10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Cheap Weed

Every weed consumer wants value for their money. After all, we spend a significant part of our budget purchasing weed. It sounds prudent to buy cheap cannabis because it helps save money for purchasing more weed.

As prudent as it may seem, there are many shocking facts about cheap cannabis. It’s wiser to source your cannabis products from Get Kush or other reliable vendors. In this guide, we’ll look at ten facts every weed consumer should know about cheap weed. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether cheap weed is good or bad for you.

1. Overstocking Prompts Weed Dispensaries To Discount Their Products

A weed harvest may sometimes exceed a grower’s expectations. The scenario shifts the balance between the overall demand and supply of weed products. Weed dispensaries find themselves with a surplus of products when an unexpected overproduction occurs. Consequently, they have to discount the price of their products to move them faster. Some dispensaries even sell their products at low prices to clear their stock.

2. Cheap Weed Has Low THC Content

THC potency affects weed prices. The more potent a weed strain is, the more costly it is and vice versa. That means less potent strains can sit on shelves longer. Dispensaries will usually offer discounts to move them faster. Sometimes they end up selling their less potent strains to unsuspecting shoppers.

3. Cheap Weed Has An Overall Poor Quality

image source: pixabay.com

Quality buds sell more while their low-quality counterparts sell poorly. The care given to a cannabis plant during cultivation will affect its quality and, ultimately, the final price. All cannabis plants need proper care to produce the best possible quality. Ideally, dispensaries spend massive resources to grow their crops. So what happens when the crops produce a poor quality harvest?

Dispensaries have no choice but to sell weed cheaply, at least to compensate for their loss.

4. It Doesn’t Adhere To Best Cultivation Practices

Consumers are increasingly becoming cautious of weed that isn’t grown through safe cultivation practices. They are now requesting organic cannabis from suppliers. Organically grown cannabis is way safer than inorganically grown weed. The latter exposes users to dangerous chemicals.

Such chemicals come from the inorganic pesticides and fertilizers used for growing inorganic cannabis. Organic cannabis is expensive since it adheres to best cultivation practices. Cannabis vendors hence sell their inorganic weed cheaper to dispose of the products to unsuspecting consumers.

5. It Doesn’t Produce Desirable Effects.

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Cheap weed has a low THC and terpene profile. Furthermore, it lacks crucial cannabinoids, unlike high-quality and expensive cannabis. Therefore, cheap cannabis can’t deliver desirable effects even at high doses.

6. Cheap Weed Has An Unpleasant Smell

Quality weed meets the highest possible cultivation and treatment standards. It hence produces a distinct pleasant aroma that distinguishes it from cheap weed. The latter smells awful because of low cultivation and treatment standards. The stronger and pleasant the smell is, the higher the quality of the weed strain. Cheap and low-quality weed has an unmistakable lousy smell.

7. It Has a Distinct Look

img source: grist.org

Cheap weed has a weird look. Its flowers are usually discolored due to exposure to pesticides, mold, and chemicals. Overly, cheap weed isn’t visually appealing as opposed to high-quality weed. Also, it doesn’t display an array of vibrant colors like its high-quality counterpart.

8. It Has An Unusual Feel

Pricey and top-shelf weed has a sticky and spongy feel. Cheap weed, however, has a brittle feel. Additionally, cheap weed crumbles when handled. Ideally, quality weed should be completely dry and thus can’t crumble easily.

9. Fake Product Details

Cheap weed products don’t offer credible details on their labels. The suppliers and dispensaries behind these products know that they aren’t giving their best. Therefore, they tend to provide fake details on their products’ labels.

But the labels of quality weed products have credible and verifiable details. For instance, these labels provide the actual cannabinoids in the products. Furthermore, they provide the consumer with information about the terpene and cannabinoid profile. Most importantly, they indicate whether the product has any contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides.

10. Lesser-Known Brands Sell Cheap Weed

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Pricing is vital in any industry, including the cannabis industry. Upcoming cannabis brands are competing with other existing and well-known brands. They have to offer their cannabis products at cheap costs to get themselves out there.

Such brands know they can’t beat the big players in the industry. As a result, they sell their products at low prices. They aren’t concerned about the quality of their products. Instead, all they want is to make sales. On the other hand, popular brands don’t sell cheap products. They are intent on selling quality products even at high costs.


Cheap weed is everywhere today. Those who want to save money are becoming the biggest victims of cheap weed. We hope these ten facts about cheap weed have enlightened you and you know where to invest your money with health concerns in mind.