Top 10 Cutest Pet Reptiles – 2024 Guide

Furry mammals usually get the spotlight when it comes to cuteness but today we’re evening the score with a countdown of the top 10 cutest pet reptiles. The wide variety of animal species housed in this class gave us a lot to choose from (there are over 11,000 reptile species after all). But there is beauty in diversity and plenty of cuteness to be found. Each of these reptiles has unique charms that make them utterly adorable in their own way. Once you get through this list, you’ll realize that even cold-blooded animals are capable of warming your heart and perhaps, you’ve been a snake, lizard, turtle, or tortoise-person all along.

10. Box Turtles

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These popular semi-aquatic creatures are very kid-friendly and have long been a household favorite. With box turtle babies, it’s impossible not to be charmed by their big doe eyes that are almost the size of their entire head (aw!). But everything is cute in baby form so that’s not the only reason box turtles made the cut. These small-sized turtles retain their cuteness well into adulthood. Once fully mature, box turtle owners are delighted and continuously entertained by their quirky (and possibly bordering sassy) personalities.

9. Veiled Chameleon

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Featured in Disney’s Tangled as Rapunzel’s trusty sidekick, this type of chameleon is the one most people think of when it comes to this species. Their chubby tummies, curly tails, and adorable two-toed feet are instantly endearing. From their independently rotating eyes to their funny ways of walking, these chameleons are quite charismatic and impossible not to love. Veiled chameleons are cute, but they prefer to be admired from a distance as constant handling can stress them out. If you’re looking for a beautiful pet that adds to your room’s decor, consider this colorful little guy.

8. African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle

This sweet little turtle has a goofy appearance that is sure to bring a smile to your face. One of the reasons being that these animals have a permanent smile of their own. Beset on a wide, flat face with equally wide-set eyes, the African aquatic side neck turtle has one of the friendliest faces of all reptiles. They also have stubby little legs that stick out at the sides, which only adds to their already cartoon-like appearance. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re faced with a sweet and funny-looking turtle like this one.

7. Crested Gecko

Named for the characteristic fringe on either side of their head, the crested gecko looks like a friendly mad scientist. Their crest has also earned them the nickname “eyelash gecko”. They have large, inquisitive eyes that make them look more like toys than animals, and their mouths open into huge smiles, so they always seem happy to see you. If that doesn’t win you over, the chubbiness of their short and stout bodies will. These lizards are on the smaller side and can be as little as 3 inches long. If you need more information abut these sweet animals you can check TinyUnderwater.

6. Indian Star Tortoise

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Beloved for the intricate and beautiful pattern of their shells, the Indian Star Tortoise is one of only a few tortoises that stay small into adulthood. While most other tortoises can easily top 100 pounds once they’re full-grown, these beautiful tortoises stay cute and small, rarely exceeding 15 pounds.

5. Crocodile Skink

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These tiny armored lizards look like baby dragons. Their ridges and coloration resemble closely that of a crocodile, save for a bright red spot over their large, doe-like eyes. They only grow to be about 10 inches long maximum and stay relatively small their whole lives.

4. Bearded dragon

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One of the most popular pet lizards (and pet reptiles overall), “beardies”, as they’re affectionately called, may look prickly but they have a wonderful temperament. Their friendliness makes up for their seemingly tough exterior as they are quite tolerant of being handled, cuddled, and even being dressed up on occasion. They’re also quite intelligent, making these lizards capable of cute behavior like getting excited when their owners come home or even coming when called.

3. Corn snake

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This beginner-friendly snake is popular for many reasons, one of them is for being a certified cutie. Their big, unblinking eyes give them an air of sweet innocence and an almost toy-like appearance. They average between 4 and 6 feet in length (a mid-sized snake) which makes them easy to hold and snuggle. Don’t be intimidated because they look like copperheads, it’s just a tough guy act. While their vibrant coloration might look fearsome, these shy snakes are actually harmless and not aggressive in the least.

2. Hognose snake

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Hognose snakes are the reptile-equivalent of pugs and there’s just something about small smushy faces that humans can’t help but love. Their upturned noses and large eyes make for an adorable combination that inherently makes you want to boop them. These docile snakes tend to be on the timid side, however, so you’ll want to refrain from booping or other kinds of physical affection until they are fully comfortable in your presence.

1. Leopard gecko

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These small, speckled geckos are famous for their perpetual ear-to-ear grin. Their personality matches their friendly demeanor as they are calm, docile, and quite easy to tame. It’s no wonder that they are one of the most popular types of pet geckos around.

Now that you’re a believer in the cuteness of reptiles, the next step is to get one of your very own. Not only will you be able to see first-hand how cute these cold-blooded creatures can be, but what wonderful pets they make as well. Reptiles offer a different kind of pet ownership experience that’s fun and novel, but also might even be easier than owning a common animal like a cat or dog.

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