All You Should Know about Deposit Bonuses in Online Casinos

A unique perspective to gain a great amount of money for gaming allures a lot of people all over the world for many years. Nowadays, gambling fans have even more chances to try their luck due to the increasing popularity of online casinos. Network platforms do not tie players to one place and are ready to entertain you at any time of day and night.

One more advantage of online gambling is a popular system can be found click here. Due to the high competition on the gambling market, online casinos try to provide the most attractive gaming conditions for gamesters. Diverse systems of bonuses are used to allure new clients and encourage existing gamblers.

The majority of all offered bonuses are welcome deals and benefits for executing certain operations. So, a complimentary bonus could be received only once and only by newbies after their registration. In addition, there are bonuses that you can get for participation in a promotion, bringing friends, etc. However, these casino benefits are not regular, and they do not assure great rewards. Therefore, the most popular types of bonuses among gamblers and casinos are deposit ones.

What Is a Deposit Bonus?


This bonus type is for those players who are set to play for real cash. A deposit bonus is a financial reward, which gamesters receive for their deposits. Therefore, the system of deposit bonuses assumes the investment from a user to get a definite amount of money.

To make a deposit in an online casino means to put a certain sum of money into your individual account. Depositing is a simple and safe process because casinos are interested in your financial security. In addition, network platforms offer different ways of depositing to make the procedure more convenient for all their visitors. So, it is possible to make an investment with:

  • credit and debit cards
  • electronic wallets
  • banking account
  • special prepaid cards

You can choose the payment method in accordance with your preferences.

It does not matter what casino round you want to play. Whether your choice is poker, baccarat, roulette, or slots, you can use the advantages of deposit bonuses.

Classification of Deposit Bonuses in Online Casinos


Online gaming platforms provide different types of deposit bonuses. The most popular in terms of convenience and simplicity are two types:

  • Fixed bonuses. The system of fixed bonuses does not depend on the invested sum of money. Players receive a fixed amount of money for any deposit. For instance, every deposit brings 100 dollars.
  • Percentage bonuses. This system is influenced by the deposit sum. Players get their bonus in the amount of a certain percentage of the deposit, which is determined by the casino. For instance, if the gaming center decides on 100%, players who deposit 300 dollars will receive additional 300 dollars as a bonus.

The following two types of deposit deals are not frequently used by gambling centers but still have a lot of fans:

  • Reload bonus. The specific purpose of this casino is that it is usually offered to players who already play in a poker room. More often, you can meet a reload bonus in those rooms that do not have a direct rake back. In addition, a reload deal is given in accordance with the schedule (on certain dates, months, etc.).
  • High roller bonus. To get this type of benefit, you need to become a high roller, which means a special player’s status. If you are a high roller, you can receive a list of VIP privileges. For example, you can play with quite high limits and get a great bankroll. However, this bonus is not accessible for beginners.

In addition, deposit bonuses are divided into:

  • Bonuses for the first deposit (in most casinos, this deal is the greatest due to the policy of alluring new clients)
  • Bonuses for the second and all next deposits

Traditionally, casinos provide several types of deposit bonuses to give their visitors the freedom of choice.

Peculiarities of Deposit Bonuses


Different gambling platforms provide various conditions of bonus use. The most popular are the following systems:

  • Original deposit bonus system. This system carries the simplest scheme – a player deposits money and gets a bonus.
  • The use of special bonus codes. Sometimes, casinos provide special codes, which are accessible only for registered users. It is possible to find these codes on the official casino website.
  • Wager technology. Casinos often use the wager scheme to protect themselves. A wager is a minimal number of bets, which have to be made by you after receiving the bonus to get the possibility to withdraw money from the account. In fact, due to the wager system, gamers need to recoup the amount of received bonus. The principle of a wager technology is in the multiplication of your deposit bonus by a wager. The result is the sum that you have to give the casino by betting. For instance, if your deposit bonus is 100 dollars and the wager is 10, then, the sum of your stakes needs to be 1,000 dollars.

All experienced gamblers agree on the necessity to familiarize themselves with the conditions of a deposit bonus system and withdrawal algorithm. It is essential to explore the specifics of a certain casino to prepare yourself for comfortable entertainment. Remember the great Chinese proverb, “If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.”

The system of deposit bonuses gives a chance to bet with money that does not belong to you, but your bets still can bring real cash. Therefore, if you get a deposit bonus, you can gain great winning without spending a lot of money. However, do not forget to check the conditions of the wager system. Casinos that provide big wagers do not carry beneficial entertainment.

Nowadays, it is not a problem to find an online casino with a system of deposit bonuses, which can gratify all your requests and preferences. It would be useful to read reviews and explore bonus propositions on official casino sites.