How Can You Keep Your Ducted Gas Heating Unit Working Well Through Winter?

Winter is a time of the year where surviving without our heating systems can be challenging. However, it can be a lot harder to discover that the heating system installed in your home is not working correctly. This can be quite a hassle during the winter season. During this time, most of the maintenance companies are heavily occupied. That is why it is recommended that most repairs to your heating system are done during summer in preparation for the cold season. If not, you will end up suffering in a cold home unless you are willing to pay a large sum of money for repairs and maintenance or even replacement!

However, the good news is that there are vital tips on how to take care of your ducted gas heating system keeping it ready and standby before winter comes.


Essential tips on how to keep your ducted gas heater ready for winter

1. Quality maintenance and servicing

Most homeowners ignore this part a lot! Eventually, they realized it was worth it. Prevention is better than cure! Therefore, it is crucial to have your ducted gas heating system frequently checked by a licensed professional. This is mainly because, during servicing, the contractor might identify minor issues in your system and correct them before the whole ducted gas heating unit is affected. This will save you from repairs or even replacement of the entire system.

During the maintenance process, the technician checks on the air filters, clean or even change them. This is to ensure there is no debris in the return air grill that would have contributed to “dirty air” flowing in the house. Vents and ducts are also checked for any damage that would cause problems to the system in the future. This should go on until you are sure that your ducted gas unit is in top performance. Keep in mind that a properly maintained ducted gas system will provide a comfortable living environment for you and your family during winter. It will also save on your power costs because a correctly functioning ducted gas heating system consumes less energy. What better thing there is than having a warm home with quality clean air during winter?


2. Do not overuse your heating system

Just like any other appliance, the ducted gas heating system needs a break. Do not use your heating system all the time. Not that you shouldn’t stay warm when you want to, just don’t put your system under stress. Maintain your setting at a steady temperature like 22 degrees which is a comfortable office temperature. The more adjustments you make to your ducted gas heating system, the more stress the system tends to go through. Another tip associated with this is to turn on the unit early if you predict that the day is going to be cold. This ensures that you do not try to overwork the system trying to warm up the whole cold house in a short period. Visit ComfyHome Heating & Cooling to find out more!


3. Check out for warnings from the system

A heating system is bound to give out warning signs when a part of it is not functioning correctly. Just like human beings show illness symptoms, a ducted gas system will project warning signs which you should not ignore because they might lead to a more significant issue or total system breakdown. The system might be trying to inform you that maybe the vents, ducts, filters are not in their best condition. Some of these warning signs might include:


  • Unpleasant smells – smells like burning smells are also common in ducted gas heating systems that have an issue. This happens especially when you turn on the heater for the first time in the winter season in Melbourne. It is due to the accumulation of dust in the vents. If this smell lasts longer than a couple of hours after turning on your heater, call for assistance from a professional contractor because it might be more than just dust in the vents.
  • Weak airflow – this might be due to clogging in the vents or ducts, and it should be checked asap.
  • Loud noises – a ducted gas heating system is made in a way to operate quietly. So, when you start hearing odd loud noises when you turn it on or off, it is time to call a maintenance company to check it out and repair it.
  • Increased power bill’s– this is a sign that your ducted gas heater is not working correctly. It may be a thermostat issue making the heater pump harder and longer hence the rise in your electricity bills. If not, it may be another issue that a professional should check out before it accelerates.
  • Temperature adjustment – the temperature of a ducted gas heating system should be adjusted either at the beginning or end of the day. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to keep on changing the temperature, then clearly, this is a sign you should have your heating system checked. Ignoring such a problem might mean the most costly repairs or replacement of the whole ducted gas system.
  • Poor quality air – a ducted gas heating system has filters that purify the air flowing in the house. However, this can be short-lived when the filters clog or have not been changed for a while. When you notice the air circulating in your home is not as clean as before, change the filters or call for professional help.
  • Continuous cycling – the cycle of the heating system turns off when it reaches the desired room temperature. If your ducted gas heating system continues to warm up the air in your room or has very short breaks in the cycles, something is wrong, and professional help is needed because it might be due to a failed compressor.

It is essential to have your ducted gas heating system ready for winter. There is nothing as frustrating as a dysfunctional heating system in your home during the cold weather.