5 Tips For Dabbing CBD Extracts For the First Time

Every period in human history has its own way of life and its own challenges. So it is today, with modern life and its rules and requirements. Although civilization has made tremendous strides in every sense, some aspects of life suffer because of it. At stake is ordinary, everyday life. Too many business obligations, more and more working hours at the computer, chronic lack of time for rest, family and self-interest, make today’s people more and more burdened, and often exposed to various disorders and diseases.

The general pollution of the environment, less and less stay in the fresh air, and daily pressures, which are impossible to avoid, also contribute to this. Although they seem muscular and strong, the human race in general today suffers from a large number of mental and physical disorders, of all kinds.

In search of something that facilitates existence in modern civilization, that relaxes and has healing properties, people have returned to the old medicine, from ancient times. It is hemp, known throughout all periods of human history, around 8000 years, as effective and useful. The cultivation and legalization of industrial hemp has made this plant available and its benefits to all.

1. What is hemp?

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In plants from the cannabis family, hemp stands out with its healing properties. Purposefully grown, as an auxiliary drug, has proven to be very useful in various situations, where people have health problems of all kinds. Only certain and controlled seeds are allowed to be used when growing industrial hemp.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that is found in industrial canola and does not have a psychoactive effect. They are obtained from the flower of the industrial plant and represent its most valuable part. It has been proven that CBD does not pose the slightest danger in terms of addiction or damage to health. Its purpose is purely medical and no abuse is possible. The properties of CBD have a wide range in alleviating the symptoms of various diseases, eliminating anxiety, insomnia, stress, stomach problems, headaches, hypertension… and many other phenomena that complicate and impair quality of life.

2. Types of products

There are several types of products, which are used and consumed in different ways. Primarily dried flowers, oils, wax, flavored, are used as a liquid for inhalation and intake through the oak rig, and there are also many cosmetic and food products on the market. (Face creams, anti-cellulite, anti-age serums, anti-inflammatory gels, then hemp protein, as a valuable dietary supplement.)

3. Ways of consuming CBD

Although industrial canola has an already existing and wide base of its admirers and consumers, many people have heard but not tried its effect and benefits on their symptoms and health disorders. Most have heard and been informed, but have not been versed in how to use it. Depending on the selected product, the method of use is specific.

CBD can be taken:

In the form of oils and tinctures

Oil and tinctures are liquid and can therefore be placed directly on the tongue, mainly with a pipette. The mucous membrane in the mouth is full of capillaries and thus absorption is fast and efficient.


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Vaping is most reminiscent of e-cigarettes. It also acts quickly, because the vapor is inhaled and reaches the lungs directly and enters the bloodstream. Caution should be exercised, due to the sensitive lung tissue and its possibility of damage, if the doses are not adequate and if the use is too frequent.


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Wax particles of CBD are heated on special heaters and thus evaporate and are inhaled, also, directly into the lungs. Careful and adequate dosing is very important, both in this and in other ways of consumption.

Capsules and pills

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They are taken orally, where the effect is a little slower, due to the distribution from the stomach. It takes more time for the substance to be absorbed and passed into the bloodstream.

Cream and lotion

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Creams and lotions are applied to the skin, where sore spots are treated by rubbing, thus relieving pain and acting against such conditions.

4. What does the term dabbing mean?

Dubbing is a term that originated around 2010, among CBD users, and means improved consumption, through newer techniques and tools, which are cleaner and healthier. Also, the term vaporization implies a similar way of taking CBD.

CBD dabs is considered to be the latest trend and has become popular all over the world in practicing taking CBD and maximizing its benefits. It involves direct inhalation through heating and evaporation, and thus rapid action in the body. Concentrates and extracts are used in dubbing.

5. Dabbing devices

If you want to find out everything about dabbing devices, you can do it at drdabber.com where you can find ultimate guide dedicated to dab tools. We are going to explain it briefly in the rest of the article.

Bong or hookah

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Bong is a glass vessel, made of glass that tolerates high temperatures. It is filled with water and water vapor is created by heating. Quality devices create tiny bubbles. There is a part where CBD concentrate is placed and by passing the steam through that part, mixing occurs. There must also be a water filter to cool it before inhalation. The smoke cools and he inhales. There are various types and qualities of bong, filters and all its parts in general. The more quality the bong is made of, the more effective the dubbing itself will be, and the lower the risk of unwanted situations.

Plastic pen for CBD wax

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Plastic pencil is a type of dispenser, where there is 5-1 ml of paste. Unscrew the lid and squeeze the amount of resin on a finger or a wooden spatula. It is placed under the tongue, where it should remain for about thirty seconds before it is swallowed. The recommended amount should not be exceeded, and the dose depends on several factors. Depending on your weight, the health problem you want to affect, the quality of CBD will vary with dose.

You can always decide which one to use, to know the differences check out this article in which we reviewed types through comparing rosin vs resin in cannabis concentrates.

Oil bottle with pipette

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This method is simple and does not require any special skills or tools. Pipette the oil on the tongue, wait a while and swallow. It can also be rubbed into the area under the nose and inhaled so lightly, with delayed action. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of oil in the pipette, due to possible side effects, both with digestion and with cognitive contraindications.


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The dried world of hemp can also be used in the form of tea. It is allowed to drink it 2-3 times a day, and it is prepared in the classic way, by pouring hot water over it.

Also, dried flowers can be smoked, mixed with or without tobacco. It can be flavored with various types of fruit flavors.


It is evident that scientific disciplines have been convinced of the many useful effects of CBD and that the green light has been given for legalization and unhindered distribution and use. Many people have significantly suppressed and overcome their health problems in this way. CBD is a completely natural thing, and we know that things that come from nature are the best. It is good to try this method and see for yourself what effect it has on our problems. A large number of consumers guarantee that there is no place for repentance and their psychophysical health is significantly improved.

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