Top 7 Benefits of Using a Crawler Crane

The number one way to ensure safety and optimal productivity on your job site is to invest in the right machinery for the jobs required. With that said, cranes are some of the most effective and versatile pieces of equipment for a wide range of lifting needs.

It’s important to point out that there are many different types of cranes in the industry, each with its own purpose. Mobile and crawler crane hire has become the simplest way for project managers to secure the best lifting solution for a few day’s work.

How are Crawler Cranes Different to Mobile Cranes?


Many companies are resorting to mobile cranes because they’re easier to transport. However, it’s important to note that some job sites may require a crawler crane.

The most significant difference between a crawler crane and a mobile crane is that crawlers are mounted on crawler tracks. Mobile cranes, on the other hand, are mounted on trucks.

Crawler cranes are primarily used in the construction industry to lift and move heavy building materials. These cranes can also be used for erecting prefabricated structures. The mining industry also often uses crawler cranes to move large equipment around and even for digging trenches.

Significant Reasons to Consider Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are ideal for jobs on tough terrains or where there are demanding or difficult lifting requirements. Here are a few reasons why a crawler crane may be better suited to your project.

Crawlers Offer Increased Stability

The number one reason why people are opting for crawlers is their increased stability. Since they’re positioned on a set of tracks rather than wheels, they provide a lower centre of gravity over a wider support base. This increased stability makes it possible for a crawler crane to lift heavy loads without the risk of tipping over.

All-Terrain Mobility


Another major benefit is that crawler cranes boast all-terrain mobility. That means, courtesy of their tracks, they are able to travel over just about any type of terrain. This feature makes them the ideal option for use in and around construction sites situated on difficult terrain such as loose soil, mud, and gravel.

Furthermore, these cranes are often used in the early stages of construction when the area is in the process of being cleared.

It’s also easier to travel to off-road locations with this innovative machinery compared to some other equipment.

Greater Lifting Capacity

Since crawler cranes have greater stability, they’re able to lift heavier materials. Lifting capacities can range up to 3,500 short tons, making it easy to lift heavy steel beams often used in construction. These specs also mean it’s even possible to move materials around the site after lifting them.

Furthermore, many models feature a 300” boom that can be extended by an additional 300” jib. With this, the crane will have the power and reach to move material in hard-to-access areas. In addition, by using the jib, there’s no need to struggle to get the crane into narrow spaces. Work can effectively be done from a safe distance.

Crawler Setup is Quick and Easy

Construction jobs are bound by deadlines and time constraints. That said, project managers want machinery that doesn’t require extensive setup. Fortunately, crawler cranes require minimal setup once they reach the job site. Many rental companies also offer the services of a crane operator, which means work can begin as soon as the crane arrives.

Safe to Operate


Crawler cranes have extensive safety features that reduce the likelihood of accidents. The most significant safety aspects you can expect include:

  • A safety overload alarm lets the operator know when the load capacity is close to being exceeded
  • Turnover protection ensures that the crane is stable enough to not tip over
  • Advanced computer safety aids make it easier for the crane operator to perform all the operations safely and efficiently

Minimal Ground Pressure

Crawler cranes also offer significantly less ground pressure than most other types of cranes. For the most part, this is a result of their tracks that allow for weight to be distributed evenly.

This in turn makes them ideal for use in sensitive ground areas such as wetlands. Furthermore, it’s the perfect solution for construction company owners who want to do as little damage to the ground they work on as possible.


Since crawler cranes can easily be hired along with other equipment, using them is remarkably cost-effective. By renting the unit only when it’s needed, the user will save time and money.

Additionally, renting rather than buying means the expenses of maintenance, licensing and operations fall to the rental company.

Final Thought


If your project requires extensive heavy lifting or is situated in an off-road location with difficult terrain, then it’s a good idea to look into renting a crawler crane. With its stability and lifting capabilities, moving heavy items around just became a whole lot easier!

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