What is the Difference Between a Facelift and a Neck Lift in Sydney – 2024 Guide

Time stops for no one. Luckily, we live in a time when aging can be at least partially stopped, or even reversed if you’ll like. Of course, we’re not talking about alchemy, the potion of youth, or philosopher’s stone, but about surgeries that can enhance one’s look. Many people come to an age when they are no longer satisfied with how they look and try to find ways to rejuvenate themselves. This happening is quite reasonable, and it can happen to the best of us. In these instances, the wise ones look for help from professionals. Of course, part of the process is the research on your own, which isn’t always enough. But if you do a good job, it would lead you to a doctor who knows how to do what you desire. This is all you’ll eventually need.

The parts of the human body that are most visible to the outside world, and also the quickest to show the signs of getting old are the neck and face. Because of this, people who are looking to rejuvenate themselves are almost always looking to undergo surgery in these areas. But neck operation and face operation are not the same. In this article, we are going to try and explain to you what is the difference between a facelift and a neck lift. If you don’t find our article resourceful enough, a Sydney based facelift surgeon Dr Jason Roth, has extensive before and after images of the procedures on his website. Basically, these two procedures are not similar in execution, and they differ in terms of what changes in your appearance and what you get as the final result. Let’s get into explaining.

What is Facelift?

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The world of cosmetic surgery advanced vastly during the last few years. Thanks to this advancement, there are numerous ways you can change your face or parts of it you find unsatisfying. If you are looking for a standard facelift procedure, you’ll get one that aims to fix lower parts of your face and parts of the neck. It usually doesn’t address the parts of your face located above the cheekbones. The areas affected are your mid-face region and all the way down to your upper neck. Of course, you can aim to improve the upper parts of your face, but then we’re talking about different procedures such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

To achieve an ideal facelift, you’ll need to have your facial muscles (SMAS) elevated together with the malar fat pad. In addition to these two, you’ll also need to tighten the platysma muscle, which will result in the elevation of your skin, thus allowing the surgeon to remove the excess fat from your neck. When this is done correctly, your middle and lower parts of the face are going to be deflated, and your face will descent differently. If perfect results are achieved, your jawline would have its youthful appearance and sharpness.

Furthermore, the doctor who is doing your operation is going to release a part of ligaments in your face located below zygomatic bone in order for you to have the ideal and desired aesthetic goal. Another critical factor is to do this procedure correctly so that no nerves would be damaged. When done without a fault, most patients get the look they were looking for when they came to the surgeon.

While the facelift can give you the desired effect and result, if you are not entirely satisfied, there are other procedures that can push the boundaries further and provide even more youthful appearance to your face. One of the options you have at your disposal is the blepharoplasty injections. For any further questions and enquirers, you are advised to contact the doctor in charge of your procedure.

What is Neck Lift?

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While a procedure on the neck can be part of a facelift, you can opt to have operation only on your neck. This operation is a standalone procedure which aims to address skin laxity, and giving the neck back its youthful contour. If you decide to have a job on your neck, it will result in a return of fullness in the neck right below your jawline, together with the straightening of platysmal bands. Most surgeons perform this operation as a part of the regular facelift, but it can be done as a standalone procedure. It all depends on the desire of a patient.

When the skin on the neck gets older, it wrinkles, and its imperfection can be seen from both sides and the front. With age, this becomes quite noticeable, and people quite often want to get rid of a double chin, and excess skin around the chin. This issue doesn’t follow only people with too much weight, but it can also make people of regular weight look fatter. This is also one of the leading reasons why people opt for this surgery.

With a properly executed neck lift, the targeted are is going to have a normal distribution of fat, you’ll be free of wrinkles, and the skin is going to be tighter in the area from your collar bone to the jawline. The extra skin that made your neck ugly would be gone, and no unnatural shapes would be present. Thanks to this procedure, you’ll get back some of that youthful lock. People who undergo this surgery often start wearing clothes and jewelry that expose their neck, which is a product of revived self-confidence.


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Both of these procedures have similar results in terms of making your appearance more youthful. But, as you can see, there are many differences, and you need to be sure which one suits your needs more. The best way to know what you need is to seek professional help. If you visit a doctor who specializes in cosmetic facial surgery, you give yourself a better chance of being satisfied with your results. Whatever the choice might be, at least you now know the difference between these two cosmetic surgeries. It should help you get started before reaching your final goal.

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