14 Tips How To Find A Nerdy Girl To Play Dota 2 With – 2024 Guide

If video games are the key event of your day, but this company isn’t enough for you, maybe it’s time to go out into the real world. If a nerdy girl who likes to play Dota 2 is what you are looking for, read this article to learn tips on how to find her.

History knows many examples of productive online dating, and in our digital age, it is foolish to neglect such a valuable resource as the Internet. Friendly communication in the comments under the stream of the game, a couple of likes of her photos – and, you see, everything will turn out well. The main thing here is not to overdo it. If you go too far, a girl might think you’re stalking her.

1. Use dating sites

For shy guys, there are apps and online dating sites. Romancecompass.com is one of them. In our time, real-life can cause discomfort. On the Internet, you know for sure that a girl is interested in the same thing as you – this applies not only to relationships but also to hobbies. However, online dating has a disadvantage. The longer and better you chat, the more difficult it is to transfer communication to real life. You have already built an image of a girl in your head, and she certainly doesn’t look like a living person. Therefore, when you get in a trap of non-verbal information (facial expressions, movements, voice), it is hard to connect it with the invented image. So, ask her to go out as soon as possible.

2. Look for a girl in school, work, etc.

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If you are looking for someone there, you will find many common topics that you can talk about.

3. Explore local stores that specialize in selling video games

Both buyers and workers can be potential girlfriends. Also, try to visit local events in your city.

4. Watch her behavior

Notice what she does, who her friends are, and what she talks about. Try to learn as much information as possible because those things you know will come in handy later.

5. Start talking about her interests

Act like you know what she’s talking about.

6. Don’t be afraid of her

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Be confident. The conversation should be short so that you could avoid potential awkwardness.

7. Greet her next time you meet

If she’s happy to see you, come and talk to her again. Even if she smiles shyly, and you’re not sure whether she’s interested in you, anyway, come and talk to her again. Most likely, she doesn’t know how she feels about you, and if you talk to her more, it might change her mind in your favor.

8. Spend time together

You can do whatever you want, but it will be better if you offer her to play Dota 2.

9. Don’t be afraid to win

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If she likes to play video games, play with her and don’t be afraid to win. But from time to time, let her win so that she feels confident and comfortable with you.

10. If you think she’s still interested in you, ask her to go out

Don’t do anything romantic before she’s comfortable spending time with you as a friend. Find out her mood by flirting with her a little. If she doesn’t mind, then try to hug her.

11. Go on a real date

It may sound like something serious, but if you have already spent time with her several times, then she has an interest in you. Cook dinner and watch movie (and let her choose a movie). But it will be better if you play video games. You both like it, right?

12. Make her feel happy

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If the date goes well, let your intuition guide you in what your next physical steps will be. Make sure you take your time and she is happy with what is happening.

13. Ask her what she thinks is going on

If she says you’re doing well, then you really do the right things and you are already halfway to asking her to be your girlfriend.

14. Don’t rush

Find a quiet, slightly romantic place. It will increase your chances that she will agree.

The Characteristics of Gamer Couples

The love relationships around the world are more or less the same. They have the same concerns, problems, activities, and daily routines. However, if you are a gamer, then you are probably looking for something different from that. Gamer couples are different from others because of many reasons. There are certain characteristics of gamer couples you should know about. In that way, you will clearly see if finding a nerdy girl to play Dota 2 with you is the right choice or not.

Their First Contact Is Different

In the world of advanced technology, people usually get in contact via social media. For instance, one guy follows the girl he likes on Instagram. He would feel more comfortable sending her a message there. Yet, people that like to go outside and visit different cafes, clubs, and restaurants would try to start a conversation in those places. That is a braver move that many people (men and women as well) hesitate to make.

However, things with gamer couples are different. They often connect over the games they play. Still, there is one thing male gamers should know. The number of female gamers is not big. Because of that, you need to understand that competition is usually tough.

Different Habits from Other People

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Gamers have different approaches and habits compared to “basic” couples. They do not have the desire to spend time in parks, clubs, and restaurants. Instead of that, both partners would gladly spend their free time at home playing games. Logically, they often play in the same team as their partner. It is some sort of entertainment and romance that most people would not understand.

Different Problems In a Relationship

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This is probably the best possible reason why finding a nerdy girl or boy is a smart move. “Normal” couples usually have relationship problems because of some personal things. For instance, these problems are usually associated with jealousy, cheating, etc. Things with gamer couples are a lot different than that which is a great thing. We can say that gamers are more loyal people, and they are not willing to cheat or be jealous. Instead of that, their main problem would be how to pass the level, defeat the enemy, improve gaming skills, etc.

They Establish a Trusty Relationship Faster than Others

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There is one thing that you can hear people saying often. They will tell you it takes time to start having trust in your new partner. That way of thinking is probably good because a high level of trust can sometimes disappoint people. Yet, in some cases, people do not have the freedom to express their emotions or talk about private problems with their new partner.

Gamers are, once again, different here. Their level of trust is based on the games they are playing together. More precisely, they start to function as a team from the first moment. Because of that, playing Dota 2 with your girl is going to be a good way to become close to her. Indeed, things in the real world are different and more complex compared to playing games. However, things are going to be much easier for both partners when they know they can count on each other from the very beginning.