16 Interesting Facts to Know About Famous Las Vegas Slots

Las Vegas is popularly known as the casino capital of the world and is also named the sin city. One of the major fun activities that tourists visiting Las Vegas get to enjoy is gambling at the exotic casinos that the city has to offer. It has numerous casinos and the slot games here have earned great fame over the years. Also, a popular phrase goes through our minds as soon as we hear about Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Vegas is one of a kind city, and it has one of the best casinos for passionate gamblers. Check here, if you are looking for the most popular casino games.

Even if someone does not like playing casino slots much, they will definitely enjoy the casino slots of Vegas. The city offers non-stop entertainment activities for all its tourists. You will be surprised to know that Vegas is home to 45 casinos that are situated in the main area of this city. There are several other facts related to the Vegas casinos that people are still not aware of.

Today, in this article, we share a few fun facts about Vegas casinos that gamblers should know when they are visiting casinos here.

The slot machines are the backbone of all the operations held in the casinos of Las Vegas. Although not every slot played by a gambler turns in their favor, still, they play in hope of hitting the next jackpot.

Casinos are very popular in Vegas and so there are several fun facts that people usually do not know about.

A Few Facts to Know About Casino Slots in Las Vegas

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  • As of 2017, there were a total of around 9,700 machines that contain individual slots in downtown Vegas. This figure was disclosed by the NV Gaming Control Board Revenue Reporting.
  • As of 2017, the individual casino slot machines in the strip area of Las Vegas were around 38,700 as per the NV Gaming Control Board Revenue Reporting.
  • Since the RNG of the casino games are unpredictable and is completely random, every spin played is considered a separate event. The machines do not go cold, to win the money back which is already paid by the machine. The odds of the player slots are similar in every spin.
  • The result of the slots played in modern machines are inferred by the RNG (Random Number Generator). It is shown when the lever of the slot machine is either pulled or the button is pressed for the spin. On the screen, the reels shift to the position which is already shown on the screen to match the outcome of the RNG. Numbers are kicked out by the RNG when the button is pressed for the spin, and a combination is locked, which determines the destiny of the gamblers. No rituals, or rubbing on the screen will work. In such a situation, all you need to do is push the button at the right time.
  • As per the report of the Gaming Abstract, casinos in the strip areas of Las Vegas made a whopping revenue of $105 per room each day in the year 2017.
  • The machines that you get to see in the casinos which often contain your favorite characters and shows are not owned by the casino itself. Rather, they rent such machines from the manufacturers on a deal that they will share a certain percentage of revenue generated through the machine, from the players.
  • Building an empire using the money earned through gambling is becoming easy with every passing year. The win rate of casinos is increasing every year at the casinos located in non-restricted areas.
  • People under the age of 21 are not allowed to gamble in Las Vegas, and parents can walk in with their children inside the casino but they are not allowed to linger in and around the casino.
  • If you are a novice in gambling and have come to gamble in Las Vegas for the first time, then you will be granted leeway. It is recommended to play games at tables that have smaller stakes.

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  • Las Vegas casinos are famous for providing world-class entertainment and they also feature over-the-top displays.
  • Recently, Las Vegas has added some elements to their casino keeping families in mind. Some feature animal facts, whereas some have gymnastics in multiple casino complexes.
  • Payback of the slot played is responsible for determining the chances of winning of a player. The probabilities of winning while playing slots is also inferred by the payout percentage of the slot machines.
  • Some slot machines in these casinos offer bonus rounds for fun. Generally, the bonus rounds offered have something to do with the theme present in the machines. Hence, do proper research before choosing the theme. They often offer a broad range of themes to choose from.
  • The biggest jackpot was once won at Las Vegas itself. A software engineer aged 25 years who hailed from LA won the biggest jackpot in 2003, and it paid back megabucks. He had initially invested $100 in the slots games and didn’t require reloading the slots, since he hit the jackpot soon after that.
  • The jackpot won in different slots is awarded to the gamblers in several ways. Some may reward the gamblers with money, or some rewards them with bonus rounds to play. Hence, the jackpot rewards vary according to the different slots played.
  • The prices offered by the slot machines to its players are not always transparent. However, as a gambler, if you understand the concept of random number generator and payback, you will be able to perform better while playing such slots.

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People enjoy gambling, and it is the favorite pastime of people, especially when in Vegas. Casinos offer full-package entertainment in terms of sightseeing, relaxation, and a fun way to earn money. With overwhelming choices available in this city, people find casinos as one of the most appealing activities over others. However, if you are a novice, you may find such games a bit confusing, but getting started with smaller slots will help you enjoy the game thoroughly.