Armchair Buying Guide—Fabric vs Leather Armchairs

Shopping for your living room? There’s no question that an armchair is a wise investment any day of the week. From comfort and back support to timeless looks and being the ideal place to watch TV from, you’ll never regret it.

But, choosing between a leather armchair and fabric covered ones is a point of consideration you should properly pause at. Each household is unique and one type isn’t always better than the other. The summaries below will help you understand each category a little better.

Leather Armchairs

leather armchair

Impress visitors when a stylish leather armchair is a statement piece in your living room or even your office!

Main Features

Leather armchairs are often completely covered in one type and colour leather. This makes it an easy piece to add to a room, because you can style it and let it match with other décor and furniture by simply adding a pillow or throw.

There are different types of leather, so in a showroom you’ll see shiny and matt, different colours, thickness ranges and also a variety of grains.

Leather could change as time passes, but it doesn’t mean it’s deteriorating. Factors like light and general use can simply cause the colour to alter.

Although today’s innovations mean you can order leather armchairs in one of many different colours, the range isn’t as extensive as fabrics that come in many textures, colours and designs.

Benefits of Leather Armchairs

Some of the reasons why a leather armchair has become such an iconic feature in modern homes are:

  • It’s an extremely durable piece of furniture, so it will last you years and still look great as it gets older
  • If you use the right products, leather is fairly easy to clean
  • Leather gives a space a very elegant look
  • A leather sofa or armchair can easily fit in with many different décor styles, so your chair won’t look out of place if you redecorate in a few years

Taking Care of Your Leather Armchair

Leather care is a combination of preventative maintenance, such as not positioning the item close to a source of immense heat, like a vent. Also, some leathers don’t like sunlight.

Apart from that, regularly wipe down the exterior surface and do proper treatment with leather care products at least every six months.

Fabric Armchairs

fabric armchair


Have fun picking out an armchair when you have such a wide range of designs to pick from!

Main Features

With fabric armchairs being available in so many different fabrics, you get the benefit of an ultra-comfortable seat as well as an easy solution to making it work with the room’s look. Do consider features like back support and the density of the chair, so you optimise comfort and support.

Over time you may notice colour changes, brought on by body oils and sunlight.

Benefits of Fabric Armchairs

For some people, fabric armchairs are the best way to kit out their living rooms, because:

  • Compared to leather types, a fabric armchair will usually cost a little less, so it’s easier to keep to your budget
  • You can pick from a wide variety of colours, as fabrics are much more versatile in design than leather
  • Many people find fabric more comfortable than leather
  • Certain fabrics are very breathable, which is good news for people who sweat easily or live in warmer climates
  • In a colder environment, certain fabrics will be more inviting and feel cosy no matter the temperature

Care Guide for Fabric Armchairs

Your fabric armchair needs regular vacuuming or a brush down. You also need to guard against sharp objects tearing the fabric, so covering it for protection against pets’ nails is smart.

If there’s a spill on fabric furniture, blot immediately. Do not rub! Once it’s dry you can brush, using a soft bristle brush. Depending on the fabric and stain, you can try a stain remover and vacuum after drying, so the fabric feels plush again.

Fabric vs Leather: Important Points of Consideration

fabric vs leather

Scanning through the facts on each type, it’s clear that you’ll need to understand your own needs and viewpoints before you can say which type of chair you’ll prefer.

Yes, it’s easy to see that budget-buyers will most likely end up picking a fabric unit. However, you may not yet know if you prefer the cosy feel of fabric against your skin, or you want the smooth luxury of leather. This could require testing out furniture in a store, so you can compare.

Summing it Up

For many homes, there’s simply no better option than a new leather armchair that will stand the test of time. However, for your budget’s sake and if the room needs a very specific colour, fabric is the way to go. Lastly, don’t forget your personal preference, as people are very particular in whether they find leather or fabric the most comfortable.

Is it time now to head over to a furniture shop and try out a few, so you can double check what your preference is?

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