of your choice and connected to your phone with Bluetooth. With just a few taps on your phone, you can find out where you left your things. Tile Stickers are available in forms of tabs, keychains, and stickers that can be stuck on to any surface or kept inside your wallet.

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3. Portable Battery Packs

Electronic devices are our constant companions these days. However, their battery lives seem to be shortening as new models come by. With a portable external battery pick with you, you will no longer have to run out of battery ever again. The latest models come with integrated cables, protective pouches, and budget-friendly options as well.

Depending on the number of gadgets you carry around, you might need less or more battery power. If it’s just your phone, you canmake do with some of the cheapest options. Besides, the smaller the battery, the less it weighs.

4. Portable Folding Keyboards

Laptops are all about convenience, but when you are working on a desk, it is best if you mount it on a stand on your eye level. However, this solution also requires you to use an additional Bluetooth keyboard. The portable folding keyboards are the ideal solution as you can carry them around with a foldable stand to convert any table to a proper desk. These are also more suited for your fingers with the compact size instead of the conventional keyboards that have taller buttons.

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5. Heated Travel Mug

Move over takeaway coffee mugs. Now, with a heated travel mug, you can make sure that you never run out of caffeine. With technological advances, travel mugs have made way for portable heated mugs that allow you to control your coffee’s temperature from an app on your phone. You will always have a supply of fresh, hot coffee throughout the day, or if you would prefer a lukewarm cup that is right for the mood.

If needed, you can even make a beverage on the go! Just heat some water, add the coffee or tea and enjoy it!

6. Wake-up Light Alarm Clocks

After a long night, the last thing you want to hear is the shrieking noise of an alarm, on the phone, or from a clock. So why not replace it with a soothing light that will slowly brighten up your room. The concept is simple; the light replicates the effect of sunrise by gradually emitting light for thirty minutes before your wake-up time. You can adjust the light setting to control the emission time as well. Some wake-up light models with white noises and other sleep sound to make your bedtime more soothing.

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7. Laptop Trays

We have all curled up on the bed at weird angles, risking our back, just to be comfortable with a laptop. A laptop tray with a cooling fan can make lying down easier for you. It will eliminate any risk of overheating the computer while adding convenience to maintain your posture. You can adjust the tray height to align the laptop screen with your eye level as well. The trays also come with USB slots, which allows you to charge your laptop or use it as extra slots to charge your phone.

8. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Never underestimate the need for a good pair of noise-canceling earphones to transform a busy space into a quiet study room. Being a student, this is one of the inevitable gadgets you need. Even in your dorm, you might need to cancel out any unwanted sounds if your roommate is there. Invest in decent headphones, and you will thank yourself throughout your campus days.

Being a student is far from being an easy task. Thanks to these cool gadgets, you can navigate through campus days with a bit more ease. Are you already in college or preparing for one? Don’t forget to add these to your shopping list right away.

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