Accessorizing Your Dress ─ Expert Tips for a Flawless Bridal Look

Many people underestimate the importance of wedding & bridal accessories, but this is not the right approach. Wedding & bridal accessories are something that can add a bright accent to your look, convey a feature of your character, emphasize your natural beauty, etc.

Below we have collected several recommendations that will help you choose exactly the right accessories that will enhance your look, fit perfectly into the overall vibe of your wedding, and provoke a flurry of compliments.

  1. The dress is your base. When choosing accessories, start from it first. Pay attention to the fabric — is it quite simple or does it have a shine, maybe it is exquisite silk that shimmers. What color is your dress — snow white or ivory, champagne? What is the style of your dress — is it a simple dress with a universal style or is it something extravagant? Is there any decor on your dress — gemstones, openwork, embroidery? There is only one rule — the simpler the dress, the wider the range of wedding & bridal accessories you can style it with, and vice versa.
  2. The veil sets the style direction for your overall look. When we think of wedding jewelry & bridal accessories, we often refer to earrings, pendants, and bracelets, but we forget that the veil is also an accessory. It comes in a wide variety of styles. A veil with a long train will add royal charm and elegance to your look and is ideal for conservative ceremonies in old cathedrals. And it will look simply irresistible in the photo! A short veil is a more practical option, with it you will forget about discomfort. The perfect complement to a mini-dress, a good solution for an atmospheric party with your closest friends. Your look will stand out and be remembered by all the guests!
  3. Not the only classic — if you don’t like the veil look, add hair hoops, clips, etc. to your hairstyle. An exquisite tiara will make you a real queen of the wedding celebration, and a tender flower in your hair will add naturalness and ease to your look.
  4. Shoes also belong to wedding & bridal accessories. The material, heel height, color, and decorative elements of shoes place decisive accents in your look. A recommendation from our stylists ─ if you have a long dress, prefer more practical shoes that you will feel comfortable in. After all, your shoes may be completely invisible due to the length of the dress. However, if you have a short dress or one that shows your shoes, you should pay special attention to them. Firstly, pay attention to the color. If you choose light shoes, they should harmonize with the tone of your dress. The heel height should be comfortable and not restrict your movements. Closed-toe shoes will complement a conservative look well. If you are having a party on the beach or in the garden, feel free to choose open-toe heels — this will add playfulness to your look.

Yedyna Wedding Studios will not only help you choose the dress of your dream but help you to accomplish your look with stunning wedding & bridal accessories! Contact us to get more information about our collections and consult with our top-notch stylists!

Our mission is to help you shine bright like a diamond, so let’s start your journey towards your perfect wedding look right now!

Kantar Anita
Kantar Anita

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