Does Sydney Have Good Nightlife?

Australians are very easygoing, which is a plus for foreigners visiting the country for the first time. During the day, you can visit the Sydney Opera house or swim at the famous Bondi beach. There are also plenty of malls where you can go shopping or meet and pick up beautiful girls.

Sydney is one of the best destinations for tourists looking to enjoy Australia. Sydney has some good nightclubs if you’re out there looking for fun. You get to enjoy some fantastic food, cocktails, and great music from incredible DJs or bands. Below is our list of some of the best spots you should check out for the perfect nightlife experience in Sydney.

Ivy Pool Club


As the name suggests, this is where the best pool parties in Sydney are hosted. It is always full of partygoers during the summer. Besides the pools, there are some cozy cabanas. You should know though that the disco is most active during the day.

Oxford Art Factory

If you’re a lover of live band performances, you need to visit the Oxford Art Factory located along Oxford Street. Other than the international live bands, you will get performances from the best dance DJs and producers playing electronic dance music. It is also an excellent spot to take your date.

Cellar Door

Cellar Door takes nightlife experiences in Sydney to a different level. No, you won’t find a regular nightclub there. It is a courtyard complete with a stage that gives revelers a chance to dance on the grass. Other than the music, you can also sample a variety of cakes and wines. Cellar Door is a great place to go out as a group or enjoy the night away with your beau.

Frankie’s Pizza


Food and music are always a great combo. Frankie’s Pizza sells the best pizza in Sydney while also enjoying music from local DJs and international bands. If you believe you were a musician in your previous life, you can check in on Tuesday and entertain other partygoers with your performances.

The Basement

Its name sounds like an underground club that plays heavy metal music, and everybody there owns a Harley Davidson bike. But that’s not the case. The Basement hosts live bands that play everything from classic blues to funk. You also get to enjoy some good booze and dance along to the music throughout the night.


Have you ever thought of having four clubs under the same roof? Well, you may think that it would spell chaos, but that is not the case. Homebar has four rooms, each playing a different genre of music. It is one of the best and most well-known clubs in Sydney and you will find DJs playing the best tunes in each room. The club also has a rooftop where you get the perfect view of Sydney’s nightlife.

The Beach Road Hotel

After enjoying yourself at Bondi beach, you can step into the Beach Road hotel to close the day with fantastic music every Wednesday. It is an outdoor pub, so you will get to watch the stars while dancing away to the tunes with your bae in your arms. One good thing about this club is that tourists frequent it a lot.

The Newton Hotel


The Newton hotel is best known for serving the best Asian cuisine in town. Below the restaurant, you will find a bar that sells terrific cocktails. You cannot get bored here as the place is always full of revelers all year round with live bands and DJs playing the latest music including some hip-hop oldies. The setup in the bar is also quite open with benches placed on the side of each table, which makes it a great place if you’re with your friends.

Chinese Laundry

The Chinese Laundry is one of the biggest nightclubs in Sydney. It has two dance floors, one inside and the other located outdoors. Inside there are three tiers, each with a ceiling fitted with massive bass speakers. Anything goes here when it comes to music genres. You will get electronic dance music, RnB, hip-hop, and even some classic oldies. On a good night, you might catch a guest performance from some local Australian artists.

Jam Gallery

Most after-parties and musical festivals are hosted at the Jam Gallery. Guys in their early twenties mainly frequent it, so you might feel somewhat out of place if you’re an old-school head. However, the Jam Gallery is a great entertainment spot. Sometimes, you will get performances from international rappers touring Australia.

The World Bar

Most revelers in this pub are college and university kids socializing while enjoying music. The bar doesn’t have anything fancy, but it is a fantastic place for exchange students visiting Sydney. Here, you will get to mingle, make friends, and pick up a girl if the odds are in your favor.

Arq Nightclub


With flashy lights, great music, and a lively crowd, the Arq Nightclub is where it is at. It is an LGBT-friendly club and is considered one of the best clubs in Sydney. Going clubbing solo can be boring, so why not get an escort from Ivy Société?

Wrapping Up

Sydney has plenty of pubs and nightclubs where you can have a good time. Most of the clubs are often frequented by tourists, so you don’t need to worry about feeling out of place. If you’re visiting for a short period, you can club hop around to get a wholesome experience of Sydney’s nightlife.

Music selection is always on point, especially in clubs where DJs and bands drop live performances. You can also watch out if there are any guest appearances from local or international artists. Nightclubs are often a great place to meet and pick up girls for the single fellas.

If you’re visiting the country, make sure you’re aware of DUIs and disorderly conduct laws. After a night of merry-making, call a cab to take you home, or if there are rooms within the club, you can sleep in for the night. Keep your fun in check to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities. In extreme instances, you may get deported.