How to Drive a Car – Manual & Automatic – 2024 Guide

Getting a driving license is easy for experts. However, when you know the right method and right tips, you can get a P1 license. Even though you might be a pro, you can follow some simple tips to upgrade your permit. You begin with a learner’s license and then apply for P1. With time during the gap, you can learn some easy steps to clear the driving test in the first go. You can get some valuable information on, if you are preparing to upgrade the driving ID. 

Take the HPT Test for better performance: 

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HPT (Hazard Perception Test) is a test that people in the United Kingdom have to take to acquire a driving license. The analysis gets conducted to check whether or not a candidate can detect developing situations. The test includes practice related to changing direction and speed. 

When you need to get a P1 license, you can start by getting the HPT handbook. Nonetheless, you require to take up the tests, but you can always start with getting familiar with the concept and pattern. The knowledge that you get from the book will enhance your confidence to pass the test in one go. 

You can give the test any time as there is no limitation on the number. There are no specific chances to appear for the test. However, why not clear it at once and get your P1 license? You have the option to practice the Hazard Perception Test through various online portals. You can see your efficiency and then when you are ready, give the real test. You need the right platform and guidance to clear the test sooner. No matter what level of skills you have, sometimes a small mistake can make you lose confidence. 

With the perspective that you take up the P1 test, we will take you through some of the best tips to drive a car. Firstly, we will discuss the manual car driving guide and then take you through the tips for driving the automatic four-wheeler. 

Manual car driving guide: 

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A car with a standard gearbox is typical as people have been driving a manual car for ages. With the emergence of automatic gearboxes, it seems that manual ones are coming to an end. These cars come with an accelerator, gear, and clutch. It is the ABC of driving that everyone must know before driving the four-wheeler. Whenever you have to increase or decrease the speed, you need to use the clutch.

The accelerator helps to increase the speed and makes the engine work faster. On the other hand, when you press the clutch to change the gear, it will disconnect the motor from the vehicle. Therefore, the clutch plate is the main element that makes it easy and challenging for drivers to drive a manual car. 

Gears in a manual car: 

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What number of gears does a manual car have? At what speed do I need to change the gears? What is the advantage of a manual gearbox? Many such questions can come in your mind. Therefore, you need to read further to get the answers. Earlier, the vehicles would have four gears. However, in the modern era, the car has at least five gears. Some four-wheelers also have six gears. The highest car gear makes your vehicle run faster, and you can reach the most top speed on the speedometer. Even though you might have heard about the seven-speed manual gearboxes, they are rare, but somehow, they exist. 

Now, let’s take you through the guide for driving the manual car: 

  • The first thing that we have discussed above is the ABC that you need to keep in mind. 
  • The left foot will work simultaneously on the clutch and brake. The right foot will take care of the accelerator. 
  • The brake pedal will slow down the four-wheeler, and simultaneously using the clutch will change the gears. You need to use the left leg quicker than the right one. 
  • It would be best if you pressed the clutch while changing the gears entirely. Doing so will help in shifting gears effectively. 
  • Once you have changed the gear, press the accelerator and simultaneously leave the clutch slowly. It would be beneficial if you did it with a balance; otherwise, your car might turn off. 
  • Now, once you have left the clutch, you can use the accelerator entirely and increase the speed as per your desire. Make sure you drive safely. 

So, follow the steps mentioned above and ride the manual car comfortably. 

Automatic car driving guide: 

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With the transformations taking place in technological developments, automatic cars are taking over at an alarming rate. These cars are convenient to drive as it has an automated gearbox. On the one hand, where the clutch makes it difficult for a manual car driver, the clutch’s absence makes it much more comfortable in an automatic vehicle. You can read the following guide to drive the automatic car: 

  • You need to set the gear on N (Neutral) mode to start the vehicle’s engine. 
  • It will be best if you step on the brake pedal and rotate the key for the ignition. 
  • Move the gear to D (Drive) and start releasing the brake pedal slowly. 
  • You will have to use the right foot to operate the accelerator and the left one to control the speed by pressing brake. 
  • Now, if you need to stop somewhere and park the automatic car, you need to shift the gear to P (Parking). Once you have parked, use the handbrake to stop the vehicle from moving forward or backward. 

This way, you can drive the automatic car quickly. Manual four-wheelers are much tricky to operate as compared to the ones with the automatic gearbox. Also, the main benefit of stimulating the automatic vehicle in the hilly areas is that the engine does not shut down. Therefore, you can now easily read the HPT guidelines and give your P1 license test.